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Chapter 190 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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On their way to the Terst Department Store, Frondier listened to Selena’s explanation of her personal equipment.

“As you know, my main weapon is a needle. Of course, it’s a different kind from the needles used for making clothes. It’s long enough to be held with the entire hand, and it’s also very strong.”

Frondier nodded. He had seen Selena’s needles up close. She had even pointed them directly at his neck to threaten him.

“The needles are stored on my wrists, thighs, left waist, and behind my ankles. The more, the better. Even a large quantity doesn't significantly affect the weight.”

“The order you just mentioned, can I consider it the order of use?”

“Exactly. However, the ones stored on my wrists are for immediate use in emergencies, and the largest quantity is stored on my thighs and left waist. Depending on the type of clothing, I sometimes don't wear them on my wrists.”

“Like clothes with no sleeves or extremely narrow sleeves?”

Selena nodded at Frondier’s question.

After listening to the explanation, another question came to Frondier’s mind.

“How do you check the remaining quantity? If the battle is prolonged, you’ll keep firing needles, and then at some point, you might run out. Do you have a way to visually confirm the remaining amount?”

“No. I judge it by weight.”

Selena raised her wrist. Inside the long sleeve of her school uniform, under her wrist, was a compartment for storing needles.

“Right now, I have exactly 24 in this wrist.”

“You can sense the weight of a single needle?”

“Yes. That’s why it’s best to have clothes that are as light as possible. To avoid mistaking the weight.”

“Is the Constel uniform okay?”

“This much is no problem. However, I need to make some adjustments to the sleeves and waist. The storage space is insufficient.”

As she spoke, Selena showed Frondier the inside of her uniform sleeve. Indeed, the width of the sleeve was wider than the one Frondier was wearing.

“I always equip the needles in multiples of four. When I hold them in my hand, exactly four are fired at once.”

“From your thumb to your little finger, you grip them all at once.”

Selena nodded.

Frondier recalled the first time Selena met Enfer.

She had stepped back in surprise at Enfer’s murderous intent, and with needles in both hands, she had completed her combat stance. He felt like he had discovered one of the secrets behind her swift movements.

“Then the important thing when choosing clothes is a wide width to conceal the storage of the needles. Additionally, the durability needs to be good. No matter how well you hide them, if the clothes tear, it’s meaningless.”

Thinking back, Selena’s clothes were quite revealing, but the parts where she needed to hide the needles were definitely covered. He just hadn't noticed because his gaze was drawn to her figure first.

‘If the purpose isn’t to show off her figure, choosing clothes will be easier.’

Frondier, having made up his mind, said,

“Okay. First, I’ll choose the clothes, and then you can decide which ones you like.”

“……Lord Frondier will choose the clothes?”

Selena tilted her head. Frondier didn't seem to have a good eye for clothes.

But in fact, when it came to ‘having a good eye’, few could surpass Frondier.

“Don’t worry. I’ll choose the best clothes.”

Frondier’s face was full of confidence as he opened the door to the department store.

* * *

“……I can’t hear very well.”

Sybil narrowed her eyes and watched Frondier from afar.

They were talking quite a bit, but she couldn't quite make out what they were saying.

“Elodie, can’t we get closer?”

“This is already pushing it.”

Elodie sighed and said.

The soundproof magic ‘Whispering Wind’, the barrier of approach prevention, and the perception-impairing magic were all triple-layered in Elodie’s special concealment technique.

With this much effort, most people wouldn't even notice if they passed right next to them, but Elodie judged that getting any closer would be difficult.

‘I feel like we’ll get caught.’

Especially Selena. The Selena that Elodie had seen was the owner of incredible senses. With Selena, it wouldn't be the magic that was the problem, but her sixth sense that would first detect Elodie’s presence.

“……I can’t hear, but something.”

Aten, who had been watching silently, spoke up.


“Were those two always that close?”

Aten checked Frondier’s face.

As she recalled, Frondier always had a stern expression when looking at Selena. It could even be described as overbearing and authoritative.

It seemed natural because he was her employer, but it also seemed like a very strange thing.

It was as if he was showing suspicion, vigilance, and even hostility towards the bodyguard he was supposed to build trust with.

But the Frondier now was different.

His gaze towards Selena was warm. And Selena’s expression seemed softer as well.

“Ah, they’re going in. It’s a department store.”

“What are they going to buy?”

“I don’t know. But it doesn’t feel like a date at all.”

The conversation between Sybil and Aten might sound a bit silly to a third party, but they weren't wrong.

“We’ll be able to get closer once we’re inside. There are a lot of people and things to hide behind.”


After a short pause, they slowly opened the door to the department store.

* * *

“……You really do have a good eye, Lord Frondier.”

“I told you so.”

“I thought you were just going to glance around and pick up whatever.”

“Everyone says that at first.”

Selena was impressed every time she saw the clothes Frondier brought. The material, the design, considering the special requirements of the clothes Selena had to wear, they were all excellent items.

“I’m having trouble deciding. What should I buy?”

“Don’t worry about it here, just try them on.”

“……Try them on?”

“That’s the only way to know, right?”

That was true, but.

It took a considerable amount of time to change into these clothes. She also had to check the functionality in various ways.

During that time, she would have to keep Frondier waiting, so Selena wasn't too keen on it.

“It’s okay.”

Frondier said.

“There’s nothing I would spare for you.”


Hearing Frondier’s words, Selena was reminded of something strange.

─Act as if you’re gradually falling for Frondier.

Those were Hagley’s words.

─Until Frondier spits out the contents of the next Ancient Language, pretend to be in love with him. Until now, you’ve been the one seducing him, but now, act as if you’re falling for his seduction.

─The reason Frondier isn’t telling you the Ancient language is because he suspects you. But if he believes you love him, his suspicions will fade. There’s no reason to suspect someone who loves you.

Selena was practically a double agent between Manggot and Frondier.

The choice of which side to choose was up to her, and she hadn't chosen either of them yet.

However, having been by Frondier’s side until now, Selena’s heart was leaning heavily towards him.

Therefore, there was no need to follow Hagley’s orders to the letter. It wasn't like Frondier wouldn't tell her the Ancient language.

That’s right. That’s true, but.

‘Even if I were to follow that order.’

Act as if you’re gradually falling for him.

She realized how difficult it was to do that as an act.

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