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Chapter 191 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Inside the cafe in the department store.

Sybil sipped her coffee with a disgruntled expression. Elodie sighed as she watched her pouty face.

“Let's go back now. We've seen everything, haven't we?”

“... .”

Sybil didn't answer. Elodie looked at Aten. Aten's face didn't show it, but she was clearly feeling down.

Sigh. Elodie let out a sigh. It couldn't be helped. She had to say it directly here.

“You guys saw it too, right?”

“... .”

“That's 100% a proper date.”

“Argh! Don't say it!”

Sybil lowered her head as if in pain. Seeing that, Elodie looked across the cafe.

There, Selena and Frondier were talking to each other, facing each other.

Frondier, who spoke with a gentle look, and Selena, who stuttered and answered shyly. They were a perfect couple, fresh and cute.

“I knew it was a date... I knew it... .”

Sybil muttered. It seemed like she was the type who had to see it with her own eyes to be satisfied, even if it was painful.

“That guy, he can talk so sweetly... .”

Sybil looked at Frondier resentfully. Elodie was a little surprised by that. Sybil's reaction was too easy to read and honest.

Within Constel's reputation, Sybil was known as the most 'fox-like' student.

Of course, that evaluation was mixed with both good and bad intentions, but it was an undeniable fact that Sybil possessed Constel's top-notch charm, cuteness, and beauty to match.

The way Sybil, who had received love and jealousy from many people, was looking at Frondier, with all her image stripped away, was somehow...


While Elodie's thoughts were flowing, Aten spoke first.

“Do you like Frondier?”


Elodie was surprised instead. To say something like that so casually when she was worried about what others would say...!

“...I think so.”

That was Sybil's answer. However, her expression was a bit strange. The phrase 'I think so' didn't seem to come from embarrassment, but rather from her own uncertainty.

“Does that mean you might not?”

“No, well. It's certain that I have feelings for him, but...”

Sybil looked at Frondier.

Sybil was almost always aware of her own feelings. She knew her own beauty and how to make herself look prettier and cuter, and she knew how to use it.

In the process, she received love and jealousy from many people. It would be a lie to say that Sybil's heart never wavered in the process.

However, Frondier gave her a different feeling from the men she had met so far.

─Because I don't believe in fate.

Those words had become Sybil's new focal point. It was an undeniable fact that she was receiving the love of fate, but Sybil decided not to rely on it.


Sybil spoke as if she had made up her mind.

“He makes me feel embarrassed.”

“... ?”

Aten and Elodie looked at each other.

...Did that mean she really disliked Frondier?

As they tilted their heads, trying to guess the meaning of Sybil's words,

“Listen up, all of you!!”

Suddenly, a loud voice echoed through the department store.

The voice was filled with Aura, suggesting that the speaker was quite skilled.

“I am Manggot third finger, Jacob!”

At that sudden self-introduction, the people around them gasped. Even if they didn't know the exact identity of Manggot, its notoriety was well-known.

“I have planted a total of forty-five bombs in this department store! If you don't want to die, kneel down and put your heads down! If I die, they'll explode automatically, so don't even think about doing anything stupid! There are others besides me in this department store!”

Elodie, Aten, and Sybil frowned at the man's shout. If what he said was true, they had no choice but to obey his orders, regardless of his skill level.

“Elodie, were there any bombs?”

Sybil whispered. Thanks to 'Whispering Wind', her voice wouldn't reach anyone else, but for some reason, her voice became quieter.

“I don't know. I didn't feel any Mana, but there are bombs that don't use Mana at all.”

A simple bomb made of gunpowder and circuits. In Etius, these were actually rare, but they weren't nonexistent.

What should we do? Elodie racked her brain. The Terst Department Store was a place where high-ranking nobles and even royalty sometimes visited.

If the criminal was after money, it would be better, but since he said 'Manggot, the chances of that were low.

“Move it! If you don't want to be searched...”



A familiar, languid sound was heard, followed by something hitting the back of Jacob's head.

Jacob, despite his confident face and voice, fell face-first to the floor pathetically. He was completely unconscious and showed no signs of movement.

──And nothing happened in the department store.

“The bad guy has fallen. Wow. It must be divine punishment. I'm so lucky.”

Following that, a monotonous muttering was heard, devoid of emotion, like someone reciting a textbook.

There was no definitive proof of who knocked Jacob unconscious, but...

While everyone was slowly kneeling, the only one sitting with his chin resting on his hand was Frondier.

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