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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 27 Part 1

Brosa (2)

An ominous feeling crept in.


No, something bad was definitely going to happen.


After all, most people who got involved with Freesia ended up in ruins.


She is pure evil.


Getting involved with her could only bring misfortune.


"Think of it as just getting some fresh air. It'll be fun to be with me, Reed."


Like a fox wagging its tail, she tried to tempt Reed.


[T/N: Fox wagging its tail could imply she is cunning and playful at the same time]


Regardless of her temptation, Reed was lost in his own thoughts.




There, the third disaster, Adonis, resided.


What if Freesia was involved in it?


What if it leads Adonis to her ruin?


'...Am I being too nosy?'


The seven disasters Reed created.


Among them, there were some that were purely evil, but there were also those who became monsters due to injustice.


'I want to know more about that.'


Villains are often portrayed as evil, even in their backgrounds.


Most stories related to Adonis Hupper were also malicious.


She was born with a lot of greed.


She was arrogant.


She seduced people like a fox and killed a noble's child.


That's why it was justified for her to be dismissed and not eligible as a successor.


Even Morgan II, who ascended the throne after Morgan Hupper's death, said so, but Reed couldn't shake off the nagging feeling.


He made up his mind.


He would keep an eye on Freesia's actions for a while, and if she tried to get him involved, he would pull out.


After all, he knew the true identity of Brosa.


If she tried to trap him, he could counterattack by mentioning Black Sky Tower Master would suffice.


"I'll go with you."


"As expected of our Reed. We should have fun together."


She cooed at him like a grandmother adoring a well-behaved child, making him want to punch her.


But he knew that she acted this way because she liked him.


So he had to be careful.


If he didn't handle her cautiously, the thorns of a rose would dig into his flesh.




The capital of the Hupper Kingdom, Cohen.


It was a small kingdom founded by Morgan Hupper after he declared independence from the empire, and the current political situation had stabilized significantly.


Well-paved roads and people walking on them.


Reed and Freesia were walking among them.


A girl dressed in a luxurious outfit, holding a black parasol, and a gray-haired man in a formal suit walking beside her.


At a glance, they looked like a naive young lady and her butler.


Therefore, no one could imagine that the masters of the Silence Tower and the Black Sky Tower were walking side by side.


However, due to their outfits, they couldn't avoid the occasional curious glances from passersby.


"Every time I see the royal road, old memories come flooding back," Freesia began.


"Is that so?"


"Yes, I used to be a noble lady myself. Or was I a doll back then?"


Freesia smiled slyly.


The Vulcan family was an unknown noble family.


In fact, there was a record that the family had existed a long time ago.


However, it was unclear whether the lineage was still being passed down.


Freesia never revealed it herself.


She just acted like a spoiled brat and continued like a skunk in the Cloud Continent.


As Reed looked down at her, Freesia became aware of his gaze and met his eyes.


Her red eyes.


Similar to Rosaria's, but Freesia's were closer to a darker red.


"Are you curious about my past?"


"Uncovering what others don't know. Isn't that the duty of a magician and scholar?"


"If you want to see a woman's past, you must be able to take responsibility for it. Can you take responsibility for my past?"


Taking responsibility for the past.


That was a roundabout way of talking about marriage.


So Reed shook his head.


"I'm sorry."


"I really want to break you."


Freesia discreetly approached and took Reed's hand.


"Reed, I have a question."


"What is it?"


"How did you find out about my alias?"


A subtle chill could be felt in Freesia's words.


"It's tied to my past, and a man like you couldn't possibly know about it. So I can only think that you must have learned it through someone else."


"What do you plan to do once you find that person?"


"What do you think? If they won't let go of a lady's dirty past, I'll have to bury them whole."


A malicious woman.


Reed quietly withdrew his hand.


"That person is already dead."




"They seem to have been killed as a guest. They were drinking at a tavern and got caught up in a brawl."


"Hmm... Well, there's nothing we can do about it."


What can be done about someone being dead?


Freesia didn't try to inquire any further.


Taking a step forward, Freesia said, "We've had enough of a walk, shall we now get down to business? Follow me."


Freesia left the main road and entered a back alley.


Buildings were tightly packed, and not a single ray of light could penetrate the area.


As soon as they entered, their eyes involuntarily squinted.


The smell of rotting garbage stung their noses.


Reed found it hard to bear the foul odor, but Freesia walked on unfazed.


After walking for a while, Freesia spun around on her right foot and faced Reed.


"Stay still. You might get hurt if you move."


As Freesia flicked her finger, her shadow rose from the ground and reached out to Reed.


He hesitated for a moment at the sight of her using magic, but realizing it wasn't an attack on him, he stood still.


Soon, the shadow wrapped around Reed and began to wriggle.


His red uniform on a black background turned all black, and his gray hair was dyed black.


Looking down at his chest pocket, there was a single black rose pinned there.


Reed wasn't the only one who changed.


Freesia's appearance had also changed slightly.


Her Gothic outfit was now a silk dress adorned with black roses, and a small silk hat was placed on her head.




Freesia's presence wasn't felt at all.


If he hadn't known it was Freesia, he wouldn't have recognized her at all.


Freesia looked Reed up and down with a satisfied expression and patted his arm.


"Hmm, it turned out quite well. It suits you. How about giving up your position as the Tower Master of the Silence Tower and becoming a butler for our Black Sky Tower?"


"Why did you use disguise magic on me as well?"


"I thought you didn't want to get involved in this Brosa’s business, Was I wrong?"




"Just keep your mouth shut. That way, you won't get entangled in this matter."


It was her own way of being considerate.

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