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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 24 Part 2

Dolores flew on her personal broomstick towards the Tower of Silence.


As the door to the Tower of Silence opened, a guide came out. Surprisingly, the one welcoming her was the Tower Master of Silence.


Forgetting to exchange polite greetings, Dolores asked first.


"You came down personally?"


"I didn't see the need to have a subordinate do it. Since I invited you, shouldn't I be the one to greet you?"


Dolores took a quick glance at his appearance.


His ash-gray hair was tied back and a youthful appearance that wouldn't be odd for someone of his age.






Hiding the fact that she was spacing out, she hastened her steps to keep up with him.


Soon, they arrived at the Tower Master's research building and Reed showed Dolores his successful creation.


"This is the item I mentioned in the letter."


"So, this is the prototype made of magnesium."


"There are still many improvements to be made, but it's the first success. Want to try it?"


"Yes, let's."


Dolores picked up the magnesium plate that Reed had made.


"I heard magnesium is soft, but this is as hard as an iron plate."


"If we use this, it can be a substitute for steel or even something better."


"What did the other Tower Masters say?"


She thought that he would undoubtedly show off such an item to others.


"I haven't asked."


"Excuse me?"


"I just wanted to show it to you."




Dolores looked up at Reed with her eyes wide open.


Her eyes were like the full moon in midsummer, her lips shivering as if touched by winter frost. 

Reed was also taken aback by her reaction.


"Wallin Tower Master."


"Only to me? Why? What did I do to deserve-"


"Wallin Tower Master, calm down."


"I-I'm not upset. I'm fine. Really."


"Your magic is leaking, though."


"My magic is…?"


Dolores looked down at the magnesium plate in her hand and saw white frost forming on the brass-colored magnesium plate.




With a scream, Dolores let go of the now-frozen magnesium plate.




The frozen magnesium plate shattered into pieces like thin ice.


The two stared at it for a while.


"…It broke."


"It indeed broke."


Reed glanced at Dolores as he looked at the broken magnesium. Cold sweat was dripping down her face.


Despite trying not to be upset, she couldn't hide her nature.


Reed turned his head and gestured to the assistant wizards.


Understandingly, they hurried over and began to clean up the shattered prototype Dolores had broken.


"I'm sorry. I was startled and just…"


"No, it was my mistake that caused the confusion."


"I should be composed as a Tower Master, but… I overreacted. And…I even broke the prototype."


She looked guilty and her right hand kept fidgeting. She was on the verge of biting her thumbnail.


"Don't worry. Your actions gave me inspiration."


"Inspiration… really?"


"While researching alternatives to steel, I ultimately want something with effects greater than steel. To harness its inherent power, what you broke actually helped me a lot."




"So, this mistake is actually a good thing for me. Don't worry too much."


Reed patted her shoulder and moved on as if it wasn't a big deal.


Dolores found his kindness strange. It was something she had felt since the time he abandoned the <Project: Flower Garden>.


‘You're acting a bit strange…’, was what she wanted to ask him. The Reed Adeleheights Roton she knew was very different.


But before her impolite words could come out, Reed turned his head.


"Why not visit my daughter while you're here?"


"You mean Rosaria?"


"She's really into learning these days. She has a strong desire to learn various things."


At those words, Dolores' eyes narrowed, and her voice became calm.


"You're not pushing her too hard, are you?"


"Of course not. It's what she wants to learn. I'll let her study as much as she wants until she gets bored."


"Well, it wouldn't hurt to see her."


Reed and Dolores walked together to her room.


They knocked on her door and entered. Rosaria, who was sitting at her desk, greeted Dolores with a big smile.


"Ah, it's Dolores Unni! Hi!"


"You should call her Tower Master."


Reed pointed out, but Dolores crouched down to match Rosaria's eye level as if it was fine.


"Have you been well?"


"Yeah! I've been playing well with the Lucy doll you gave me!"


"That's good to hear."


Dolores knew better than anyone how much help a teddy bear could be. Living as a genius, the only ones she could openly talk to were dolls.


Seeing Dolores, Rosaria seemed to have thought of a question.


"Right, you're a Tower Master too, right?"


"Huh? Oh, yes. Tower Master."


As Dolores nodded, Rosaria's face brightened even more.


"Then, are you good at studying too?"


"Huh? Oh, yes. Of course."


"Then can you help me with my studies?"


"Me, help?"


As she was flustered, Reed put his hand on Rosaria's head and spoke.


"Rosaria, Unni is a busy person."


"Why is she busy?"


"She is the Tower Master of Wallin. She has responsibilities as a Tower Master."


"Uh, I see."


Rosaria lowered her head with a disappointed face.


Dolores looked at her watch. The current time was 1:20 PM.


If she left now, she would have about 10 minutes to spare. So, she could follow her original schedule from 2 PM, feeling the extra time.


But this would be her last goodbye before she leaves.


Dolores looked at Reed and said, "I have nothing to do today."


So, she lied with a clear and firm voice.

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