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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 25 Part 1

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"You have nothing to do?"

Reed asked in surprise.

He knew that Dolores was a workaholic.

He thought she must have left a few busy schedules behind to come here.

Dolores nodded her head.

"I happened to have nothing to do today, so I just came over. It won't be a big deal if I'm away for a while."


"Yes, that's right."

As she spoke with a serious expression, Reed had no choice but to accept it.

Reed turned his head to Rosaria.

"She says so."

"Then can you help me?"

Rosaria's eyes sparkled again.

Dolores smiled and said,

"I'll help if you're okay with it, Rosaria."


Rosaria grabbed Dolores' hand and led her to her room.

There was only one thought in Dolores' head as she entered her room.

'Why did I lie...?'

Dolores was surprised at herself.

She had decided not to tell lies that could easily be discovered, but she reflexively lied anyway.

Dolores rolled her eyes and sneaked a glance at Reed.

He was silently staring at her, which made her feel flustered once more.

"I won't do anything bad to the kid."

"I've never thought that you would do anything bad."

Reed could trust Dolores, unlike other Tower Masters.

That was Reed's thought.

Reed nodded his head and closed the door.

'I've already done wrong.'

So now she decided not to think about anything but focus on Rosaria.

"So, do you want to tell me what you don't understand?"


"Do you really not understand everything?"


What Rosaria showed her was a basic magic book.

It was something that was studied at an average age of 14-15 before entering the academy.

In Dolores' case, she understood it at the age of 8 and began her path in serious magic study.

Rosaria was a girl with an extraordinary talent.

Thus, she assumed that Rosaria had already understood the basic books.

"Wait a minute... So you've been using magic without understanding the basics?"


'Is that even possible?'

Watching her innocent smile, it didn't seem like she was lying.

As her blue sapphire-like eyes stared at her, Dolores decided to measure her power once more.

"Can you show it to me once?"

"Like how I showed Papa?"

"Yeah, let's try that."

Rosaria began to emit magic with a bright expression.

'Oh!, my goodness...'

An exclamation came out.

Various elemental spheres rotated chaotically in the air.

'The form is maintained, but there is no order in the movement.'

Form and order.

Dolores had been taught that those two things were the most important.

If the form is not maintained, there is no order. If there is no order, the form cannot be maintained.

That was called the rule of traits.

The rules are unbreakable because they are rules.

However, Rosaria ignored such rules casually.

She had heard that she was a genius, but she never imagined her to be such a monster.

In terms of math, she found the answer by ignoring all formulas.

It was an impossible task even for Dolores, who had once been called a genius.

'What is the true identity of this child?'

She knew the fact that she was an orphan and that she had been bought from the black market, but no one knew her true identity.

"How was it? How was it?"

Rosaria stopped the magic and asked Dolores.

"It was really beautiful."

"Is it beautiful? Pretty?"

"Yes, it's really pretty."

Dolores' compliment put a big smile on Rosaria's face.

"Even though you can use mana like this, you don't understand the content of the magic books?"

"Yeah, I don't understand even though everyone teaches me. Rosaria doesn't want to be stupid..."

Rosaria pouted her lips.

Basically, all magicians were well-versed in basic magic theory.

'But it's difficult to pass that on to someone else.'

Teaching someone is different from learning.

Everything is like that, but magic is the most difficult among them.

Meeting a good teacher, diligently climbing the steps, and accumulating experiences. The process is as natural as water flowing.

Most wizards probably went through this process.

However, there aren't many people who can remember the entire process and explain it.

Once they become familiar with the unknown realm, it becomes difficult to explain it from the perspective of their inexperienced days.



"You probably won't be able to understand this. Do you know why?"

"I don't know!"

Rosaria answered energetically.

Dolores smiled at the sight of her not being ashamed of her own ignorance.

"It's because Rosaria is not a fool but truly amazing. That's why you can't understand basic magic theory."

Dolores, like other magicians, had learned magic while understanding basic magic theory.

However, Rosaria understood and acquired everything sensually.

So, teaching her the basics of magic studies was just like teaching her how to breathe, which was unnecessary for her.

In other words, the basics of magical studies were meaningless to Rosaria.

Dolores pushed Rosaria's book aside.

"Studying with a different book would help Rosaria understand more."

"I see."

"Didn't your dad teach you this?"

"Dad said he's busy. But he still plays with me! At first, he taught me letters!"


"He taught me one by one using an encyclopedia. It was fun!"

"It must have been fun. I'm glad."

Dolores sincerely responded to Rosaria's words.

"Didn't he teach you anything else?"


Was it indifference, or did he really want his daughter to live the way she wanted?

Amidst such doubts, Dolores naturally continued the conversation.

"You know what? I learned magic from your dad."

"From Dad?"

"Yes, when I was only as old as Rosaria, your father came as a home tutor for me."

That was Dolores and Reed's first encounter.

"Back then, I called your dad ‘Oppa’.'"

A faint smile appeared on Dolores' face.

The first meeting.

It was such a happy memory.

Back then, Dolores was as small as Rosaria.

- You are the eldest daughter of the Baldschmidt family, Dolores. Since you were born into nobility, you should always remember that. You should no longer disobey your parents.

Reed's voice echoed sternly yet gently.

Although his voice was often criticized for sounding rigid, Dolores liked Reed's voice.

Because there was nothing else that could comfort her heart but him.

- If you want to act out, tell me. I'll be with you until you get tired of it.

Reed had been a strong support for Dolores, who had always relied only on her teddy bear.

That's why she admired him, and when she found out that he was her fiancée, she worked hard to enter Escolleia Academy.

Although they walked their separate paths, she worked hard to become the pride of the family.

In a way, all of those efforts were also for Reed.

Her first love, and the one who knew everything about her.

But Reed abandoned her.

He cruelly and impulsively disbanded their engagement.

She found out that it was due to the pressure from the Baldschmidt family.

It was because she was such an outstanding person that they didn't want to give her to Adeleheights, who was working hard.

But, even knowing that Dolores began to hate Reed.

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