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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 41 Part 1

 Demonstration (3)

Two weeks before the banquet.

Reed was choosing clothes in his room with Phoebe.


Magicians typically have extreme physiques.

Either very fat, or bone thin.

Among them, there was a man like Helios, the Master of Sky Chamber Tower, who had a large and muscular physique, but it was extremely rare.

Reed Adeleheights Roton was originally one of the extreme physiques like other magicians.

However, he began to train his body to adapt to the Magnesium Gauntlet, and now he has a sturdy body like a swordsman trainee.

Phoebe, who was checking Reed's clothes, spoke with a troubled face.

"As expected, none of the clothes fit."

"It was okay when I wore my uniform."

"Well, I always prepare your uniform."

A question arose in Reed's head at her words.

"Is there a difference in preparing?"

"If I think it might fit, I give you a size larger."

Reed was inwardly surprised.

Preparing clothes was Phoebe's job, but he had never imagined she would prepare so meticulously.

'I thought she only did laundry...'

He wasn't sure whether to like it or not.

Phoebe, taking out clothes from the wardrobe, said.

"Anyway, you should call a tailor to make a new suit."

"That seems better. Rosaria will also need a suit."

"Oh, is the young lady going with you?"

"Experience is important. Don't notify her in advance. I will tell her."


Phoebe was grinning, possibly happy about Rosaria's participation.

"I plan to make a request. Do you have any specific designer or tailor in mind?"

"No, I'll trust your judgment this time."

"My, my judgment...."

When everything was completely entrusted to her, Phoebe felt pressured.

However, she soon shouted with a confident voice as if she couldn't succumb to such pressure.

"I will bring a good tailor, even if I have to beat them up!"

Beat them up.

Her words sounded odd, but it was clear she was going to give her best.

"...What kind of design do you want?"

It's only natural for the protagonist of the party to draw attention.

But Reed did not want to be noticed at that banquet.

"Make it calm. I don't like anything too flashy."

"Hmm, then shall I ask them to make a dress uniform in the style of the one you're wearing now?"

"That sounds good. For Rosaria, ask for something similar to what other 7-year-olds wear."


Phoebe nodded her head.

"And we need to make another suit."

"What kind of clothes are you talking about?"

"Clothes for a woman in her twenties."

Upon hearing that, Phoebe's face flushed and her mouth flapped like the lid of a boiling kettle.

"Could it be, that I, I have the honor of going too...?"


"Phew, but... there are people who are afraid of me, and I still haven't found someone capable of managing the tower, what if I leave my post as the tower's deputy..."

'What is she talking about?'

Seeing Phoebe run away with her thoughts, Reed shook his head and said,

"It's not for you, it's for the princess of the Hupper Kingdom, Adonis Hupper."


"She might not have a dress for the party, so it'd be nice to gift her one."

"Ah, that makes sense...."

Phoebe's face turned bright red as she realized she had jumped to conclusions.

Phoebe, patting her own face, asked Reed,

"What about her dress? Should it also be subtle...."

"No, make it flashy. Her body is overall slim, so a dress that can accentuate her figure would be good."

"A dress that can accentuate her figure... Understood."

Phoebe remembered Reed's words and thought of Adonis Hupfer.

'She was a beautiful woman.'

She was a woman who would suit any dress with her bright blonde hair and green eyes as if holding a forest. 

She looked somewhat masculine in armor, but she was a woman whose slender figure seemed to suit any clothing.

Hearing Reed's words about giving a dress to such a woman, Phoebe was caught in a strange sense of jealousy.

On the other hand, Reed was thinking about the banquet.

'The banquet is filled with nobles, so manners are even more important.'

He had etiquette ingrained in his body, if not in his head, but this was the first time meeting an unspecified number of people.

If he said he wasn't nervous, it would be a lie.

'There's music, so there will be dancing....'

Dancing is not something one does alone but with a female partner.

Reed tried to imagine himself dancing with a woman, but the image wouldn't form properly.

Practice is essential to show a perfect performance!

Reed turned his head and said to Phoebe,



"Do you know how to dance?"

"Huh? Oh, I remember a dance I learned a long time ago."

"That's fortunate. I was in need of a practice partner, you can help me with that."


Phoebe, whose aura of jealousy had completely dissipated, looked at Reed with sparkling golden eyes, asking again in surprise.

It seemed like she might have misunderstood something, so Reed explained to her in more detail.

"I haven't danced in a while. If I accidentally step on my partner's foot, it would be a huge discourtesy. I was hoping you, being familiar with dance, could assist me."

"Can, can I really do that? I'm not that great at dancing either...."

There were definitely people who were better dancers.

Or there were instructors who taught the dances of the nobility, he could have learned from them.

But Reed didn't want to let other people know about this.

If he had to tell, he wanted to tell only the people closest to him.

Right now, the person closest to Reed, both physically and mentally, was Phoebe.

Of course, excluding Rosaria.

"It has to be you."

It has to be you.

Those words echoed in Phoebe's head.


"Uh, uh...."

The clothes she was holding slipped and fell.

But Phoebe didn't care at all.

It has to be you.

That sentence filled Phoebe's mind completely.

After standing blankly for three minutes, Phoebe finally opened her mouth.



Tears rolled down Phoebe's flushed cheeks.

"Even if I die, I'll have no regrets."

Reed merely found Phoebe's crying strange.

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