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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 22 Part 2

For any army, a commander who is strict and demands high discipline is as essential as a kind-hearted commander popular among the troops.

Commander Doner Russelos was one such popular commander. He was a seemingly indifferent person, lacking a military mindset.

But today, his demeanor was different.

"Attention! Don't slack on your guard! Those who display weakness today will be punished! Do you understand!?"

Faced with an unusual situation, the soldiers were disoriented, but had no choice but to be alert, as two of their peers had already been disciplined earlier.

'I heard today was just a simple escort mission to the Tower of Silence...'

'Did we come here as if we were on a subjugation mission?'

Although it wasn't a war, the soldiers had received orders to be prepared as if it was. They were standing in a defensive posture at the entrance to the Silence Tower.

Their protectee, Adonis Huper, was the princess of the Huper Kingdom and held the position of the third Knight Division commander.

Princess Adonis Huper had inherited the Huper bloodline with platinum-colored hair and light green eyes. She had short, bobbed hair, like a proper knight.

At first glance, it was difficult to determine if she was male or female due to her androgynous appearance.

"So, why did they come like this? We are the representatives of the king, aren't we?"

The strict discipline enforced by Commander Doner puzzled even Adonis.

As the commander, Doner maintained a stern expression as he asked Adonis, "How long has it been since you became a knight, Miss Adonis?"

"It's been 7 years and 3 months since this year."

"Then, I suppose you don't know about the incident that happened ten years ago."

"Ten years ago?"

"The extermination of the Asteria family."


Adonis only knew about it in fragments.

"If you're talking about the Asteria family, they were the rebels who experimented with mixing dragon blood for the revival of magic. Does that have something to do with the Silence Tower?"

"The incident itself doesn't have much to do with it, but a person involved in that incident is in the Silence Tower."

"Who is that?"

Donner unconsciously brought his right hand to the scar on his cheek.

The memories of that time came back to life, stinging the wound and reviving dormant fear.

"Mad Dragon, Phoebe Asteria... She probably also bears the name Roton by now."

"Mad Dragon..."

"A literal mad dragon who threatens enemies loudly and torments opponents with her claws. She was also skilled in magic, making her one of the most difficult enemy at the time."

Donner turned his gaze to the Silence Tower and spoke.

"And that Mad Dragon is in there. The former Tower Master Jude Roton took her under his wing, and she has been known as the Guardian of Silence’ ever since."

"I see... but it still hasn't been explained why you brought an army."

"No matter how much she's been tamed, her nature doesn't just disappear. So, isn't it natural to be prepared for any possible situations?"

Adonis began to wonder what kind of creature would make even Donner, who was reasonably cautious, more vigilant with such excessive caution.

Adonis looked up at the Silence Tower.

The magical tower surrounded by a red curtain.

Hearing Donner's serious words, Adonis became more tense.

She couldn't grasp the idea that a dragon lived in such a place like a bridge to the sky.


A moment later, the door of the Silence Tower opened and someone came out.

Commander Donner examined the figure that emerged.

As the person approached, Adonis and Donner saw a woman walking out.

"She must be the tower's mage. Probably here to guide us-."

"Everyone, get into a defensive formation!"

Commander Donner shouted loudly.

Soldiers who had been waiting lined up their shields on the ground and formed a defensive formation in a swift and orderly manner.

"Commander Donner?"

"That's the Mad Dragon."


"The monster that wiped out all the knights dispatched to strike the Asterias is that woman."

Adonis doubted his eyes.

When she heard the term Mad Dragon, she had no doubt that they would be facing a fierce demon with an angry aura enveloping its entire body.

But now, the person walking out in front of her was a mage, no matter how she looked at it.

Seeing the soldiers standing guard at Commander Donner's order, the woman showed a restless and impatient appearance.

"Is she really that monster?"

"Yes. Don't be fooled by that innocent face! Why on earth did the Tower Master of Silence Tower send out that Mad Dragon!?"

As Donner kept a serious gaze in his vigilance, Adonis was alternating between glances at the two, unsure of who to believe.

The flustered woman eventually raised her voice in that spot.

"Ah, helloooo!"



The woman greeted them in a dragged-out voice.

The soldiers, who had been holding shields and extending spears outwards, looked at one another with bewildered expressions.

"Excuse mee, but... please don't be on guard. I've come to guide the representatives hereee!"


Seeing the woman's distressed face as she smiled and spoke, Adonis looked at Donner with an unspoken question in her eyes.

Adonis had no choice but to get off his white horse and approach Phoebe.

"The Third Knight Commander of the Huper Kingdom, I am Adonis Huper. And you are?"

"Ah! I am Phoebe Asteria Roton. I am the secretary of the Tower Master and the deputy Tower Master, and... right now, acting as your guide like this."

Hearing her introduction, Adonis realized that Donner hadn't misjudged the person.

'Is she the Mad Dragon?'

However, her appearance was far from what he had described.

Her infected speech and smiling face.

The only threatening element was a pair of horns on her head, which made her feel nothing but warmth that didn't elicit a sense of vigilance at all.

"I apologize for my commander's excessive caution. Please forgive this rudeness."

"Ah, you were one of the people affected back then..."

Phoebe looked at Donner over her shoulder with a regretful expression.

"Do you recognize who that person is?"

"Well... When I lose my senses, I rampage without knowing anything, so... I've heard that there are a few people who tremble when they hear my name. I can't remember, and I don't want to... I'm sorry!"

"No, it's fine. I shouldn't have brought up the past."

"Ah, um, then let me guide you."

Phoebe awkwardly but energetically smiled and guided Adonis.

Commander Donner didn't let his guard down until Phoebe disappeared.

* * *

Adonis entered the Silence Tower and found everything around her fascinating.

'This is the Magic Tower.'

In the Huper Kingdom, there are groups of mages who reside in workshops instead of towers.

The mages in the workshops didn't build towers; they conducted magic research by extending underground and drawing mana flowing through ley lines.

Therefore, it was the first time she had seen the elevators and the appearance of the towers.

"You can go in here."

Guided by Phoebe, they arrived in front of the reception room door.

As she slowly walked there, the door seemed to react to her presence and opened slowly.

Inside the well-decorated reception room, a man was standing and welcoming her.

Reed Adeleheights Roton.

A man who, as a second-seat graduate of Escolleia, conquered all magic by extending his range into various fields.

However, observant people wouldn't view Reed as a versatile person.

- He doesn't have a distinct talent.

- He has fallen out of the Adeleheights family's teachings.

All the high-ranking mages would often disregard Reed, and even the royal family did not consider him an important figure.

'Despite such notoriety...'

But the fact was, Adonis, felt overwhelmed when she first saw Reed.

Tower Master.

His dignified appearance exudes elegance, like a noble knight, a great mage, and a grand duke.

Tower Master Reed was the first to greet them politely.

"I am the Tower Master of Silence Tower, Reed Adeleheights Roton."

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