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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 43 Part 1

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Demonstration (5)


"Wait a minute! Rosaria will fold it for you!"


Rosaria started to diligently fold a rose with a napkin, her face beaming with a smile.


'What's with this girl?'


For the first time in her life, Yuria encountered a formidable opponent.


Typically, everyone envied the possessions Yuria had, and she was proud of it.


However, it seemed that no matter what she said to Rosaria, she only felt inferior.


Not only did the conversation not flow as she intended, but she also found herself losing control of it.


Even now, Rosaria was busily folding the napkin, humming a tune.


"Oh my, the prince is here."


"Let's go greet him."


Upon hearing the excited voices of the young ladies, Yuria turned her head.


Among the girls was a blonde-haired, green-eyed handsome boy, Prince Morgan the Second. 


Of course, for Yuria who was lining up, Prince Morgan the Second was her main target.


Leaving Rosaria behind, Yuria moved toward him.


On the other hand, Rosaria, who was busy folding the paper rose, completed the rose and turned her head toward where Yuria had been.


"Done! I've finished... Huh? Where did she go?"


Looking around, Yuria was nowhere to be seen from Rosaria's view.


With the folded rose in her hand, Rosaria wandered around the banquet hall.


Eventually, she spotted Yuria, who was exchanging greetings amongst the young ladies.


"Nice to meet you, Prince of Hupper Kingdom. I am Yuria, the eldest daughter of the Frenda family..."




An abruptly cut-off greeting.


Yuria, who was elegantly extending her greetings, flinched at the sound of Rosaria's voice.


"Take this!"


"Miss Roton, if you come in like this while I'm greeting the prince..."


She was in a dilemma whether to be angry or act coy. 


Her face twisted as she alternated her gaze between Rosaria and Prince Morgan the Second.


Upon hearing 'the prince', Rosaria turned her head to look up at Morgan the Second.


"You're the prince?"


Prince Morgan the Second, who had been observing the situation, nodded his head.


"Huh? Ah, yes, that's right."


As Prince Morgan the Second nodded, Rosaria closed her mouth and silently let out an exclamation, 'Oh!'


"So, can you swing a sword well?"


"A sword... are you talking about?"


"Yeah! Can you swing it around like the prince from "'The Brave"?"


When Rosaria made a swishing motion with her eyes sparkling, Morgan the Second answered with a smile.


"Haha, "'The  Brave" is a story that I also really enjoy. Isn't it a classic tale of good triumphing over evil?"


"Good triumphing over evil?"


"It's about good winning and evil losing."


"Yeah! Rosaria also likes good triumphing over evil!"


Rosaria nodded her head.


Morgan softly smiled and introduced himself first.


"My name is Morgan Hupper the Second. May I ask the beautiful young lady's name here?"


"I'm Rosaria."


"Rosaria... Ah, Miss Rosaria Adeleheights Roton?"




Since Reed was the protagonist of this banquet, Prince Morgan the Second was already aware of his daughter, Rosaria.


Prince Morgan the Second continued the conversation with a smile, talking about Reed.


"I had a conversation with the Tower Master a while ago. He seemed like a very good person."


"Papa is a good person! He hasn't been playing with me much lately... but I still like him!"


"I'm glad to hear that you think so, Miss Rosaria."


His behavior could be considered ill-mannered, but Prince Morgan the Second only responded with a soft smile.


No, it was different from the courteous smile he had been giving while greeting the young ladies until now.


It was a sincere smile that matched her innocence.


As their conversation continued, the young ladies who had come to greet dispersed.


All except for one.




Yuria, who was watching everything, began to seethe.


'Why is she casually chatting with the prince? I'm supposed to be the one showing a harmonious image, not her!'


Yuria felt like she wanted to chew on a handkerchief or something.


In the middle of their conversation, Prince Morgan the Second lamented to Rosaria as if he was regretful.


"But I am sorry that I couldn't keep one promise."


"What promise?"


"I promised to listen to the Tower Master's music."


Rosaria tilted her head.


"Just listen to it then?"


At her innocent remark, Yuria snorted and interrupted.


"Hmph! You call that a solution? We don't have musical performances at our social gatherings!"


"Is that so?"


"Yes, as the young lady Frenda mentioned, we only listen to the music of the invited orchestra."


Rosaria, who was thinking deeply, suddenly took Prince Morgan the Second's hand with determination in her eyes.


"Then let's go listen!"


"But we have to stay here."


"If you made a promise with Papa, you must keep it! Let's go to where Papa is and listen!"


Rosaria was dragging Morgan along.


Morgan, grabbed by her hand, wore a flustered expression, and Yuria preached to Rosaria.


"Lady Rosaria, adults have their own circumstances, and children should not go there."


"But Morgan wants to listen."


"Mo, Morgan? Miss Roten, it's rude to call someone by their first name! How could you be so impolite!"


Yuria spoke as if she was astounded.


She raised her voice as if for Morgan to hear, but Prince Morgan the Second was quiet, thinking as their conversation continued.


Finally, as if he had made a decision, he looked down at Rosaria and spoke.


"Okay. Let's go listen."




"...Excuse me?"


Rosaria's joy and Yuria's dismay crossed paths.


Prince Morgan the Second spoke with an interested look on his face.


"If a promise was made, it should be kept. And stepping out of a children's social gathering and into an adult one. Doesn't that seem like an adventure? I want to have such an adventure."


"That's right, it's an adventure!"


Rosaria got excited at the mention of an adventure.


Yuria could not understand Morgan's behavior.


'I thought a prince of a country would certainly prefer dignity?'


How could he be so childlike?


To participate in such rude behavior of an immature girl.


Yuria shook off her confusion and informed them of the reality.


"Even so, you won't be able to leave here."




"Because the banquet hall where we are has a barrier magic! It's a solid barrier made with a spell from the Imperial Workshop!"


Yuria spoke proudly about the barrier magic, which was also a feat of her father.




Upon hearing this, Rosaria stood at the door.


The barrier on the door was clearly visible to Rosaria, who could sense mana, although it was invisible to ordinary people's eyes.


She had seen it once before.


"I know this!"

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