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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 42 Part 1

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Demonstration (4)


Reed looked at his reflection in the mirror.

It was a ceremonial robe based on black with a touch of red.

On it was a red brooch, engraved with the emblem of the Silence Tower.

'It's serene.'

Indeed, a first-class designer.

He captured the calm and unobtrusive feeling that Reed had wanted.

"How is it?"

Phoebe, who had been watching him, responded.

"I want to quit."


"I want to quit being the Tower Master's deputy, quit being part of the Silence Tower, and even become a noble of the Asteria family to participate!"

Phoebe whined like a child.

Reed looked at her with a pitiful gaze.

"You said you had no regrets when you were dancing, do you still have lingering feelings?"

"No, but... the Tower Master is so cool..."

Reed sighed at Phoebe's behavior, which was like a child throwing a tantrum.

"What about the other things? Does it look calm?"

"Yes~ But maybe because of that, you shine even more."

An objective evaluation seemed impossible.

Deciding not to ask any more questions at the sight of her unable to control herself like a girl in love, Reed made a decision.

'This should look fine.'

He nodded, evaluating himself.

"What about Rosaria's clothes?"

"She looks like a princess~ Miss likes it too, and other magicians said it's good, so she'll definitely get attention."

"Her first social debut... I am a bit worried."

Although they call it a social gathering where everyone chats, not everyone shows their true feelings.

He was worried that Rosaria might not be able to withstand the atmosphere and get hurt.

Phoebe comforted Reed with a gentle smile.

"She'll be fine. Despite how she may appear, she's stronger than anyone."

"That's true, thank you."

Upon hearing Phoebe's words, Reed decided not to worry unnecessarily.

Even if something were to happen, she would undoubtedly handle it in a positive way.


The gatekeepers of Cohen, the capital of the Hupper Kingdom, were having the busiest day of their lives.

Luxurious carriages were entering one after the other, and they were busy without a moment's rest, verifying the identities of those inside.

On the day of the demonstration.

Many nobles scattered across the country flocked to Cohen.

Kings, nobles, high-ranking magicians, military figures, and so on.

Those who were called the top 1% in all fields gathered in the banquet hall of Cohen Castle.

Everyone was dressed in bold and dazzling clothes as if competing to see who was more glamorous.

Everyone proudly represented their family, showing off their prestige.

Life is a comedy from afar and a tragedy up close.

Although it was a banquet filled with music and laughter, in reality, it was no different from a battlefield of warriors holding knives in their hearts.

This was a social place where all allies gathered and a battlefield where all enemies gathered.

Other tower masters who were interested in Reed's music also attended the banquet.

Of course, Reed was the one who invited them, and some of them even threw a fit upon hearing the news before the invitation was even sent.

They wore dresses and suits appropriate to the color of their tower and displayed an authority comparable to royalty.

"Hehe, the Tower Master of the Jade Tower! It's nice to see you here~."

"Oh, isn't this Prince Baldwin? It's nice to see you again here."

"Are you attending this demonstration?"

"Of course. We're the Tower's magicians, it's only natural for family members to gather, haha!"

With nobles from all over the country gathered in one place, the tower's magicians often ran into familiar faces.

Being a tower master was no different from being a leader of a country, so it was nothing new for them to blend into social gatherings.

All the tower lords were wandering around with a glass of champagne in their hands.

"Speaking of which, where could this banquet's protagonist be?"

"Indeed. It's not right for the star to be late."

A moment later, the door of the banquet hall opened, and a man walked in.

Instantly, everyone's gaze focused on one place.

If you didn't see him, you didn't. But once you saw him, you absolutely couldn't take your eyes off him.

Ashen hair with golden eyes.

A ceremonial robe based on black with accents of red.

He was dressed so modestly that one might mistake him for a butler, but the aura he exuded naturally was unmistakably not that of a servant.

The nobility that could be felt from his captivating expressions and movements.

His very existence seemed to announce who the master of this party was.

Reed Adeleheights Roton.

The eldest son and the last bloodline of the Adeleheights family, the current Lord of the Silence Tower, captivated everyone's attention as he entered the banquet hall.


'What's going on?'

Reed, who had entered silently, was inwardly flustered.

He was late due to double-checking the condition of the recorder's music and how to present it on stage.

Contrary to Reed's intention to enter as quietly as possible, everyone was paying attention to him.

Unable to afford to look ridiculous, he looked around with as neutral an expression as possible.

However, the women were whispering about him.

'What's the situation here?'

Was there something wrong with his clothes?

Or was it his behavior?

His expression?

He checked whether he had buttoned his clothes incorrectly or left his zipper undone, but everything was in order.

As he was contemplating this, the tower lords who Reed had invited approached him.

"Wow, Master of the Silence Tower! Your outfit today is quite lively!"

"I thought you were someone else because you're not wearing your usual red clothes."

The tower masters of the Monolith and the Radiant, who Reed had invited, complimented Reed's appearance.

Wondering if it was just a simple compliment, Reed thanked them for now.

"Thank you, Monolith Tower Master, Radiant Tower Master."

As soon as their compliments were over, the female tower masters also approached Reed with a somewhat different look and each chimed in.

"You're incredible today, Silence Tower Master?"

"What do you mean by incredible?"

"What should I say, the Tower Master of Silence always exudes an aura of nobility that makes it a bit difficult to approach. But now...."

"Your usual noble sense is complemented by a calm vibe, making you appear even more attractive."

People are drawn to extravagant displays. It's a tactic to allure women by showcasing dazzling feathers, just like a male pheasant.

But are humans that simple?

The process of humans feeling attracted to other humans is complex.

Especially in the world of nobles, which is full of materialism.

If it's too flashy, it seems noisy and hollow.

Rather, showing too much can diminish the charm.

In other words, Reed had increased his charm not by showing it off, but by hiding it.

'This is unexpected.'

Reed wanted to think it was just empty words, but the way they looked at him suggested otherwise.

The men were admiring him, and the women were looking at him as if they were bewitched.

'Phoebe was being objective.'

He felt pathetic for thinking he was running wild alone.

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