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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 30 Part 1

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Kaitlyn (2)


"Are you sure you didn't leak it?"


Regardless, I decided to play the villain role for a while.


"Ah, ouch! Why would I do such a thing! Would I risk my life in front of the Tower Master?"


"It's only you who knows that I bought it."


"No, sir! Oh dear, I would never do such a thing!"


Leto shouted, hitting the floor as if he was terribly wronged.


Seeing his fuss, it seemed he was somewhat used to playing this role.


'The price of magnesium has gone up.'


It's the material item I'm focusing on researching right now, and it's fine if just the price goes up, but if the material itself becomes scarce, it would be difficult.


'Normally, it would be time to consider a stable supply source.'


"Perhaps it's time to consider a stable supplier, are you not interested in the mine contracts?"


As if reading my thoughts, Leto brought up the subject.


I can't believe I have to deal with this guy.


Reed looked at him with a strangely uncomfortable expression and said,


"No, it's fine."


"Excuse me?"


"The reason they bought magnesium is undoubtedly to resell it to me. So, if I don't buy it, magnesium can only be a burden that takes up space in the warehouse."


They might try to find a way to use it by researching it themselves, but systematic research is impossible unless they are a workshop or a tower wizard.


Besides, who would do it in this era, when "Magic Engineering" is itself minor?


Reed still had over 3,000kg of magnesium.


As long as he doesn't waste it, there will be enough left to use for research.


"Still, buy about 300kg more. Instead of paying 2,000 more for the price, I’ll give you a deferred payment for this one."


"Understood. I'll get it for you quickly."


As the transactions with Leto increased, they no longer even talked about writing contracts.


What Reed had was money, and what Leto had was information.


Since both had what the other needed, as long as neither let go, this alliance would continue.


Now all they had to do was use each other.




Below the Silence Tower.


A slender-looking wizard stood in front of the Silence Tower.


Kaitlyn Ramos.


She was a wizard who had hurriedly embarked on a journey upon hearing that the owner of the Silence Tower was researching magnesium.


'Is this the Silence Tower?'


Kaitlyn gasped for breath and swept her wet bangs behind her ears. Then she lifted her head to look up at the tower.


Although it was said to be the shortest of the 13 towers on the Cloud Continent, when viewed up close, it appeared to be a massive structure connecting the sky and the Earth.


Her admiration was short-lived, however.




Kaitlyn clutched her stomach and crouched down on the spot.




A deep rumble from her empty stomach.


Naturally, since she hadn't eaten anything except for some herbs she had found by chance yesterday.


Her entire fortune was a mere 100 UP.


She had used it all to embark on this journey, and it was only now, on the verge of starving to death, that she had finally arrived.


'I need to finish my business quickly and leave.'


Kaitlyn quickened her steps towards the main entrance of the tower.


-Who's there?


"I'm Kaitlyn Ramos, a wandering wizard. I have come to see the tower owner, may I?"


-The Master of this tower does not meet anyone without a prior appointment. You should leave.


It was customary to send a letter beforehand, but Kaitlyn didn't even have the money to send a letter.


"I didn't have the money to send a letter because I haven't eaten anything for days. Please, just let me speak with him once."


-Insolent fellow! How dare you... Huh?


The dignified voice turned into a question mark.


Following that, a whispering sound could be heard.


-The deputy Tower Master is looking for someone named Kaitlin Ramos. Kaitlin Ramos? Could it be this person...?


"Why do you keep calling my name?"


Kaitlyn asked with a puzzled expression, but there was no answer.


A moment later, the firmly closed main entrance of the tower began to open.




"Kaitlyn Ramos came here on her own?"


"Yes, I asked the wizards guarding the front door, and they said she identified herself as Kaitlyn Ramos."


Even Phoebe's tone was irregular, perhaps due to her surprise.


A person who hadn't even shown her face when they were inquiring...


'It might not be the person I'm looking for...'


Since they had announced they were looking for Kaitlyn Ramos far and wide, there was a possibility of an imposter.


Of course, if it was an imposter, Reed would punish them without hesitation.


But punishment was not necessary.


The person sitting in the reception room was undoubtedly a younger version of the Kaitlyn Ramos Reed knew.




Name: Kaitlyn Ramos


Occupation: Magical Engineer


Age: 32


Alignment: Chaotic Good


Health: 1,560/1,560


Stamina: 640/650


Mana: 2,982/2,982




Mechanical Engineer, Eccentric Inventor




"Magic Engineering Lv. 5", "Alchemy Lv. 3", "Crafting Lv. 5", "Magicology Lv. 3", "Digestion Lv. 3", "Mana Sensitivity Lv. 2", "Magic Lv. 2"


[Unreleased Traits & Abilities]


Master of Magical Engineering


"Magic Engineering Lv. 6", "Crafting Lv. 6"






This was Kaitlyn Ramos from 10 years ago, who would later be called a master of magical engineering.

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