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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 7 Part 1

Rumor (1)


Reed Adeleheights Roton adopted a daughter.


That alone was enough to cause an uproar within the Silence Tower.


"The Tower Master of Silence?"


"The one who used to curse and say that all the untalented ones were useless?"


Most wizards are reclusive, and those with skills are usually reluctant to have children.


They were busy immersing themselves in their magic research, and they couldn't afford to have a child holding them back.


Most wizards thought that way, but no one could believe that Reed, a Tower Master who was worse than anyone could imagine, had a child.


But soon, Reed announced within the Silence Tower that Rosaria was his child.


Those who were skeptical were shocked.


Not even a biological child, but he adopted a daughter?


"Did the Tower Master finally go mad?"


"He's someone who would mistreat his own daughter like a daughter-in-law..."


"Is he trying to make her his wife?"


"You saw how she formed and crushed the sphere. If she has that much talent, he probably plans to raise her and devour her power."


"No, if that were the case, the Tower Master would have looked at her with contempt from the beginning. Don't you know his personality?"


Those working in the Silence Tower knew well that Reed liked talented people but also hated them.


They couldn't simply interpret the fact that he had adopted a daughter straightforwardly.


A talented girl and a hysterical Tower Master.


The two with polar opposite personalities seemed completely mismatched.


But there was one thing they all thought alike.


"Still... it seems like he genuinely cares for her."




Everyone in the tower saw it.


Tower Master Reed and his adopted daughter Rosaria walking hand in hand, affectionately.




In the western part of the Cloud Continent, the sky is covered in darkness.


Due to the abnormal aggregation of mana, there was an area with a certain climate.


The Black Sky.


An area named as such because the sky is always covered in darkness.


The sunlight doesn't penetrate, only dark vegetation survives, and it is treated as a barren land where death lurks.


However, the abnormal accumulation of mana was an optimal place for wizards to conduct research, making it a perfect location to build a tower.


Thus, the Black Sky Magic Tower was built.


Its Tower Master was Freesia Vulcan Darkrider.


Contrary to the appearance of a little girl called "The Eternal Girl of the Black Sky," she harbored a psychopathic black heart and was known as a master of dark magic.


"What? Roton adopted a daughter?"


Frieja, with her feet up on the obsidian desk, raised her eyebrows.


She was looking at the man reflected on the screen floating above the desk.


The man nodded.


"Yes, that's right. He even announced her name as Rosaria Adeleheights Roton."


"That's nonsense. Are you making this up because there's no good news lately?"


"Would I risk my neck for that? I saw it with my own eyes. And everyone in the tower knows about it."




"…I'm sorry."


"It's fine. If you're sorry, that's the end of it. Yep, it's all over."


Freesia showed her mastery of sarcasm.


Before she could nag further, the man quickly relayed more news.


"But that's not the important part."


"What is it then?"


"They say the girl folded the pillar of mana into a sphere."




"Is that true?"


As Freesia looked at him skeptically, the man spoke with a frustrated expression.


"Even the most skilled wizard in handling mana couldn't do that. It would interfere with the spell, and you're saying she broke the spell itself? Well, it's not impossible for the Silence Tower, which is running wild."


"It's a mana emission spell created by the previous Tower Master. Don't you know what kind of person he was?"


"Hmm, well, that Jude guy did create a good spell."


Jude Roton.


He was a figure who had contributed more to the operation of the tower than attack magic.


He was a kind-hearted old man, unlike other wizards, and he was a man who generously shared his knowledge with other Tower Masters.


The Black Sky Tower was also using the mana emission spell created by the Tower Master of Silence as a basis and reinforcing it.


"Moreover, the spell is intact."


"The spell wasn't even broken?"




Was that even possible?


Folding the mana emission spell into a sphere without touching it was no different than a person living with their heart torn out.




Freesia furrowed her eyebrows and became lost in deep thought, looking elsewhere.


Seeing her absorbed in her thoughts, seemingly forgetting their conversation, the man asked.


"Uh, Tower Master."




"Are you...sure you'll keep your promise?"


"Huh? Promise?"


Freesia asked, narrowing her eyes.


"The promise to take in anyone who leaves the Silence Tower as a member of the Black Sky Tower."


"Ah, that promise. Of course, I know."


She had forgotten. No doubt she had completely forgotten.


However, she couldn't scold or question him.


He was dealing with the Black Sky Tower Master, Freesia Vulcan Darkrider.


"But for the time being, you'll have to transfer information from the Silence Tower to me. Like a spy. Isn't that what spies do when they infiltrate enemy countries? They suck up as much information as they can."


"I've already been working here for five years. But I still haven't even shed my apprentice status. If it were somewhere else, wouldn't I already be working as a full-fledged mage? The Master of the Reed Tower doesn't even talk about promotions."


"Yeah, you're right. The Master of the Silence Tower is a bit inflexible. It's absurd that they've kept you as an apprentice for five years."


"Isn't it?"


His face brightened when she took his side.


Freesia waved her hand and showed a reassuring smile.


"Just make sure you do your job well. Once you've gathered enough information from the Silence Tower, I'll make sure you can work as a full-fledged mage in the Black Sky Tower."


"As expected of the Black Sky Tower Master! Thank you!"


"If you're grateful, just keep reporting the information regularly. Got it?"


"Yes, thank you. Please go in."


"Alright, keep up the good work."


The moment the communication was cut off, Freesia’s smiling face turned cold.


She leaned back in her chair and sneered.


"Such a greedy fellow."


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