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Chapter 43 - Another World Adventurer's Forum

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I know a good investment product


Amelia started talking excitedly as she saw the troll blood.

“Troll blood has been hard to come by lately… It’s such a rare ingredient. And with all the mutant trolls appearing these days, even adventurers are hesitant to hunt them… By any chance, how many did you catch…?”

Amelia cautiously asked how many trolls I had caught.

So, after a moment of contemplation, I replied carefully.

“I think… I caught about four. But I only got the byproducts from one. I ran into a whole group of them… Haha.”

“Oh my… That’s a shame… If only you had brought the byproducts from those three, you wouldn’t have to go out for a while…”

To think the troll byproducts were worth that much.

I had no idea they were so expensive.

Suddenly, I thought of the troll I had obliterated with Tsar Bomba a while back.

I bet that would have made a lot of money.

Next up was Ram.

I was quite excited since I had confirmed that these fetched a high price.

I was curious how much the four Rams in my subspace pouch would be appraised for.

“Here you go.”

“Hmm… Rams… Oh my. They already have inscriptions on them…? That lowers their value significantly…”

“Oh, really?”

“Yes… Removing the inscriptions engraved on Rams is no easy task…”


It wasn’t that difficult, though.

So, I decided to give it a try right then and there.

“So, you’re saying all I need to do is remove the inscriptions inside?”

“Yes… But it would be best if you didn’t bother… It’s a very difficult process…”

“Just a moment.”


I immediately cast a spell.

“[Lightning Bolt]”

And I poured mana into the spell.

Using the prepared [Lightning Bolt], I examined the detailed structure of the ‘Ram’.

Of course, I had seen it once before, but it wouldn’t hurt to double-check.

With that thought in mind, I examined the structure and began to extract the mana infused within the ‘Ram’ in reverse.


It was a bit of a challenge, but not overwhelmingly difficult.

Manageable, I’d say.

After extracting the mana infused in the ‘Ram’, it was time to remove the remaining inscription.

I hadn’t tried it before, but it didn’t seem that difficult.

Extracting the mana in reverse was the slightly tricky part.

So, I began to slowly remove the inscription.

It was like covering lines drawn on a playground with soil.

You could say it was inevitable that some traces would remain.

I had thought of other methods, but with my limited mind, this was the only way I could think of.


After completely erasing the inscription engraved on the ‘Ram’, I handed it to Amelia.

Amelia had a stunned expression on her face.

“How did you…?”

“Ah, well… I was lucky. I’m not usually good at this kind of thing.”

“This isn’t something that happens with luck… Well, I’ll start the appraisal…”


And so the appraisal began.

Just how much would it be?

A tense moment.

“50 gold each…!”


It was a very hefty profit.

I hadn’t expected to make this much.

Amazing, to say the least.

Thinking that, I repeated the same process with the remaining ‘Ram’ that had the Teleportation inscription on it.

And just like that, I was able to earn 200 gold in an instant.

Just by removing the inscription engraved on the ‘Ram’.

‘…It sure is good to be a mage.’

Back when I was a beggar, it was hard to even survive, but after becoming a mage, life seemed to have gotten much better.

I suppose you could say that if you utilize your talents, you don’t have to worry about starving to death anywhere.

With that thought in mind, I took the money from selling the monster byproducts and the ‘Ram’ and headed to the Adventurers’ Guild where the others were gathered.

Click-clack, click-clack.

As I arrived after a brisk walk, everyone but me was gathered, drinking beer.

One thing I couldn’t afford to misunderstand was that beer in this world was no different from water.

Of course, the water supply had improved significantly since ‘travelers’ came to this world, but even considering that, the water was still not at a level where you could drink it directly.

That’s why it was processed and consumed as beer.

Approaching my comrades who were drinking beer, I distributed the money I had earned from selling the monster byproducts today.

It was about 13 gold per person.

Considering we had only killed one troll, it was incredibly cost-effective.

“Oh… That’s more than I expected.”

“Quite a haul, if I do say so myself.”

Even my companions next to me were impressed by the high profit.

Honestly, even I thought it was a good profit.

