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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 29 Part 2

'And fortunately, there's no explosion either.'


The current production project was over.


[The progress of production has reached 100%.]


[The production project, "Magnesium plate armor production - gauntlet " has been successfully completed.]


["Success Reward" is given.]


- You can now create a gauntlet using magnesium plates.


The magnesium gauntlet prototype was made over the course of three days.


'Should I reduce the actual weight a bit more... or rather, should I increase my strength instead?'


The weight itself was lighter than the gauntlets used by knights, and the defense was on the lower side.


If the weight was reduced any further, it would be like making ceramics instead of a gauntlet.


'Let's increase my strength a little.'


Tower Master doing strength training... It might be a bit funny.


Reed checked the current status of magnesium research using the authority of the Tower Master.


-Magnesium material enhancement (research progress: 60%).


-Magnesium plate magic stone efficiency enhancement (research progress: 80%).

[T/N: Previously referred to as “Enhancement of magic stone efficiency in Magnesium plates”]


-Magnesium enhancement: resistance to elemental attacks (research progress: 70%).


-Magnesium plate armor production - gauntlet (production progress: 100%)


When the efficiency-enhancing research is completed, the continuous effect will increase by about 30%, and when the material enhancement is completed, the defense of the gauntlet will increase by about 5.


At that level, it might not just be as good as the steel technology that the empire boasts, but it will rival it.


'Still not enough.'


The functionality was absurdly lacking.


Reed didn't make the gauntlet in this form simply to create armor.


'This is my magic support tool and a card that can be a trump card.'


The ultimate goal of this gauntlet was a modified weapon like the staff or wand used by mages.


Of course, this was not Reed's unique idea.


'Because Kaitlyn Ramos raised her insufficient magical power with this.'


The magnesium 'magic' gauntlet was the unique magical tool she created, breaking away from the conventional form of staff and wands.


It was as if Reed had brought forward the weapon that Kaitlyn would create in the future.


It was also as if he had stolen a future idea, but Reed didn't feel much guilt about it.


Because the idea in the future also existed in the past.


'Because Reed had the same idea too.'


Strictly speaking, it was a legacy left by that nerdy Reed, not the Reed possessed by Jung Jinhyuk.




Weaponization of magnesium gauntlet using magic gem.


Type: Research Project


Author: Reed Adeleheights Roton


Check whether the magnesium gauntlet can be weaponized using the magic gem, which can be considered the core part of the staff and wand.


Establishment of hypothesis: X


Research progress: -


You can create a Magnesium Magic Gauntlet (100%).


Random enhancement (Attribute Enchantment/Magic Enhancement/Attack Enhancement/Defense Enhancement/Durability Enhancement) can be applied to the Magnesium Magic Gauntlet (100%, limited to first-time only).




After seeing the research project, Reed clicked his tongue.


'The failure rate is 60%.'


Attack enhancement was the damage dealt when striking with the gauntlet.


It was the least necessary thing for Reed, who only had stats unrelated to strength.


If ranked by tiers, it would be like this:


Tier 1: Attribute Enchantment, Magic Enhancement


Tier 2: Defense Enhancement, Durability Enhancement


Tier 3: Attack Enhancement


If only the Attribute Enchantment, which imbues a specific attribute when using non-attribute magic, and Magic Enhancement, which increases the original power of magic, were applied, there would be nothing more to ask for.


'If the mana absorption function is added as well...'


In a one-on-one battle between mages, Reed could have an absolute advantage.


This was an achievement that even Kaitlyn Ramos couldn't achieve in her early days.


Reed deliberately did not reveal it.


With the current skill level of the tower's mages, they couldn't even come close, and revealing it would just let everyone know what Reed was doing.


'Dolores, of course, but neither Rosaria nor Phoebe should find out.'


Although Dolores is currently an ally, she has sided with the Tower Master of the Thought Tower, so there is a possibility of leaking information.


Phoebe was inherently naive and untrustworthy.


Rosaria... didn't need an explanation.


The first person who needs to know this important matter is the future pioneer, Kaitlyn Ramos.






The half-dragon assistant, Phoebe, came running at his call.


"How's the investigation on Kaitlyn Ramos's whereabouts that I asked you about before?"


"Ah, well... I tried asking around several places, but they said they don't know much about it..."


"Really? Was there anyone who knew about her?"


"I first contacted the Escoleia Magic Academy, where she studied, and they said there was a student like that, but..."




"She was expelled."




"Because of a plagiarism dispute, she was excluded from the scholarship recipients, and eventually got expelled."


Escoleia is a prestigious academy, and the tuition alone is over 20,000 UP.


While the amount is easy for nobles to afford for education, it's impossible for commoners to graduate unless they study hard and receive a scholarship.


Since Kaitlyn was involved in a plagiarism dispute, she must have not been able to endure it.


"A mage involved in a plagiarism dispute... Then, she's likely to be in a small village."


Mages must value and respect knowledge.


Once involved in a dispute, they cannot survive in places with many people.


There are only about 20 kingdoms, but there are hundreds of small villages on the continent.


It's become even more difficult.


"Please keep up the good work."




Although it was tough, Phoebe smiled brightly and nodded.


After completing the research, Reed left the cleaning to the assistant mages and exited the research building.


Reed, now dressed in his uniform, took the elevator straight down to the reception room.


Waiting in the reception room was the one-eyed rat, Leto.


"Your humble servant, Leto, greets the Master of the Silent Tower."


It was Reed who had called for Leto.


"You delivered all 4,000kg on time."


"How can I do business if I'm not trustworthy? Thanks to you, my Master, I've had precious experiences traveling all over the place."


Leto flattered him while rubbing his hands together.


"So, can you get me some more magnesium?"


"Of course, it's possible, but..."


Leto paused before continuing.


"The truth is, even we are having a hard time finding that lizard poop lately."


"Having a hard time finding it?"


"It seems the rumor has spread that you, the Master of the Silent Tower, are looking for magnesium."


It wasn't surprising.


He had bought an enormous amount of 4,000kg, so traders must have preemptively bought it in case.


However, the Tower Master couldn't continue to secretly buy magnesium either.


It could bring about even greater misunderstandings.


"So, how much has the price of magnesium gone up?"


"It's 70 UP per 1kg."


"70 UP..."


The original cost was 42 UP, and it was 50 UP when purchased from Leto. In no time, it increased by another 20 UP.


Magnesium itself was a common ore, so the price shouldn't have increased much under normal circumstances.


There's no doubt that the traders knew Reed was looking for it and stocked up on it together.


"Still, it's worth buying for now."


The Master of the Silent Tower.


He was a man who had nothing but money.

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