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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 15 Part 2

 Shortly after, a small jolt alerted Reed, who then opened his eyes.

The sky carriage had landed. They had arrived at their destination.

Reed got off the sky carriage.

'This is the place for the conference.'

The location of the 13 Tower Masters.

In the center of a vast plain, the place felt like a club for the top 0.1% of the upper class seen in movies.

'I've been here a few times.'

Most of the times, it was in a broken state.

This was the first time he saw it intact.

As Reed approached the entrance, a magician who had been waiting there greeted him politely.

"Welcome, Tower Master."

"Will you guide me to the conference room?"

"I'm afraid it's rather shabby since it's still being prepared."

"That's fine."

The magician had a troubled expression but soon led Reed to the conference room.

The conference room had a well-decorated ambiance, just as its appearance indicated.

In the middle, there was a large round table with an engraving of the Cloud Continent and 13 chairs.

And there was a man, a giant, wiping the table with a dry cloth.

"You came early, Tower Master of Silence."

The man said, seeing Reed.

A 2m tall figure with broad shoulders.

Trimmed short black hair, disheveled beard, and traces of white time that were visible from the messy beard.

At a glance, he looked like a bouncer working at a bar.

If Reed hadn't known he was a magician, it wouldn't have been strange for him to think that way.

He was the chairman of the Tower Masters' Conference and the Tower Master of Sky Chamber.

Helios Glin Zelonia.

He was the number one among the Tower Masters, surpassing even Freesia, and was the oldest current Tower Master.

Reed respectfully greeted him.

"Tower Master of Silence, Reed Adeleheights Roton."

"Sky Chamber's Tower Master, Helios Glin Zelonia. Why did you come so early instead of waiting in the reception room?"

The reason for coming early was simple.

He wanted to figure out his position in the conference room in advance and see who would come into his sight first.

He was trying to collect preliminary information to act as the original Reed.

"I thought it would be boring to spend time in the reception room."

"I heard that it's a behavior only subordinates do by waiting earlier than the appointed time, but it seems you've become a subordinate by admitting that."

A smile appeared as if Helios had scored a point.

'Did Reed say something like that? After all, Reed is like an arrogant noble magician.'

Reed asked him, who was wiping the round table.

"Can I help you?"

"You're a noble who can even say that he'll help. It's fine. This is my chronic illness. I have to do it myself because I know about it."

Helios was famous for being obsessed with cleanliness, almost to the point of a germaphobe.

He never entrusted his room or library, etc., to others, cleaning them himself instead.

He was cleaning the conference room alone due to such a personality.

"Then, I'll take my seat first."

"Go ahead."

As Reed sat in the chair with "Silence Tower" written on it, he went over the report he had practiced with Phoebe once more.

Time passed quickly, and the second visitor entered.

"The sun must have risen in the west for you to come early."

At the very moment he was about to see who it was, the person said,

"Who would want to come early? That secretary keeps crawling over and sweet-talking me, so I got annoyed and broke the door to fly here alone."

A childish tone and way of speaking.

It was undoubtedly the Tower Master of Black Sky, Freesia.

There was no need to turn his head. She must be wearing a Goth-loli dress.

"Unusually for your personality, you seem to be tightly controlled by your secretary."

"I'm not controlled at all. I just let her be because I didn't want to be bothered, and she kept crawling up."

"Why not just make her a corpse as usual?"

"If I turn that brat into an undead, she'll be even more useless. Once I find a replacement, I'll just throw her from the top of the Black Sky Tower."

The ruthless conversation continued, and then the Tower Master of Black Sky went to her seat.

Freesia's seat was on the opposite side of Reed's. It wasn't exactly the opposite, but the distance was long.


He had recently sent a refusal to her gift, so there was a slight uncomfortable feeling between them.

As Reed lowered his gaze, he inadvertently met eyes with Freesia.

As their eyes met, Freesia quickly folded her umbrella and walked towards Reed with a swagger.

She looked like a lion walking towards her trapped prey.

"I am the Tower Master of Silence, Reed Adeleheights Roton."


Freesia didn't accept Reed's polite greeting, just looking down at him like a cat.

'What is it? What do you want to say?'

As they stared at each other for a while, Freesia sneakily looked at the seat next to her.

It was the seat of the Tower Master of Greenwood.

She quietly stared at the name, then pulled out a pen from her storage magic.

Scribbling sounds.

What she was doing was surprising.

She added the word 'Black Sky' over the seat marked 'Greenwood.'

Then, she nodded her head in satisfaction and said,

"Wow, when did my seat change?"

She shamelessly pretended it was her seat, placing her legs on the table.

Her voluminous Goth-loli dress slid down due to gravity, exposing her black stockings.

'Is she planning to bother me at the Tower Masters' conference?'

Feeling annoyed that he had paid 20% more than the price for the gift, treating her as a merchant, he thought she could have been offended.

People's hearts are unpredictable. So, this behavior bothered him.

Reed glanced at Helios.

Helios seemed to have noticed as he glanced at Freesia's seat and furrowed his brow.

"Black Sky, clean up the seat you dirtied before you go."

...It seemed he didn't mind the change in seats.

As the chairman agreed, what power did Reed have to stop this tyranny and high-handedness?


Freesia smirked and greeted him friendly.

Goosebumps rose first from the awkward feeling.


"Is your daughter doing well?"

"She's doing well."

"Are you not dressing her in rags again? If you want, I'll send you a few more sets of my clothes."

The clothes Freesia had given Rosaria were Goth-loli dresses.

There was a time when he asked Rosaria how she felt about Goth-loli dresses.

With a sullen face, she replied,

- I'm sick of them.

That one sentence, echoing gently in his heart.

Being stabbed like a dagger in Freesia's chest.

"I've received too many gifts recently, so if I accept the tower master's gift, it will spoil her manners. I will just accept your kind intentions for now."

"Wow, a strict father. If your parenting philosophy is like that, what can we do~"

She smiled innocently and finished talking, not initiating any further conversation.

Shortly after, it was almost time for the conference, and the once-empty conference hall filled up with Tower Masters.

All the Tower Masters naturally found their seats and sat down.

Even the Tower Master of Greenwood, whose seat had been switched, was initially confused but took the Black Sky seat after Freesia gestured for her to step down.

There was no real bully here.

Reed scanned each person seated in the conference room.

'As expected, they all appear in the game.'

All of their faces were shown in <Disaster 7>, except for one - the Tower Master of Wallin.

She was seated across from Reed, far enough away that she would have to cross two legs to reach him.

All the participants had gathered, and Helios, the chairman of the Tower Masters' Conference, began the meeting.

"I would like to thank all the Tower Masters for participating in the 872nd regular Tower Masters' Conference."


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