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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 39 Part 1

 Demonstration (1)

Kingdom of Hupper, the king's office.

The wise king, Morgan Hupper, continued his work leaning against candlelight.

He was always a workaholic.


The wind, which forcibly opened the window, blew out all the candles hanging on the chandelier.

The only remaining candle was on the desk.

However, Morgan didn't panic and stared at the darkness left by the wind.

The sound of footfalls hitting the marble floor could be heard.

"Morgan Hupper, our wise king."

A young voice cutting through the darkness.

A frail hand appeared through the curtain of darkness.

It was small and delicate like that of a child.

"Show respect."

Morgan stood up from his seat and stepped into that darkness.

Then, he respectfully knelt down, brought his lips to the small hand extended towards him, and politely greeted.

"Morgan Hupper, I greet Lady Freesia Vulcan Darkrider, the Master of the Black Sky Tower."

Freesia Vulcan Darkrider.

At a glance, the relationship between Morgan and Freesia looked like that of a grandfather and granddaughter.

However, considering their actual ages, the difference was reversed enough that it wouldn’t be strange for them to be mistaken for grandson and grandmother.

Freesia slowly walked into the light and revealed herself.

With black hair as dark as pitch, and bright red eyes.

She had an aristocratic lady's presence, dressed in a black gothic dress, with a parasol.

Freesia sat on Morgan's office desk and stretched out her legs.

The documents he had been reviewing got dirty with her shoes.

Morgan, who would usually have been hopping mad, quietly watched this.

"Have you been at peace during this time?"

"I've been feeling great. I'm alive because I haven't died."

"Please let me know if there's anything you desire in Hupper territory. We will do our utmost to accommodate the Master of the Black Sky Tower."

"Well, I don't ask much of you. What I have now is enough."

Freesia chuckled.

"It's funny to think that a wise king allows such commotion."

The contract between the king of the Hupper Kingdom, Morgan, and the Master of the Black Sky Tower, Freesia.

Morgan asked Freesia for decryption and research of the forbidden scriptures, and in return, Freesia gained the right to create disturbances within the Hupper Kingdom to a certain degree.

Apart from the occasional attack on the merchant guild, all the evil occurring in the Hupper Kingdom was instigated by Freesia.

Even if it came to light that Freesia was involved, Morgan would cover up everything.

"How is the research progressing?"

"I have completed the deciphering. Now it's time to start looking for test subjects. Did you prepare as instructed?"

"Yes. The food supply of the village will soon run out."

"Hmm... Issue promissory notes. Then let the village die by not repaying them. It's quite amusing."

"We couldn't cause a famine in the Starfall Village, due to the intervention of Tower Master of the Silence Tower." 

"I can tolerate a few holes. And we shouldn't interfere with our little cutie's game of catching mice, right?"

Freesia laughed mischievously and tapped her forehead with her index finger.

"Then soon, all the food in the small villages under the Hupper Kingdom will run out, and they will have to find something to eat, even if they have to peel tree bark."

But not everyone can survive like this.

As it was an intended famine to break down the small villages, more than half will undoubtedly lose their lives.

Humans will do anything when driven to the brink of death.

Freesia would offer them an extreme choice.

"Then, the poor fathers and sons of the small villages will volunteer to become our lab rats."

"Excellent plan, Lady Freesia. I am truly grateful."

Morgan bowed respectfully to express his gratitude.

Freesia waved her hand with a childlike smile.

"No, I should be the one thanking you. I never imagined you'd give me the forbidden scriptures that came down to the Hupper Kingdom. It's truly the best."

"This matter must be kept a secret. If it reaches the public workshop, it will undoubtedly shake my position."

"Is it because of the adjective 'wise'? It would be easier if you just gave up."

Freesia clicked her tongue.

It was foolish not to relinquish the position for comfort.

"The Hupper Kingdom is everything to me. If my position is shaken, the kingdom cannot exist."

A man obsessed with power.

He might seem like that, but Freesia knew he had made a cool-headed assessment.

The Hupper Kingdom was a kingdom established by Morgan.

It was all thanks to Morgan Hupper's charisma and reputation that the kingdom could be founded.

He could gain overwhelming support from the capital Cohen due to his image of not tolerating injustice and not hesitating to walk through thorny paths for justice.

Therefore, Morgan was concerned about the future.

If he were to be manipulated by those with inferior abilities and lead astray, wouldn't he ruin everything he had worked for?

Such anxiety kept Morgan from even sleeping.

Freesia suggested something to him.

"Why not try experimenting with the mother and daughter too? Considering the power of your daughter, I think it could be a good idea. You never know if your fragile son could suddenly die, so you need some insurance, don't you?"

Morgan hesitated at her response.

He did not show it, but his discomfort subtly revealed itself in his silence.

"I'm sorry, Tower Lord, but I don't think I can tolerate it going into a woman's body."

"You're a cruel father. Rather than worrying about power concentrating on your daughter, it would be better if it goes into her body."

"Please do not discuss Adonis further."

"You're no fun, fine."

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