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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 37 Part 1

 Honest Conversations (1)

It felt like half of my work hours were wasted on explanations.

I felt irritated because it seemed like there was no point in giving up my weekend.

'There's still no response from the most important place... There's no point in working like this.'

Reed decided to take his hands off work and even ignore the complaints.

Going to the research building and bothering Kaitlyn or the assistant magicians seemed to be more helpful.

Then, I remembered what Yustina had said.

-The path you have paved, where does it lead? That's all I'm concerned about.

Those words made Reed think a lot.

If that path was only for him to walk on, it could be ignored.

And to move on a new path in the future, one needs to look back at the path they have created, at their past.

'Someone who knows the past well...'

The ones who know that best are the family.

But when he checked the family tree, the only one left with the name Adeleheights was Reed alone.

If Reed abstains from marriage as it is, the lineage of Adeleheights will undoubtedly be cut off.

'Then, is it the alumni of Escolleia Academy?'

However, it was mentioned in the game that Reed has never properly conversed with the alumni.

If he asks them now who he was, nine out of ten will flatter him for his position as a tower master without knowing anything, and the rest will not even contact him.

A more certain person is needed.


She was Reed's fiancée, nine years younger, and a woman who was dumped by Reed.

She had resentment towards Reed because of that, but it was somewhat resolved now.

'Dolores was taught by Reed when she was as young as Rosaria.'

It was information obtained accidentally from Rosaria.

Having been together since childhood and harboring feelings of hatred towards Reed, she might know Reed better than anyone else.

'Asking the person involved would be the best...'

The problem was that in order to hear everything from Dolores, he had to admit that Reed's memory wasn't intact.

'Absolutely not.'

Leaving aside whether Dolores is kind or not.

A secret is no longer a secret the moment it comes out of the mouth.

In the end, the best way was to create a situation where they could honestly talk to each other.

'Is it about time for Dolores to finish Rosaria's studies?'

The current time is 4:50.

Every Sunday, she spent time with Rosaria from 1 pm to 5 pm, skipping lunch.

It wasn't just about focusing on studying for four hours.

She taught her how to play with magic and fulfilled her role as a sister and a teacher, allowing her to enjoy magic.

The reason he knew this well was because whenever she learned magic from Dolores, she always came first to him to brag about it.

'If it's now, it must be almost over.'

Reed rose from his seat and headed to Rosaria's room.

He planned to sneak in, and ask if she needed anything, or if there was anything she wanted while he was tutoring her.

The moment he stood in front of Rosaria's room and was about to knock.

♩~ ♪♬♩♪~ ♪.

A sweet sound flowed from inside.

It was a tune Reed knew well.

He had heard it directly and listened to it dozens of times more for sound quality checks.

'Could it be?'

Reed opened Rosaria's room door without knocking.

The leaking sound became clear, and a recorder that should have been in the research building was seen between Dolores sitting at the desk, and Rosaria.

Rosaria was grinning at Dolores, and Dolores was savoring the song as if she was eating delicious food with her eyes closed.

After a while, the song ended and silence came.


At Reed's fake cough, Dolores, who was immersed in the afterglow, flinched like a cat.

On the other hand, Rosaria, who had no awareness, turned her head and grinned.

"Rosaria, why is the recorder on your desk?"

"I just borrowed it for a while!"

"Did you want to play it for your Unni?"

"Yes! I wanted to let my sister hear it!"

"Who did you get permission from?"

"No one was there, so Rosaria took it by herself."

'Well, that makes sense...'

Reed spoke, stroking her head.

"Rosaria, this is something that Dad is preparing to show to people."

"Was I not supposed to take it?"

"Showing an unfinished product to others is very rude. If you show something like this, they will only be disappointed in your Dad."


Whether she was aware that she was being scolded, Rosaria looked down at the floor with a sullen face.

"It's fine to show it to your sister, but next time, ask the Chief Engineer, no, ask Kaitlyn before you take it. Okay?"


Rosaria nodded her head.

Reed put the recorder on the desk into Rosaria's hand and said.

"Now, you've played enough with it, so put it back where it belongs."


Rosaria, holding the recorder tightly in both hands, went outside.

The only ones left in the room were the two of them.

Reed turned his head to look at Dolores.

She was also sneakily looking at Reed, and as soon as their blue eyes met, she quickly turned her head forward pretending not to see.

Reed opened his mouth.

"Let's go to my office and talk."

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