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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 7 Part 2

Freesia knew what kind of person the Master of the Silence Tower was.


An insecure person, who, although not having distinct advantages compared to other Tower Masters, had a keen eye for people.


Anyone with a competitive edge wouldn’t join the Silence Tower, as they can only enter it as an apprentice.


So, Reed not promoting him meant that he was not worth investing in.


Even the cold-hearted Freesia believed that his eye for people was reliable, even if she couldn't acknowledge anything else about him.


'Does he think that being worthless elsewhere will make him useful?'


Did that man truly know?


That his value shone only because he was in the Silence Tower.


If he were to lose his affiliation with the Silence Tower, he would ultimately become a nobody.


The Black Sky Tower is as ruthless as its atmosphere.


He would only be mocked as a mere apprentice who couldn't even shed his status in the Silence Tower.


Even if he were to come to the Black Sky Tower, he probably wouldn't have the skills to overcome its challenges.


That's why it wasn't a big issue for Freesia to accept him as a full-fledged mage.


"Reed Adeleheights suddenly took in a foster daughter…"


As someone who knew Reed well, Freesia couldn't understand the meaning behind his actions.


"Well, if I don't know, then what can I do?"


She got up and tapped the table.


At that moment, she was connected to her secretary, who had been waiting outside.


·       Did you call for me, Tower Master?


"My dear secretary, I'll be stepping out for a bit!"


·       Stepping out? I'll prepare the sky carriage right away.


"No, there's no need for formality. I'm just going out for a light stroll. I'll be going alone."


·       If it's a casual occasion… Where do you plan to go?


The secretary asked anxiously, but Freesia just smiled without giving an answer.


The secretary knew the meaning behind her expression.


It was the face of a willful child who had discovered a new toy she liked.


"I'm going to meet the Master of the Silence Tower."




Rumors spread.


Since he revealed the fact that he took in a foster daughter, Rosaria was allowed to roam freely.


'A close father and daughter…'


Not bad.


A close father-daughter relationship could be a charming element, right?


A frightening and selfish man, but a caring and loving father to his daughter.


'But I don't know if this will have a negative or positive effect.'


If it turns out to be a negative effect, the story changes completely.


The Tower Master has no intention of managing the tower and has taken in a foster daughter.


Is he in his right mind?


We don't need a weak Tower Master!


Viva la Revolution!

[T/N: "Viva la Revolution!" is a Spanish phrase meaning "Long live the Revolution!", a slogan for revolutionary movements.]


Reed is driven out of the Tower Master's position, and the Silence Tower falls into chaos.


'…It's scary just to imagine, but it probably won't happen.'


It would have been unreasonable if he had taken in a daughter without any abilities, but what Reed brought was a monster with potential.


Everyone in the tower must have witnessed Rosaria bending a pillar into a sphere.


She has an outstanding talent with greater expectations than concerns about lack of ability.


'Still, I have to do whatever I can to cover for my lack of ability.'


The most important thing was for Reed to fulfill his duties as a Tower Master, regardless of the circumstances.


There were two things needed for that.


The power and ability to maintain his position.


And there was only one thing that could satisfy both of those.


<Magic Engineering>.


Reed had been searching the library since last night to find the books related to Magic Engineering.


He had searched several times, hoping that there might be something from his Academy days, but Reed couldn't find any books related to Magic Engineering.


That's why he was sitting quietly in his office now, thinking about places where he might find what he was looking for.


In the middle of his thoughts, Reed noticed another strange point.


'Come to think of it, there were no books about Project: Flower Garden either.'


Where did the documents on Flower Garden, which Phoebe had organized, come from?


It's unlikely that Reed had given her the original documents in their entirety.


He must have had his own organized documents as well.


'If Project: Flower Garden wasn't stored in the library, then it must mean there's another library…'


Where could that library be?


If he were the real Reed Adeleheights Roton, who had lived here for almost ten years, he would have found it easily.


However, he was only Jung Jinhyuk, who was acting as Reed.




He thought about it and casually looked down at the table.


Panels that could be operated like smart screens.


In the corners of the view, there were panels related to storage magic, summoning magic, and tower management.


"…Storage magic?"


Reed pressed that panel button.


Then, as the screen expanded where there was nothing before, the contents inside began to appear.


It seemed like he understood the saying “It's darkest under the lamp”.


"…It was all here."


-Project: Flower Garden.


-Noteworthy Escolleia magic students.


Reed was meticulous.


So, he had organized everything carefully, so it could be viewed in order of importance, genre, type, and name.


The most important was the recently overturned Project: Flower Garden original documents and a list of names.


Reed didn't open those documents but moved on to the genre.


There, he saw a pile of Magic Engineering books he hadn't been able to find until now.


'Why did he store them here instead of in the library?'


Reed was someone who had admired pure magic, so he thought that he would either keep them in the library or have them burned.


As he looked further down.


·       Research on steel that changes shape in response to mana sensitivity. Author: Reed Adelheights


·       Research on the commercialization of magic using rune shapes. Author: Reed Adelheights


The research that formed the foundation of Magic Engineering, which he had been working on until a month ago, was visible.


The reason why Reed instantly knew that this research was the foundation of Magic Engineering was:


"All of these are Magic Engineering products commercialized in <Disaster 7>, right?"


This was because all the auxiliary items that had been created to defeat the disaster were by-products of Reed's research.


The shape-changing steel turned into an item called the Shield Gauntlet, and the commercialization of magic using runes became an item called Magic Cards.


It wasn't just those items.


A considerable number of products were all based on the research that formed the foundation of <Disaster 7>.


The person who had been crucially helpful in Magic Engineering was Kaitlyn Ramos.


'Why are all of Reed's research items identical to Kaitlyn's products?'


It was an incomprehensible moment.


Did Kaitlyn steal the research data?


Or did Reed steal Kaitlyn's research?


Or was it just a romantic fantasy coincidence where they understood each other implicitly?


While lost in the maze of thoughts.


Knock, knock-.


Phoebe entered the office with a light knock.


Her usually languid expression had changed to a rather troubled one.


"What's the matter?"


"Well, the thing is… The Tower Master… has come to visit?"


"Tower Master?"


Phoebe nodded her head.


"Yes, it's the Tower Master of Wallin…"


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