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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 16

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Tower Master Conference (2)

"Today... as usual, all 13 of us are gathered."

Reed pretended to be unconcerned and flashed a slight smile.

"Anyway, let's start with our usual periodic reports."

Starting with the Tower Master of Thought Tower, the presentation went clockwise. The main tasks involved monitoring monster movements and checking magical energy areas, as maintaining the stability of the continent's security was also one of their purposes with the magic research.

The settlement proceeded as planned, thanks to the prior practice with Phoebe. Despite it being his first time, he recited everything smoothly.

The Tower Master Meeting was going well.

"I see there's no report on any particular trends, so I guess everyone's peaceful. Lord Jade Tower, how's the recent project direction?"

"Although it's embarrassing for being a report, there hasn't been much progress."

"What's the matter?"


The man from Jade Tower explained the difficulties he encountered during the project, as Helios listened with a serious expression. Being the chairman and the most senior among them, he fulfilled his duties as the most reliable advisor. However, the other Tower Masters seemed somewhat distracted, since they were either trying to help, scolding the man for his incompetence or ignoring him altogether.

Everyone knew the main theme of this Tower Master Meeting wasn't supposed to discuss the project and its difficulties.

Reed was feeling the anticipation of the gathered Tower Masters.

"Anyway, it seems that everyone has difficulty concentrating at this meeting."

Knowing why the atmosphere became dull, Chairman Helios decided to ignore the other Tower Masters and directly address Reed.

"Lord Silence Tower."


Reed politely answered, as if he had been waiting for that moment.

"How is the situation in the Silence Tower?"

Helios hinted at discussing Rosaria.

"Recently, we've been researching the use of magnesium."

"You mean the byproduct of those lizards?"

"Yes, that's the one. We're studying how to change its hardness and material using magic stones and fixing it in place."


Although not what he wanted, Helios didn't pursue the matter further.

It was the freedom of the Tower Masters to talk about their projects. Just because the others were expecting it, Reed couldn't just speak about Rosaria.

"Magic Engineering...adopting a bold approach that most wizards wouldn't even think of."

"We took a daring choice for the sake of a better future."

"I hope your choice ends up being successful. Are there any difficulties?"

"There haven't been any difficulties so far."

Just as Reed was about to wrap up the conversation, a smug voice cut through the calm atmosphere.

"Then let's just move on to the main topic without talking about what you've made from lizard feces."

Reed and the other Tower Masters turned their heads to the owner of that voice.

'Nicholas Rottenstein, the Lord of Monolith Tower.'

With messy black hair and a red long coat that was too casual to be called a uniform, Nicholas Rottenstein was not someone to be underestimated. He wore snake leather gloves and a chain necklace, and had small eyes with slim facial features, making him the perfect face of a villain.

'Strangely weak around the strong and cruelly strong against the weak, similar to Reed in some ways.'

The main difference between Reed and Nicholas was that while Reed studied all types of magic, Nicholas focused solely on fire magic, earning him the title of "Fire Master."

"Master of Silence Tower, do you think we're interested in such trivial things? Don't you know what we're waiting for right now?"

"Master of Monolith Tower, that's quite rude."

Nicholas sneered as other Tower Masters agreed with him.

"Just for argument's sake, is anyone here interested in magic engineering products? Tell me."

Nobody responded.

'I thought it would be pathetic, but experiencing it is quite depressing.'

Nicholas, with a smug look on his face, shouted arrogantly.

"Look, everyone is waiting for a different story! Even now, do you still want to brag about lizard feces?"

Dolores Jade, the Tower Master of Wallin, rebuked Nicholas.

"Master of Monolith Tower, isn't it impolite to interrupt others? Master of Silence Tower is also a Tower Master. Show some respect."

"Oh, wow. The one who always belittles Lord Silence Tower is now on his side. Did you have a change of heart?"

"Would you like to know why wizards shouldn't talk recklessly?"

"My apologies, I didn't know. From now, I'll be more careful."

Their exchange made the other Tower Masters frown at the unpleasant situation. Then, a single syllable broke the tense atmosphere.


Sharp and intense, it was thrown by Freesia, who had been twirling her long hair with her finger. Seeing Freesia intervene, Nicholas reacted with disbelief.


"Do you see the mess you made? Do you want to drop more dead horses with your mouth?"

Nicholas avoided her gaze by rubbing his nose with his index finger.

"Fine, I won't talk about it."

