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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 26 Part 2

Reed tried to think about what Freesia would have come up with, but the situation didn't seem to allow for any leisure.


"Ah, Tower Master, um, you have to go to the reception room!" 


Phoebe's urgent voice could be heard. She seemed to be trying to stop someone but was clearly struggling.


The office door flung open, and the figure of a girl and the restless Phoebe appeared.


Black gothic dress, black hair, and red eyes exuding an intimidating presence.


It was Freesia Vulcan Darkrider.


"It's been a long time since I've seen you, Reed Adeleheights Roton."


Reed greeted her respectfully without panicking.


"Welcome, Tower Master of Black Sky. I would have come downstairs to greet you in the reception room."


"Why? Would you have had to dress up? The way you are now is not bad."


Freesia approached Reed casually and looked closely at his face.


Her red eyes and pale skin.


Her attractive eye smile and moist lips were drawing his attention.


However, in Reed's eyes, she looked like a little girl trying too hard to act mature, no matter what she did.


"I haven't seen you in a few months, and I really missed you, Reed. How about you? Did you miss me?"


It was undoubtedly because Reed hadn't attended the last Tower Master's meeting.


Since he had informed them in advance that he had important matters to attend to, the chairman of the Tower Masters, Master of Sky Chamber, must have informed everyone, so there wouldn't have been any strange suspicions.


Reed just stared at Freesia, and she raised her finger.


"You shouldn't keep a lady waiting. Well, I'll give you 3 seconds. 3, 2, 1—"


"I didn't miss you."


Reed answered her sharply.


At that, Freesia made a face as if it was no fun.


"Really? At times like this, you could at least say, 'I've been suffering from a drought in my heart because I couldn't see the Tower Master of Black Sky.' Don't you think?"


"Lying is bad."




Despite his cold words, Freesia's smile did not fade.


"Hmm… What's this?"


Freesia leaned down and looked at the drawing on Reed's desk.


He didn't think her eyes would catch it.


After examining the drawing briefly, Freesia laughed and looked up at Reed.


"You really can't draw, can you?"


"…What are you talking about? That's clearly a drawing by my daughter."


"Isn't your daughter old enough to draw better than this?"


"She's only 7 years old now. She just started drawing the day before yesterday."


Freesia tilted her head as if to say, 'Is that so?'


'This woman really doesn't care about Rosaria.'


"Hmm... Judging by the colors, it seems to be you, the brat, the puppy, and the ice girl."


Everyone was strangely named, but it seemed she knew who they were.


Freesia threw the drawing back onto the desk, and Reed put it away with a storage spell.


Freesia's face was full of dissatisfaction.


"Why am I not in the picture?"


"Why, haven't you had no real interactions with my daughter, and you can't remember her, so it's only natural she can't remember you."




Freesia made a puzzled face at his answer.


"Even though I bought her clothes and praised her, she must have seen me as a stranger. How ungrateful."


"You didn't have any special conversations with her, and since you don't remember her, it's only natural she doesn't remember you."


"I am her elder, so she should remember me even if I don't remember her!"


That was absolutely shameless.


Well, in the former aristocratic society, that would have been normal.


Like how seniors in the army don't remember their juniors but juniors remember their seniors.


"So, what business do you have? You didn't come here to protest about education like the other Tower Masters, did you?"


When he mentioned education, Freesia chuckled and said,


"That? That's simply the beginning of a romantic tale between you and Dolores. I won't interfere as a third party. Besides, education isn't my cup of tea. Breaking things is the most fun."


"So why are you here?"


Then Freesia smiled.


Her smile seemed to reveal years of experience, unfit for her young face.


"It's about the Hupper Kingdom."


Hupper Kingdom.


It was a topic that had not even been mentioned during the Tower Masters' meetings.


Everyone knew about it, but since a consensus had been reached and it wasn't causing any major problems, no Tower Master had raised the issue.


'I never thought she would bring it up.'


That was unexpected.


Anyone would expect her to make a sarcastic comment about such a boring matter.


Reed hid his thoughts and spoke to her with a polite tone.


"The matter with the Hupper Kingdom has been handled smoothly. There should be nothing to worry about."


"Actually, I don't care. It doesn't matter if you stabbed someone to death there or overturned the dinner table. It's just that if you interfere with what I'm going to do from now on, it'll be a problem."


At those words, Reed's expression became serious.


"Are you saying the Tower Master of Black Sky is going to get involved in the affairs of the kingdom?"


"No, even though I'm a Tower Master, why would I bother getting involved in the kingdom's affairs?"


Freesia smirked as she laughed.


"Instead, 'Brosa' will cause trouble, and that's the issue."




It was a pseudonym Freesia created by shortening 'Black Rose'.


Most likely, none of the other Tower Masters, even the Tower Master of Sky Chamber who was in charge of the chairmanship, knew about it.


Reed had been aware of it since he received the magical engineering equipment.


So, even if she caused trouble under the pseudonym 'Brosa', Reed knew it was Freesia's doing.


"What's the problem?"


"Your sense of Justice."




"If there's someone who tries to prevent something like what happened in that small insignificant village, it would be a big problem for Brosa."


In short, she was saying he shouldn't recklessly step forward, driven by a sense of justice.


"In that case, you don't have to worry. I'm not so idle as to volunteer for such people."


His sense of justice had been lit simply by dealing with the fallen star village's matter.


If there were people who spread rumors and expected Reed to solve their problems with a 'Maybe he'll do it for us too?' mindset, Reed would make them pay the proper price.


"So, what are you trying to do, Tower Master of Black Sky, that you want to keep my mouth shut?"


Freesia placed her hand on Reed's shoulder and whispered into his ear.


"I'm about to do it right now."


She whispered in a sweet, devilish voice.


"If you don't have a sense of justice, Reed, why don't you come and take a look for yourself?"

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