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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 36 Part 2

In the guest room of the elven elders.

Reed checked the music he had recorded yesterday once more.

'Everything is recorded.'

Although it wasn't as moving as when he had heard it directly with his own two ears, it was enough to make those who heard it for the first time shed tears.

Reed put the recorder in his pocket and turned his head.

Rosaria was sleeping with a soft snore.



"Daddy is about to go now, do you want to continue sleeping here?"


Rosaria shook her head, unable to wake up from her sleep.

He had no choice but to pick her up.

Like hugging a giant teddy bear, Rosaria hugged Reed's neck and fell asleep again.

Carrying her, Reed went outside and happened to run into Yustina, who was walking down the hallway.

"Are you leaving?"

"Yes, I think I'll be going now, Elder. I apologize for any inconvenience."

Reed bowed his head lightly to express his gratitude for the time being.

And just as he was about to call Rosaria's name to say goodbye, Yustina stopped him.

"Let our benefactor stay in the land of dreams a little longer. And I would like to have a conversation with you."


Yustina walked with Reed to the sky chariot he had landed.

Walking down the hallway made of intertwined tree trunks, Yustina was the first to speak.

"What kind of person are you?"

"I'm afraid I don't understand what you're asking, so it's hard to answer."

"I've seen many humans in my time. But I've never met a human as enigmatic as you. You seem like someone who is wandering."


Reed considered why she would say such a thing.

Then he remembered his own nature.

His nature was 'unknown'.

Just as he couldn't see his own abilities with his 'Eye for Talent', he thought this was also something he couldn't confirm himself.

"Teenage years are for finding your path, the twenties for paving it, and the thirties for walking it. I've heard that this is the cycle of human life. You're of the age to walk your path. You should be walking the path you've found and paved. But, looking at you up until now... I get the impression that you're not following the path you've paved."

"It sounds like you're saying that's not a good thing."

"There's no right or wrong in life. I understand that humans are complex, unlike us elves. It's not necessarily bad to deviate from the path you've paved and go on a new one. I'm just concerned about where the path you've paved is leading."

Saying that Yustina apologized.

"I'm sorry, Master of the Silent Tower. Even though I've lived for hundreds of years, I've overstepped and tried to teach you. I'm a very curious person. I can't help but be curious, even knowing that it can be a double-edged sword for someone. I apologize again."

"No, please teach me more. I still don't know much about myself, Elder."

"Isn't everyone like that? Even we, who have lived for hundreds of years, always think about our existence, but no answer comes."

Yustina smiled subtly.

"Everything is cause and effect, payback for one's deeds. To find yourself, you should reflect once more on what you've left behind while paving your path."

Look back at the past.

Look at the past before Jung Jin-hyuk entered Reed's life.

'Project: Flower Garden is not the end.'

He needs to more decisively settle the past.

Thanks to Yustina's words, Reed realized that he had been closing his eyes until now.

Reed expressed his sincere gratitude to Yustina.

"Thank you, Elder."

"I'm glad if I could help."

With another word of thanks to Yustina for her guidance, Reed boarded the Sky Carriage.


The Tower of Silence.

Ordinary people are not well aware of the existence of other towers except for the Black Heaven Tower where death lurks, the Sky Chamber Tower that roams above the clouds, and the tower nearest to their own village.

However, now the Tower of Silence has been added.

Everyone knew about the news of the Master of the Tower of Silence to the extent that one would be considered ignorant if they didn't.

-The Lord of the Tower of Silence has developed an object that allows people who can't use magic to record.

When people first heard the rumor, they didn't pay much attention.

Nobles had magicians, and those magicians could handle record modification spheres.

And for the common people, magical items were expensive luxuries that were hard to see in a lifetime.

-The Lord of the Tower of Silence has captured the songs of the elves and druids.

Upon hearing this, both nobles and bourgeois were excited, and common people couldn't help but listen.

Thus, it quickly became the talk of the town.

It was a beat faster than the originally intended timing. After all, he had intended to spread it through Leto.

However, the news first came out through the Tower Lords' emergency meeting, and the magicians, who were of noble origin, spread the story to the noble and bourgeois societies.

Reed and the magicians of the Tower of Silence did not release any more information.

"Is the song of the elves really that fantastic?"

"The Tower Masters have already heard it once."

"Oh, really?"

"They say it's heavenly music. Even a vampire would shed tears after hearing it once."

For this reason, the rumor grew uncontrollably, and the tower masters began to doubt each other as to whether anyone had really heard it.

In the end, Reed was the most bothered.

"Well, nobody has heard it, right?"

-Is that true?

The Master of the Monolith Tower asked with full suspicion.

"Have you been fooled all the time?"

-Haha, what are you saying! I just... wondered if our Tower Master of Silence was sharing all the good things without including me.

'What a cunning and bothersome fellow.'

"When the development is finished, I will inform the Master of Monolity Tower first, so don't worry too much."

-Hehe! How can you discriminate people like that! Shouldn't you just contact everyone fairly?

Although he said that, he was laughing as if he was very pleased.

It was so concerning that his laughter might even rub off on him.

"Anyway... I'll be going now."

-Hehe, yes, work hard!

The call with the Master of Monolith ended, and Reed threw himself back into his chair and sighed.

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