Freesia, the Tower Master of Black Sky, successfully took control of the situation.

Regaining the focus of the meeting, Reed spoke up once more.

"I know you all have no interest in it, just as Lord Monolith Tower said. And I know exactly what you're thinking right now."

Reed was prepared to address their curiosity about his daughter.

"If you have any questions about my daughter, I will answer everything I know."

As soon as he said that, all the Tower Masters raised their hands. Reed pointed at the master of Greenwood Tower, who was the furthest away.

"Please, speak."

"I heard that Lord Silence Tower's daughter can use elemental magic. Do you happen to know which element she uses?"

In the world of the Cloud Continent, there were six elements: water, fire, lightning, earth, light, and darkness. Having the ability to wield even one of the elements granted the wielder the ability of <Elemental Sensitivity>, with increasing levels granting stronger effects and damage.

"I haven't seen it myself, but I hope she uses fire."

"Personally, I would prefer water."

"In any case, earth attributes are the best. They're great for both offense and defense."

Each of the Tower Masters shared their personal preferences. Reed watched their reactions and smiled.

"Luckily, I can satisfy some of your wishes."

"What do you mean?"

"Rosaria doesn't use just a single element."

Upon hearing that, every Tower Master's eyes widened in disbelief.

"Do you mean she's a Dual Mage?"

"Isn't she just seven years old? And she can handle two elements?"

It wasn't impossible, but there was a significant difference in the effects between the first and second elements. In most cases, the second element wasn't as effective, as it hadn't fully developed.

"She has used four different elements so far."

The Tower Masters gasped in shock.

"Four elements, you say?!"

"A seven-year-old handling four elements?!"

Handling a single element made one a Mage. Wielding two dubbed them a Dual Mage. If someone could wield three elements, they could attain the title of "Archmage," representing the pinnacle of elemental magic. 

Dolores Jade, who had attained Archmage status herself, could control three elements, although the third remained quite weak.

Her currently controlled elements included light, water, fire, and lightning.

Nicholas seemed unconvinced.

"Are you kidding? Four elements are just too many, aren't they?"

Although they didn't say it, some of the Tower Masters agreed with Nicholas' skepticism.

Reed responded confidently.

"I stake the Tower Master's name on it."

Staking the name of the Tower Master was equivalent to staking their lives. Even the Master of Black Sky would never do it as a joke.

Despite that, the other Tower Masters still showed doubt on their faces.


Reed heaved a sigh of relief inwardly.

If he had mentioned that Rosaria could use all six elements, they would have undoubtedly dismissed it as nonsense.

Nicholas continued doubting.

"So you didn't see it yourself, hiding such a serious matter until now? Are you really that thick-skinned, Reed?"

Freesia, who had been quietly sitting, suddenly raised her hand.

"Yeah, I saw."

"Did you see it?"

"I did."

"Was it amazing?"

"The kid that he called Rosaria or Rosarin, was incredible."

Freesia was never modest and acknowledging others like this was quite unusual. It meant that Rosaria was even more extraordinary than she had thought.

"When I first saw her, she had a sinister aura despite her innocent face. I wondered how such a monstrous thing could be contained in such a small body, so I inspected her carefully and what I found was interesting."

"What was it?"

"On her back, there is the symbol of the Eternal Hole."

Upon hearing that, all of the Tower Masters shot up from their seats.

"「Eternal Hole」!"

"Isn't that the transcendent realm of magic rumored only in legends?"

The 「Eternal Hole」 was a trait that everyone was aware of but never actually witnessed.

Just possessing it allowed one to absorb a nearly infinite amount of mana and control it freely. Having the 「Eternal Hole」 made the <Mana Sensitivity Lv. 7> seem trivial in comparison.

"If it's a kid with the 'Eternal Hole,' handling four elements wouldn't be impossible," someone said.

Hearing that, the Tower Masters who were initially skeptical swallowed their words.

Freesia chimed in as they discussed the matter.

"Considering that, Reed, you have been quite shameless."

Smirking at Reed, she passed the burden onto him.

"How could you hide such a significant matter?"

"You should've informed us immediately!"

"All of Cloud Continent would flip if they heard about the 「Eternal Hole」!"

The Tower Masters' scolding rained down on Reed, but they were also eager to hear his explanation.

"Why haven't you revealed it until now...?"

Reed couldn't say it out loud, but he answered their question silently in his mind.

'I wanted to make all of you acknowledge Silence Tower.'


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