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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 41 Part 2

Reed informed Rosaria that he would be attending a banquet.

Contrary to what he thought would be great excitement, Rosaria tilted her head.

"What's a banquet? Is it something to eat?"

It was a word she was hearing for the first time.

"It's like throwing a party. You meet many people there, eat food, and dance."

"A party! A place where you eat and dance!"

Finally, she reacted as he had anticipated.

She tugged at Reed's sleeve, throwing out the questions that were in her head without hesitation.

"Will the prince be there?"

"The prince will be there. He's about the same age as Rosaria."

"The same age?"

"A kid just like Rosaria. You might be able to make friends."


At the word 'friends', Rosaria cheered and started jumping up and down.

She looked like she wanted to rush to Cohen right now.

"Can Rosaria be friends with the prince?"

"Of course. But to do that, from now on, you have to listen well to what the other sisters say, understand?"


Rosaria, puffing her nose, nodded her head.

She had learned some manners through other magicians, but having never really applied them, she had certainly forgotten everything.

And the magicians, knowing this fact, were ready to jump in and re-educate her.

Those who carried the name Roton were expected to garner attention in the Silence Tower.

Especially as Rosaria was the most anticipated talent and the daughter of the tower master, any critique related to manners could impact the tower's master.

No doubt, driven by the responsibility to prevent any disgrace to the tower master's reputation, they would be stricter in educating Rosaria than before.


Adonis Hupper was on her knees in the royal chamber, waiting for the king's words.

Adonis, kneeling, harbored doubts about the current situation.

'Why did he summon me?'

Indeed, it was the first personal call in several years.

Simply performing her duties like any other knight, and reporting was all her life had been.

Being not of royal status, she didn't have as many conversations with her father, Morgan, as other fathers and daughters do.

If there was something to report, she would report it, and they maintained a minimum distance while carrying out their respective tasks.

That was the current relationship between the king and her.

Therefore, this summons was both worrying and exciting.


At Morgan's words, Adonis responds.

"Yes, Your Majesty."

"Have you heard the news of the banquet being held?"

"Yes, I have. I have been informed that I will be taking up the task of escorting at the event."

Then Morgan shook his head and spoke.

"The escort and security will be entrusted to other knights."


"You will also participate in the banquet."

"The banquet... You mean?"

Adonis was a bit taken aback.

She doubted her ears, wondering if she had misheard.

"This banquet is the occasion to introduce my proud daughter."

For the first time since becoming a knight, she felt a fluttering sensation.

Her jade-colored eyes slowly welled up.

"Thank you for bestowing me with such honor, Your Majesty."

"No, I'm rather sorry that I couldn't provide such an opportunity until now."

Morgan had treated Adonis more as a knight than as his daughter so far.

'I have been recognized.'

That's what Adonis thought.

She put her hand over her heart in joy and bowed.

"As Adonis Hupper, the commander of the Third Knight Division, I will never disappoint you, Your Majesty."

After finishing the royal audience, Adonis returned to her room, trying hard to suppress her pounding heart.

Once she was back, her mind had calmed down.


The sight of her room spread out before her eyes.

Sword, shield, and plate armor.

On the desk, there were tools and oil for metal maintenance.

The only somewhat feminine item in sight was an aroma candle to remove the smell of oil.

'Looking at it... I don't have anything a woman would normally have.'

Just a few dozen minutes ago, she could not have imagined that she would be attending the banquet.

Of course, she didn't have a dress to wear to the party.

'I need to get one made.'

Just as she thought that, a palace maid came into Adonis's room carrying a bundle of something.

"Excuse me, Commander. Tower Master Reed Adeleheights Roton has sent a gift."

"Isn't he... the Master of the Tower of Silence?"

Adonis knew that name well.

"He said he thought you might not have a proper dress and sent this gift."

"... I see. Leave it and go."

The maid left the clothes on the bed and went back outside.

Adonis admired Reed's swift action.

'How did he see my situation so accurately?'

Adonis checked the item sent to her.

A dress that fits her body perfectly.

There were even jade accessories to enhance the dress.

'How did he know that I would be attending this banquet?'

Even if he knew, why would he send such an item?

The only conversation she had with the Master of the Tower of Silence was about the Starfall Village.

There were no other points of contact, so this favor was questionable.

'The banquet itself is a demonstration by the Master of the Tower, so... he may be preparing for all possibilities.'

She usually dressed like a man in armor or uniform, so he could have guessed what her wardrobe might be like.

Even with these doubts, Adonis couldn't take her eyes off the dress.

The dress he sent captivated her, a knight, at first sight.

'It's beautiful.'

She didn't know how she would look in it, but it was a dress that would undoubtedly shine if worn by another woman.

She wondered if she really could wear it, to the point where she couldn't easily reach out for it.

For now, Adonis hung the dress and accessories in the closet.


Something she had not noticed earlier came into Adonis's sight.

It was a glass bottle of a color distinctly different from the clothes and accessories sent by Reed.

"Is it perfume?"

She opened the upscale bottle and smelled it.

A unique and soft fragrance of sharp cinnamon and gentle rose wafted out strongly.

And there was a very small note attached to the bottle.

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