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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 36 Part 1

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Project: Sound of Music (5)

Reed thanked Yustina and looked at Phoebe to ask.

"How did the recording go?"

"Well, there's a festival today to celebrate the growth of Yggdrasil, and they said they'd let us listen then."

It would be late in terms of time, but it was a jackpot for Reed's project.

The music at the festival.

It wasn't just the music to welcome foreigners, but joyful music from the heart. It would be more melodious and enjoyable than any song.

"Did you ask if we could record that too?"

"Yes, they said we can."

Phoebe nodded, and Reed thanked them once more with a salute.

"Thank you for letting us experience Elf culture."

"Joy is something that can only truly be felt when it springs from within.  If you can reproduce that sound of joy and share it, Yggdrasil will be pleased."

It was a generous statement, not expected from a secluded elf.

But that generosity didn't end there.

"I heard you want to hear the druids' music too."


"I asked for their help on behalf of you. If you mention my name, they'll gladly help."

"Thank you."

Thanks to Yustina's goodwill, what would have taken at least two days could be completed in one day.

Then, Phoebe, who was standing next to him, spoke.

"Tower Master, I'll go and come back soon."

Reed shook his head.

"No, stay here. Since the elder has asked for permission, it's enough to send some mage from the tower."

"It would be better for me to handle this quickly~. And......"

Phoebe sneaked over to Reed and whispered in his ear.

"I shouldn't interfere with your time with the lady, should I?"

Phoebe grinned, and then Reed realized why she had said that.

'Right, Rosaria was upset when she couldn't come with us.'

"The elder invited you, the tower master, because of the lady. Please make it a good time."

"Ah, I see."


Suddenly, Reed's heart grew heavy.

He thought she understood and moved on when her sulky face turned into a big smile, but she didn't. 

'She is more mature than me.'

At just 7 years old.

She has been a good daughter to her father, even at an age when tantrums are common.

Reed was grateful for Phoebe's tactful withdrawal.

"Thank you, Phoebe."

"Hehe, it's nothing. Lady, Phoebe is going now."

"Okay! Ah, Phoebe Unni!"


Rosaria ran over to Phoebe and handed her the teddy bear she had tucked under her arm.

"Take care of Lucy."

"Got it~."

After sending even Lucy away, Rosaria waved her hand with a bright smile.

Unlike when Reed said he wouldn't go, Rosaria easily let Phoebe go.

She walked toward the forest, waving her hand.

"I'm going to ask my sisters, or rather brothers, to make something for Papa!" 

"Let's do that."

Reed was gently pulled around by Rosaria's tiny hand.

What food they eat, and how they pay homage to Yggdrasil.

Rather than showing the dignity of a tower master, he accepted the elf culture as a foreigner for a while and experienced their life.

As the night deepened, the lamps that had grown here and there illuminated beneath Yggdrasil's tree with a blue light.

Reed and Rosaria also headed there, led by Yustina.

The place was already filled with many elves preparing for the festival.

Rosaria and Reed took their places at the very front.

"Sit here."

Since there was no mat or cushion, just the bare ground, Reed sat cross-legged and placed Rosaria on top of him.

A little later, the festival preparations were all complete.

The gathered elves began to form a circle.

Reed pressed the start button on the prepared recorder.

The elf musicians seated in the center tuned their instruments.

Their instruments were stringed instruments made of carved wood and drums.

Soon, the lively rhythm of the percussion blended with the gentleness of the strings, gently resonating through the serene forest.

Elder elf, Yustina, slowly walked into the center.

The elves' traditional costumes, which the elders had been wearing, resembling a chiton made from a single cloth, had been changed to a dancer's costume with tassels flying every time they moved.

Yustina, who had been standing still in the center, started to move to the rhythm.

The seated elves began to sway their bodies from side to side and start a chorus.

The grandeur created by the sweet tone.

It felt like a gentle and warm breeze was filling Reed's chest.

It was the pure joy that the elves felt.

A joy that everyone could feel, without exception.

And that joy touched his heart from deep within.


Reed was happy too.

He was happy to be able to listen to this music directly.

He was happy that Rosaria was listening to such beautiful music.

Above all, he was most happy to listen to this song with her.


At first, it was regretful, but now it had become a part of his heart.

Reed gently hugged her, who was sitting on his lap.

Rosaria looked down at his hand, then grasped it with her tiny hand, tightly wrapping herself.

Reed placed his forehead on her head.

The faint scent of roses wafted.

Rosaria turned her head with a beaming smile, and her eyes met Reed's.

Suddenly, Rosaria's face stiffened.

"Papa, are you crying?"


At Rosaria's words, Reed finally realized that tears were streaming down his cheeks.

His heart, shaken by the music, was raining tears.

Reed quickly wiped away the tears with his thumb, and Rosaria looked up at him with a worried expression.

"Are you sad? Why?"

"I'm not sad. These are tears of joy."

Rosaria tilted her head.

"Why cry when you're happy? When you're happy, you should smile."

"That's right. You should smile when you're happy."

As Reed smiled, Rosaria also giggled.

"They say if you laugh after crying, you'll grow horns on your butt, hehe."

But it seemed like he wouldn't mind even if dozens of such horns grew.

The song of joy echoed for several hours, and the quiet festival came to an end when it was time for Rosaria to sleep.

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