We had gone through a lot, but if someone were to ask if it was extremely difficult, it wasn’t really.

It would be accurate to say it was an appropriate amount of hardship.

But to earn such a high profit from that…

To think that the dream of low-risk, high-return actually existed.

It was simply amazing.

“Still, we were lucky this time.”

“That’s true.”

“It would be great if we were this lucky next time too.”

As we chatted amongst ourselves, I rummaged through my pocket and took out the profit I had made from selling the ‘Ram’ this time.

“Here, 50 gold each.”

“What’s this… Where did you get all this gold, mage?”

“Ah, I made it selling the ‘Ram’ earlier. It was worth more than I thought.”

“Huh… I had no idea it would fetch such a price.”

Even Dontas, who had worked as a blacksmith for a long time, seemed surprised by the large sum of gold.

Considering the price of a ‘Ram’, it didn’t seem like something a local blacksmith would even handle.

With that thought in mind, I smiled and distributed the gold.

Everyone’s expressions brightened considerably.

Even Hearts’s expression softened a little.

It was just a slight change, but considering the amount of support he usually received, this amount of money shouldn’t have fazed him. Perhaps because he had earned it himself, he seemed to be somewhat pleased.

Thinking about this, I decided to write a post on the forum after a long time.

There was something I wanted to ask.

‘…Has it really been that long?’

[Author: ReallyDirtPoor]

[Title: Adventurers, I need your advice!]

[Content: When you make a lot of money, do you usually invest in armor or weapons?]

This was a question I was genuinely curious about.

When you earn a lot of money, do you invest in armor or weapons?

Of course, in my case, it would be weapons, but it wouldn’t hurt for a mage to equip themselves with armor as well.

It’s a well-known fact that mages have weak defenses, so having armor wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Lost in thought, I chatted with my companions for a while before checking the comments on the post I had uploaded to the forum.

[Author: ReallyDirtPoor]

[Title: Adventurers, I need your advice!]

[Content: When you make a lot of money, do you usually invest in armor or weapons?]

L: Doesn’t it depend on the class?

ㄴ: Looking at the author’s post history, they seem to be a mage.

ㄴ: If you’re a mage, armor is a must.

ㄴ: For real, armor is the way to go for mages.

L: If you’re a mage, go for armor, lol.

L: No matter how strong your attacks are, if you get killed in one hit, it’s all over. Choose wisely.

L: Ferus: Personally, I also recommend armor.

ㄴ: Ferus: Regardless of class, armor increases your chances of survival.

ㄴ: Ferus: I hope you make a wise choice.

Looking at the comments on my post, a thought suddenly occurred to me.

‘…Come to think of it, I’m rarely ever in a situation where my defenses are breached.’

Considering the level of my Barrier, I didn’t have to worry about being penetrated by any ordinary attacks.

Therefore, it seemed like increasing my attack power would be more beneficial.

My firepower was already strong, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I would lose if I encountered an Ogre.

Therefore, I decided to purchase a wand. Leaving a comment, I wrote:

L: ReallyDirtPoor: Thanks for the advice, everyone.

ㄴ: ReallyDirtPoor: I’m going with a weapon!

Countless more comments were posted after that, but I didn’t bother checking them.

They were probably just comments cheering me on.

There was no need to check.

With that thought, I closed the forum and started drinking beer with my companions in front of me.

My body wasn’t the type to handle alcohol well, so it was important to drink in moderation.

If I accidentally drank too much, I would be out like a light.

Of course, I could use [Detox] to get rid of the alcohol in my system, but… I didn’t really want to use it while drunk.

It was difficult to concentrate while under the influence of alcohol.

“Let’s have another round!!!”

“Sounds good!”



As we continued drinking beer, the topic of conversation shifted to something strange.

“I’m telling you, the Fighter’s Guild stock is doing really well these days… I’ve been putting all the money I earn into it…”

“…The Fighter’s Guild?”

“Yeah… You wanna give it a try too? It’s a guaranteed return on investment… I’ve put in a lot myself…”

…It seemed like I had to choose my words carefully here.

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