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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 22 Part 1

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It had been two weeks since Reed began researching magnesium. Finally, Reed had achieved the results of his research.

"It's done."

He overcame the problem of mana not being distributed evenly in overloaded magic stones by creating mana channels similar to waterways. 

However, there was a significant drawback: the magic stones had to be used in pairs, and because of the flaws created when mana channels were created, they could not be used in weapons or armor yet.

'Well, that's a problem we'll have to improve on.'

For now, Reed was able to control the distribution of mana and finish his research.

[Research progress has reached 100%.]

[The research, <Enhancement and maintenance of magnesium materials using magic stones>, has been successfully completed.]

[<Success Reward> is given.]

- You can use magnesium as a metal substitute.

After acquiring this knowledge with a 100% probability, another message appeared before Reed.

- A new research project is unlocked.

This new research could be obtained with a 20% probability, and there was no better feeling than gaining a reward with such low odds. Reed checked what he had received and said in disbelief, "This is insane..."

[You've acquired the research project <Magical Power Absorption Using Magnesium>.]


Magical Power Absorption Using Magnesium

Type: Research Project

Author: Reed Adeleheights Roton

Using magnesium, a metal that absorbs magic, this project aims to verify if it's possible to absorb or neutralize the mana of magical projectiles or objects shaped by mana.

Hypothesis established: X

Research progress: -%


<Success Reward>

- You can add 'Magic Absorption Glove' functionality to products made using magnesium. (15%)

- Unknown.


Reed had thought about magnesium-related research resulting from his basic research on magnesium.

'It should be one of the top-rated research projects for magnesium...'

It was like getting an SSR instead of just an R from the gacha.

A fortune had fallen into his lap.

'Once this is completed, there will be no need to be afraid when facing magicians.'

It meant he could create an item that would allow Reed, who had <Mana Sensitivity Lv. 4>, to reach <Mana Sensitivity Lv. 5> or even possibly Lv. 6 which allowed control of surrounding mana.

'But it's hard to be completely happy.'

Although it was excellent news, it was still just a pipe dream for now.

Since there was no established hypothesis, there was still a chance of failure even if the research progress reached 100%. For commercialization, further research would be required.

The top-rated research projects in magnesium derivative research required skilled individuals to proceed.

Reed's level of <Magical Engineering> was 4, and while he had a high level of understanding, this project could not be completed with just his abilities alone.

'It's just a waste of time and resources.'

Although he had enough money, time was not unlimited.

If Reed continued to invest solely in that magic reaction glove, there would be problems in the overall flow.

'I need an expert for this research.'

At the same time, one name flashed through his mind.

'Kaitlyn Ramos.'

A master of <Magic Engineering> who had appeared in <Disaster 7>.

She believed that only magic engineering could provide the power to oppose these catastrophes, and she was indeed the pioneer of magic engineering, which had successfully thwarted the disasters.

'I need her.'

It just so happened that Reed had something to ask her regarding how these projects overlapped, and if it was an idea everyone could easily think of.

Reed went to the top floor and approached Phoebe, his half-dragon assistant, and secretary.



"Do you know Kaitlyn Ramos?"

"Kaitlyn... Ramos?"

Phoebe tilted her head, puzzled.

"You don't know who that is?"


Phoebe looked deflated as she shook her head.

"Tell Leto to find information about Kaitlyn Ramos."

"Yes, I understand."

"And what about the news from the Huper Kingdom?"

There had been no news since the message that they would meet soon.

Reed was starting to get curious about when exactly they would meet.

Phoebe, too, seemed not to know and apologized with a sad face.

"They haven't informed us yet... Should I contact them today?"

"Do that. We can't just wait indefinitely."


Reed said and entered his office.

Drinking a cup of tea that followed him automatically through magic, Reed looked out the window, which was made of full-length glass. Just as he was savoring the moment and enjoying his tea, he noticed something unusual.


Reed doubted his eyes. In the 1-kilometer radius cleared around the Silence Tower to monitor incoming visitors, a portion of it was covered with an array of soldiers, like an army of ants, approaching the tower.

The number was around 300 people. It was the size of an army dispatched to defeat a large monster, but now they were approaching the Silence Tower.

Without a doubt, these soldiers must be from the Huper Kingdom, who had promised to meet soon.

"Master, I've tried contacting them, and the princess is coming on behalf of the king, it seems."

Phoebe chimed in late.

"Isn't this like they're preparing for war?"


Reed pointed downward, and Phoebe, seeing the soldiers walking in a rectangular formation while approaching the tower, gasped.

"I don't think they're preparing for war. They must be on high alert."


"Well, you know…"

Phoebe grinned sheepishly.

Reed understood, just a little, what she meant: the soldiers were all on guard for Phoebe.

"Anyway... doesn't it look like they're here for war?"

"Don't you like it? Should I sweep them away?"


"Yes! If it's the Master's command, I'll do it."

Her long, fluffy hair and innocent eyes.

Lately, since Rosaria kept saying she was acting strange, Phoebe was hiding her innocent eyes and showing only her real eyes, which looked like an excited rice cake.

'Even that appearance hides a vicious side.'

She was submissive and allowed her master to pull her hair when she was an ally, but it was different with enemies.

Reed, who had seen Phoebe from the enemy's perspective, knew her well.

'I even wondered if she was human.'

As a half-dragon, she had a combat trait called "Dragonization" among her abilities.

When she used Dragonization, the dragon instincts dormant in Phoebe's blood awakened, turning her into a battle maniac.

In an instant, a Gold Retriever sticking out its tongue and baring its belly turned into a fierce fighting dog, drooling and charging.


Reed stared intently at Phoebe without saying anything.

As he kept looking at her, Phoebe blushed with embarrassment.

Alright, the decision was made.

"Very well, go ahead."

"Really? Should I go and do it?"

"No, don't wipe them out. Go and escort their representative into the tower."

"Me? But won't they be alarmed?"

Phoebe was taken aback.

"It's a tactic. It shows who's dominant."

"I see! Understood!"

Phoebe left Reed's office, excited about fulfilling her task. Reed couldn't help but admit it.

"I'm curious about how they'll react when Phoebe is out there."

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