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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 26 Part 1

Brosa (1)

Three months have passed since the reform of magic engineering.


By now, not only the Chief Mages but also the intermediate mages have grasped the basics.


They have reached a level where it is feasible to start actual projects using Magnesium.


- Magnesium material reinforcement.


- Enhancement of magic stone efficiency in Magnesium plates


And through the inspiration given by Dolores, a new issue was discovered.


- Magnesium reinforcement: resistance to elemental attacks.


Since Magnesium would be mainly used for armors, it was essential to increase resistance to elemental magic.


'This falls under the enchantment area, so it shouldn't be difficult.'


He would distribute related research to newly created magic engineering teams.


'It's faster to conduct research in reality than in the game.'


Usually, only one research could be conducted due to the lack of mages, but Reed had more than 100 mages.


So, by entrusting the projects to them, they could achieve multiple research results at once, even if the speed was slow.






Phoebe came over with a smile.


"Please distribute these research tasks accordingly. And tell those participating in this research that they'll be rewarded with bonus pay based on their performance."


"Bonus pay... are you sure?"


Phoebe seemed dissatisfied.


"Ah, let them know they'll be considered for promotion as well."


"Eh? Promotion, too? There would be a lot of competition within the tower..."


'Did I go too far this time?'


Well, it didn't matter.


Wouldn't it be enjoyable to work extra hard if there were sweet rewards?


"Just relay that to them."




Phoebe took the documents and went outside. As soon as she left, her dragged-out voice was heard.


"Oh, Miss, what brings you here?"


It seemed Rosaria had come.


Soon, Rosaria's cheerful voice was heard.


"I came to show this to Papa!"


"Ah, don't bother the Tower Master, Miss."


"But I have to show this to Papa!"


"What is it? Oh, that's so pretty! Is it me?"


"Yeah! It's Phoebe!"


"It's so lovely. Our Miss is so talented~."


'I feel like their conversation is making them forget the main purpose?'


Reed yelled towards the door.


"Stop chatting out there and let her in."


"Ah, yes!"


Phoebe, startled, opened the door and let Rosaria in.


A small angel with white hair and red eyes came running towards him, holding a drawing.


"Papa, I drew a picture!"


"You drew a picture?"




"Let me see!"


Rosaria came to his side and showed him the drawing.


It was a pure and naive drawing that looked exactly like something a 7-year-old would draw.


She began to explain each figure.


"This is me, Papa, Phoebe, and Dolores!"


They were all made of circles and stick figures, but Reed could tell who was who.


Phoebe had half-closed eyes and a smiling face, and Dolores had sparkling blue eyes and shimmering hair.


The most discordant figure was Reed's.


Perhaps because it was his own face, the gray-haired figure with a wide grin looked quite distant from him.


Reed looked at the drawing and looked at Rosaria.


She looked as proud as if she had produced a masterpiece.


"It's great."




Watching her puff out her chest, Reed couldn't help but smile.


While she was there, he checked her stats throughTalent Appraisal.




Name: Rosaria Adeleheights Roton


Occupation: Daughter of the Tower Master


Age: 7 years old


Alignment: Lawful Neutral


Health: 100/100


Stamina: 80/80


Mana: 55,860/55,860




Eternal Hole




"Absorption Lv. 1", "Purity Lv. 3", "Mana Sensitivity Lv. 7", "Magic Lv. 3", "Elemental Sensitivity Lv. 3", "Magic Studies Lv. 1"


[Unreleased Traits & Abilities]


Traits: Magic Ruler,Master of Adaptation


Abilities: "Magic Lv. 7", "Magic Studies Lv. 7", "Elemental Sensitivity Lv. 7"……




Her 'Purity' level was gradually decreasing, and the Lawful alignment settled in.


It meant that she now understood the importance of rules.


Reed's intervention must have had an impact on her alignment.


'Whether it's good or evil depends on what she does next....'


As for whether it's good or evil, it doesn't matter.


As long as she can uphold her own beliefs, Reed was prepared to accept her choices regardless of what they were.


'Rather, it's strange.'


Her stats had changed as Dolores consistently helped her study, and after not much time, the 'Magic Studies' stat was created.


It meant that Dolores was able to accurately address what Rosaria didn't understand.


Only a genius can truly understand another genius.


Reed was grateful to Dolores.


'Should I give her a gift later?'


Although she said it was just a hobby, it has been a great help to him.


Even if Rosaria later decided to go under the Tower Master of Wallin, Reed wouldn't have any lingering regrets since she had already played the roles of a friend, mentor, and sister.


'Yeah, let's give her a gift.'


If possible, something that women would like.


As he thought that, Phoebe's voice came across.


- Sir Tower Master!


He hears Phoebe's voice through a distant communication spell.


Reed asked her mentally so that Rosaria wouldn't hear.


- What's the matter?


- The Tower Master of Black Sky is here


- Black Sky?


- What should we do?


'Why did the Tower Master of Black Sky come here?'


Reed was puzzled and told Phoebe.


- Guide her to the reception room. Tell her I'll be down in 10 minutes.


- Yes!


To meet with Freesia, he needed some preparation.


Reed took the drawing from Rosaria.


"Very well drawn. Is it okay if I frame this and decorate it?"




"Of course! It's my daughter's first drawing, so of course, it can be framed! I want to hang it on the wall."


"Okay! I'll give it to you!"


Rosaria nodded.


"Now I have to work, so why don't you go back?"


"Okay. Papa, fighting!"


With her balled-up fist raised as an awkward cheer, she exited the room.

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