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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 3 Part 1

One person.


At those words, Reed crossed his legs and said,


"Bring her here."


"But she's really not worth much..."


"I'll be the judge of that. Don't make me say it again."


Leto no longer argued and signaled to his subordinate.


Out of 150 people, would he really be interested in one particular girl?


That seemed unlikely.


Leto was not a man to work carelessly, and he had an eye for merchandise.


'There's always someone better than the best.'


However, he only knew the surface value of the merchandise.


While Leto was simply looking at the box, Reed could see through the contents of the box.


And his intuition turned out to be right.


"Here she is."


A girl with lush white hair and a seemingly dazed expression.


She looked so innocent and naive, as if she didn't even know how she was being treated.


"She's a seven-year-old immature child who can't even speak properly."


Leto introduced her with a face that seemed to hold no expectations.


However, Reed's eyes lit up in contrast to Leto's expression, as they say, "knowledge is power."


'I didn't expect her aura to fill the entire room...'


Through the Talent Appraisal, He can see how different her innocent and naive face was from her aura that was running wild.


It was a formidable potential that seemed to swallow the entire room.


Reed stared at her quietly and looked at her specs.




Name: Unknown


Occupation: Orphan


Age: 7 years old


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Health: 50/50


Stamina: 50/50


Mana: 40/40








<Digestion Lv. 1>, <Purity Lv. 5>


[Unreleased Traits & Abilities]


Ruler of Magic, Master of Adaptation, Eternal Hole

<Magic Lv. 7>, <Magicology Lv. 7>, <Mana Sensitivity Lv. 7>, <Elemental Sensitivity Lv. 7, Mental Power Lv. 6>... and 5 more.





A monster that was completed at the age of 17, starting at the age of 7.


There was no doubt.


'This child is Codename: Cosmo.'


Reed struggled to maintain his composure.


He bit his finger in surprise when he saw the impressive specs hiding behind the innocent face.


'I expected it, but these abilities are truly outrageous...'


Ruler of Magic, a trait considered the best in magic.


Master of Adaptation, which allows her to absorb all education twice as fast.


Eternal Hole, which, once awakened, surpasses the mana capacity of a blue dragon that stands at the pinnacle of magic.


She possessed EX-grade abilities so exceptional that even a protagonist with a magic build would have to struggle to barely match them.


'On top of that, almost all magic-related attributes are in a state that can be transcended.'


In the latter part of the story, she was a wildcard that troubled both the protagonist and the world.


It was a wonder that no magician had taken in such a monstrous child until now.


'Of course, at first glance, she must look like a dullard.'


She had low health, low stamina, and even lower mana.


She was a girl as frail as a flatfish that would die if struck just once.


At first glance, she didn't seem like a talent worthy of nurturing as a magician.


"What do you think? Shall I call in some other children instead-"


"How much?"


"Excuse me, you mean you're thinking of buying this child?"


Leto looked at Reed with an expression of surprise.


Reed silently stared at him without answering the question.


Leto recalled his warning not to make him repeat himself.


"Well, 500 UP..."


Leto had originally intended to ask for 100 UP.


But seeing Reed's attitude, he blurted out the price of 500 UP, the same as the other slaves.


"I'll take her."


"Really?" asked Leto in disbelief.


Reed responded calmly, "You're the one who said 500 UP. She must be worth that much, right?"


"Yes, yes! Of course! A merchant without credibility can't make a living~! Thank you."


Leto rubbed his palms together and grinned slyly.


His left eye seemed to display the words 'smells money,' while his right eye appeared to read 

‘got it' as he showed a delighted expression on his face.


Reed knew that he had been overcharged.


He didn't like Leto's triumphant expression, but he had to lay this groundwork.


'I need to use Leto as an informant, so I'll just have a cool deal with him.'


For tower master Reed, 500 UP wasn't a significant amount.


From Leto's perspective, they would both profit through future transactions.


Reed called Phoebe and paid the 500 UP.


Upon receiving the five silver coins, Leto respectfully bid farewell.


"Then, have a good time, kehehe."


Leto left with an unpleasant laugh until the end.


Reed looked at the outside scenery. He saw the carriage carrying the slaves Leto had brought along disappearing into the distance.


'There's nothing I can do for those children anyway.'


Although it weighed on his mind, offering pity wouldn't be good for either party.


If he couldn't take responsibility, they would eventually be caught by slave hunters again or fall into the hands of someone even more vicious than Leto.


Reed turned his head and looked at the girl on the sofa.


Her disheveled white hair in shabby clothes, and her face with clearly visible tear stains under her eyes.


The only thing shining was her red eyes filled with purity.


Red eyes were said to be cursed and considered a mark of misfortune.


But could one say that looking at these ruby-like eyes?


He had his doubts.


Reed knelt down to match her eye level.


She didn't show any expression.


She didn't cry or laugh in confusion.


The ability called <Purity> meant that she was in a state where she could easily be influenced.


As long as she had <Purity>, her personality and abilities would be shaped by her educators and environment, and her <Purity> would disappear as she grows older.


It was a wonder to Reed that she had managed to maintain her <Purity> attribute without it being reduced while living as an orphan until she turned seven.


'Such a pure child... was driven to that extent.'


Reed, no, Jung Jinhyuk, found Reed even more repulsive.


Reed was a failed genius who wanted to become a true genius.


The limit of not having talent drove Reed into despair, and in the end, he became a monster consumed by inferiority.


He extended the claws of jealousy even towards the girl and committed an unforgivable act by turning her into a monster through his plan called Flower Garden.


Reed looked up at the girl again.


As he did, the girl, who had been sitting blankly, turned her head and made eye contact with Reed.


A pure genius and a twisted failure.


The two looked at each other.


"Do you know who I am?"




At Reed's question, the girl tilted her head.


He knew what that gesture meant.


It wasn't 'Who are you?' but 'I don't understand what you're saying.'


Reed calmly continued his words.


"You don't know me, but I know you. And I know all about what will happen between us."


In the future, Reed would die at the hands of this girl.


A twisted relationship, a life filled only with regrets.


A future unknown to the girl, a future only Reed knows.


"But that future won't exist."


He would correct it.


And those memories would now become delusions that never happened.


This innocent girl will not be Codename: Cosmo, the victim of the Flower Garden.


"From now on, you'll be my daughter."


Because she was destined to become the daughter of the tower owner in a desolate place.


Reed carefully took the girl's hand.


The girl's gaze shifted to Reed's hand.


Unlike his dirt and dust-covered hand, hers was pure white and delicate.


She didn't understand everything Reed said.


But even she knew something.


The fact that sincerity can be communicated.


That this person genuinely cared about her.


The girl placed her other hand on top of Reed's hand that held hers.


She looked up at Reed with both hands wrapped around his, making eye contact again.




The girl smiled.


It was a warmer smile than the sun.

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