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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 39 Part 2

Morgan drew the line with a tone indicating discomfort, and Freesia giggled.

"Then it's time to eliminate your good-for-nothing daughter, isn't it? Have you thought of a way?"

"Yes, I have. In fact, I would like to ask a favor regarding that."

"What is it?"

Morgan laid out his entire plan to Freesia.

The banquet hall, Adonis, a man with indiscriminate lust, and the mistakes made by it.

"A man in heat... Is that okay? But with Adonis' ability, wouldn't she be able to fully suppress that man?"

"You don't need to worry. That man won't die by Adonis' hands, but he will choose to end his own life. Is that acceptable?"

Morgan asked cautiously, and Freesia nodded with a displeased face.

"It's well within my ability to manipulate young ones. What do you take me, the Tower Master of Black Sky, for?"

"I apologize, Tower Master of Black Sky."

The top authority on Necromancer-type magic.

It wasn't too much to ask of her, as she was also a magician capable of curses and psychological manipulation.

"Suicide... Do you have a noble family in mind?"

"He is the eldest son of the Bren family. An illegitimate child, to be precise."

"Targeting a family with an illegitimate child, are we? A combination of coercion and humiliation, perhaps? It sounds amusing. Very well, make sure to draw him into Cohen City. I will take care of the rest."


"How are you planning to conduct the main event, the banquet? If you host it grandly, you can attract everyone's attention."

Hosting a banquet is easy, but getting someone to participate is extremely difficult.

Morgan's plan required many observers, and a diverse crowd was needed to fully shine.

However, Morgan had thought about that too.

"Recently, there's something that has been attracting the nobles' attention."

"What is it?"

"It's the recording device made by the Tower Master of Silence."

The Tower Master of Silence.

Reed Adeleheights Roton.

Freesia raised one eyebrow and a faint smile settled on her face.

It was a face full of interest that she hadn't shown even once while they were talking.

"Is that our Reed's project? It seems to have caught the attention of many."

"Elders like you might not care, but there are many people who want to listen to the songs of the elves and druids recorded by the Tower Master of Silence."

Freesia glared at Morgan with a face showing she was annoyed by the word 'elder'.

It sounded like he was calling her old.

"Anyway, I am thinking of hosting a banquet in the palace, combining it with a music concert."

"A lot of nobles will gather for the music that everyone is paying attention to, and you plan to tarnish your daughter's reputation in front of these nobles...."

Freesia admired this.

Though she was free-spirited, she was a woman with common sense.

And Morgan had transcended that common sense.

"I may think of myself as a beastly human, but you are an even greater beast, wise king."

"All this is for the kingdom of Hupper."

He lifted his white eyelids and looked at Freesia.

He was a king full of firm conviction, not a hopeless human being.

"I have no hesitation in my actions."


The reception room of the Hupper Kingdom.

A valued guest had just arrived there.

Ashen hair with golden eyes.

A tall height with broad shoulders.

A man whose good physique made his uniform shine.

"Tower Lord of Silence, Reed Adeleheights Roton, is here to meet the wise King Morgan of Hupper Kingdom."

Reed, who respectfully greeted with a salute.

Morgan, who was sitting on the other side, stood up from his seat and approached Reed.

"Hehe, I feel like the Tower Master, an authority on magic, is being too formal."

"I once committed a breach of etiquette. However, considering that you generously forgave that and invited me here, how could I not be formal?"

"It was our kingdom's knight who committed a breach of etiquette, we have no hard feelings between us, do we?"

"That's true."

Reed was smiling, but his inner thoughts were different.

'The mastermind who cast his own daughter into ruin and took over his son's body.'

There was also the fact that he was the mastermind who trapped Adonis, but what disgusted him the most was the fact that he viewed his own flesh and blood as tools.

'What could he be thinking?'

When he sent a letter to Reed, he must have already planned everything.

The plan to push his daughter into the ruin.

Reed was curious about what he had thought while devising that plan.

Did he feel a bit of guilt?

Or did he simply see his daughter as a useless pawn and feel relieved, as if a troublesome burden had been lifted?

'I must endure.'

He swallowed his doubts and anger.

Getting angry now would only be beneficial to Morgan.

'I came here to disrupt Morgan's plans.'

For that, he started 'Project: Sound of Music', and spread rumors to draw in the Hupper Kingdom.

They were just at the beginning of the first phase.

Showing animosity rashly would ruin all the plans he had made.

Reed tried to suppress the urge to lash out with a smile.

Morgan, who had been quietly sizing up Reed, spoke to him.

"Seeing the Tower Master of Silence in person, you look like a knight. You're so robust that nobody would think you're a mage."

Reed had recently started physical training.

The reason was to adapt to the heavy magnesium gauntlets.

He planned to continue the lightweight development, but the current prototype was too heavy for ordinary mages to handle.

To get used to that weight, Reed built up his muscles, and thanks to that, his physique had improved.

"If I appear as a knight who values honor, it would be the greatest honor for me."

Reed smiled and expressed his gratitude, and Morgan invited him to take a seat.

The attendants brought refreshments, and in the quiet atmosphere, Morgan was the first to speak.

"What do you think about the content I sent in the letter? You came here in person to give the answer, so is it good news that this old man can be happy about?"

Reed nodded.

"Yes, indeed. This project has finally borne fruit, and I wanted to present it to the many people who have shown interest."

Even before sending the letter to the Hupper Kingdom, he had received many requests for demonstrations from various places, but Reed spoke as if this was the first time, with a smile.

Whether it was true or not, it was a pleasant thing for Morgan to hear.

"Then, would you host a concert in our castle?"

"Of course."

Reed nodded again.

"I would like to present the first magical engineering item created at the Tower of Silence in the Hupper Kingdom."

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