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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 40 Part 1

Demonstration (2)

Everything was going smoothly.

Morgan, pleased with the conversation that went without a hitch, smiled and said,

“Ah, this is quite unexpected. I'm thrilled that the master of the Silence Tower has agreed so wholeheartedly. I'm delighted to have the chance to build a rapport with the tower magicians.”

"Am I the first?"

Reed indirectly asked if he had no contact with other mages.

Morgan answered with a smile, without a moment's hesitation.

"If I said I had no contact at all, that would be a lie. But this is the first time I've faced such a young and capable mage."

Morgan skillfully avoided the question, like a snake.

“I can't help but feel a great honor.”

Reed didn't ask further, finishing his question as if he was very happy to be the first.

If he gave the impression that he was suspicious here, he would only be giving him an excuse to respond.

So Reed just smiled.

Hiding a dagger deep in his heart.


Reed was aimlessly walking in the garden of the Hupper Kingdom.

He had roughly set the place and schedule and discussed what kind of performance he would show.

Morgan was in a meeting to calculate the costs for this demonstration and banquet with the representatives.

Although it was co-hosted by the Silence Tower and the Hupper Kingdom, it was inevitable that the Hupper Kingdom, which was providing the venue, had a stronger influence.

Reed didn't unnecessarily fight.

There was no need to rashly touch Morgan, who was planning to lead Adonis to ruin.

A father trying to ruin his own flesh and blood.

A third party trying to prevent it.


In this ironic situation, Reed let out a hollow laugh.

'If I look at this situation, am I the protagonist?'

Adonis Hupper, to become the third disaster.

Reed, who stepped forward to save her, who will become a villain in the future.

'What I want is...'

It wasn't a villain falling into corruption while bearing a regrettable past.

If there was a chance to change their past, Reed wanted to change their past.

That's why Reed never thought of backing down from this plan.

'I need to remember as much as possible what they are plotting over there.'

What Reed knew was that Adonis Hupper resists a nobleman who is trying to harm her and ends up killing him.

Because it was a grand banquet, many people knew about it, and public opinion flowed against Adonis.

And then, Adonis was ruined.


A young voice screamed and rolled on the floor.

When Reed turned his head, a well-dressed boy was lying on the floor.

'A face resembling Adonis.'

A man with an identical face, enough to be mistaken as Adonis’s sister.

It was undoubtedly Morgan Hupper the Second.

"Are you alright?"

Reed approached him and held out his hand.

Morgan the Second grabbed his hand and smiled awkwardly.

"Thank you, uh...."

Morgan the Second hesitated.

Reed politely greeted him.

"I am Reed Adeleheights Roton, the Master of the Silence Tower."

"Oh, you're the Tower Master! My name is Morgan."

"Indeed, you're a prince."

Morgan the Second scratched his head and laughed.

"It's a bit embarrassing when you call me a prince."

A very honest expression of emotion.

The face was undoubtedly Adonis, but the personality was definitely different.

'The faces are definitely similar.'

During "Disaster 7", he was a boy who was in the midst of his second growth, so he had a masculine impression.

But now he could see why they were called siblings.

"Cough, cough."

Morgan the Second coughed.

Seeing this, Reed made way for Morgan the Second.

"I apologize for my rudeness. Please, go ahead."

Morgan waved his hand and spoke.

"No, cough! Cough! I always have a cough, so it's a daily thing, don't worry about it."

"Do you have a chronic illness?"

"It's not a disease. I'm just a late bloomer so my body is a bit weak."

That was a story Reed knew well.

The Queen of Hupper Kingdom contracted an incurable disease during her pregnancy with Morgan the Second.

Both the mother and the child were in danger, and one of them had to give up their life.

Since there was no way to cure the incurable disease, they decided to save Morgan the Second, as per the Queen's wish.

The great love of a mother saved her immature son.

"People say I'm a living miracle."

A living miracle.

It also implied the sarcastic meaning that it was a miracle he was alive.

Did Morgan the Second really understand that meaning?

Reed pretended not to know and changed the subject.

"Will you be attending this banquet, Prince?"

"You're hosting a banquet?"

"Yes, we're planning to present Elf and Druid music right here in the castle."

At that, Morgan the Second's eyes began to sparkle.

"Elves and Druids! My maid once mentioned that there would be a device that could play their music at any time... Was it you who made it?"



Morgan the Second grabbed Reed's hand.

He exclaimed with an excited voice as if he was in front of his idol.

"I've heard that it's really difficult to listen to the songs of Elves and Druids. I'll definitely come to listen, Tower Master!"

Reed looked down at him.

'So innocent.'

A child who grew like a greenhouse plant with his weak body.

But his curiosity was no different from his own daughter, Rosaria.

'To take over the body of such a child... The heavens are indeed indifferent.'

Hatred towards Morgan was building up.

Unaware, Reed looked at Morgan the Second with a hardened face and said,

"I hope you'll come for sure."

"Thank you, Tower Master."

Morgan the Second responded with a bright smile.

Eventually, Morgan the Second was led back to his room by his maid who came to find him late, and one person came to fetch Reed as the meeting seemed to have concluded.

The negotiation between Morgan and Reed, both not overly ambitious, ended very smoothly.


The Tower of Silence.

Finally, the moment came when the project led by Kaitlyn bore fruit.

"It's done!"

With Kaitlyn's victory shout, the assistant magicians who participated in the research celebrated by giving high-fives to each other.

And Reed checked the message that popped up before his eyes.

'Let it be a good option, let it be a good option...'


[Research progress has reached 100%.]

[The research, "Weaponization of magnesium gauntlet using magic stone" has been successfully completed.]

["Success Reward" is given.]

- You can craft a Magnesium Magic Gauntlet.

- You can enhance the attack power of the Magnesium Magic Gauntlet.



Reed double-checked the contents as if he had seen it wrong.

Attack enhancement.

It meant that the magic gauntlet he was creating would have additional physical attack power.

"What the fuck… …!"

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