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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 43 Part 2

With that remark, Rosaria put her hand on the barrier.

A moment later, a bright light came from both of Rosaria's hands.


Yuria was astonished.

The solid barrier slowly faded and then disappeared completely.

"H-How did you...?"

This was impossible by Yuria's standards.

Even though it's basic, it's a barrier magic boasted by the Imperial Workshop, to make it disappear simply by touching it!

Rosaria cheerfully answered her question.

"Unni once said that if I absorb the mana of most magic barriers, they break!"

"What an absurd..."

Only Rosaria, who has "Mana Sensitivity Lv. 7", can absorb external mana.

It was a shock to Yuria, who didn't know that she was an absurdly innocent monster.

Is it me who's strange?

Or is it that woman who's strange?

Or is it the world that's strange?

Morgan, who couldn't sense mana, confirmed the fact that the door was opening and admired it.

"The barrier has disappeared, so the door is now open. The court magicians will soon notice and come here, so we should escape now."

"Evil legions are coming! Yuria, come with us."

"Huh? No! More than that, it's rude to call people by their names so casually!"

"Can't I?"

"Of course, you can't! Gosh! Hmph!"

Yuria sharply turned her head and snorted in frustration.

"Okay, then I'll go with Morgan!"

Rosaria and Morgan the Second left without hesitation.

Yuria tried to glare at Rosaria, who had coldly abandoned her without a moment's hesitation, but they were already gone.

"Wait, what, just a moment! Miss Roton!"

Even Yuria, who didn't want to admit that she had been abandoned, eventually followed them and started her adventure.

Long before Rosaria's grand escape from the children's social event, at the adults' banquet hall.

The music of the orchestra stopped.

It meant that someone important enough to stop the music had arrived.

Everyone stopped their conversation and turned their heads.

The object of their attention was an old man with sparse hair.

And a beautiful woman was standing next to him.

The old man was undoubtedly Morgan.

However, no one knew about the beautiful blonde woman.

"Oh my, who is that lady?"

"I don't know. It's my first time seeing her too."

When all sorts of speculations, starting from the rumor that she was the new queen of the Hupper Kingdom, were running rampant,

"Ladies and gentlemen, I sincerely welcome all of you who have visited our Cohen today."

King Morgan of the Hupper Kingdom, started to speak, extending his courteous greeting.

"And once again, I would like to express my gratitude to the Master of the Silent Tower for enabling us to hold this banquet and demonstration."

His words refocused attention on Reed, who smiled and politely greeted the nobles.

"Today's banquet will be a very precious time for me. It's also a banquet with my precious treasure. Allow me to introduce you. This is my daughter, Adonis."

Only after Morgan pointed to the woman standing next to him and spoke, did people realize that she was Adonis Hupper.

"Oh my, the rumored Giant Slayer!"

"Goodness! She's completely different from when she's wearing armor."

Even those who knew her did not recognize that the glamorous woman was Adonis.

The dress that boldly revealed her figure, along with the hairstyle and decorations arranged by the royal designer, vividly showcased the dignity of a princess.

Adonis did not say a word, but gently touched her dress to greet everyone.

"My daughter Adonis is making her debut in society again through this banquet. Everything that I couldn't do while protecting this country for the past 8 years, I want to give it all to my proud daughter today."

The touching words of a wise king.

It was as if he was creating a warm atmosphere that seemed to resolve years of unresolved resentment.

Standing at the center of it all, Adonis was swept up in the atmosphere without knowing anything.

'I must not be fooled.'

Adonis Hupper is going to be expelled today.

Reed pulled himself together.

"When the night deepens and the moon rises, the musical demonstration prepared by the Master of the Silent Tower will begin. I hope you enjoy the banquet to your heart's content until then."

With Morgan's closing remarks, the band began to play again.

The music that had been soft was now lively.

As the exciting music began to flow, everyone started to clear the middle hall.

"It seems they are starting to dance."

"It's the moment to pair up, huh."

The Master of the Monolith Tower and the Radiant Tower approached the group of women who hadn't paired up yet, with confident expressions.

The Master of the Jade Tower and the Greenwood Tower tapped on Reed's shoulder who was standing still, and said,

"Silence Tower Master, the time of choice has come."

"Which side will you choose, handsome?"

They tried to appeal their charm by raising their eyebrows, but to Reed's eyes, they just looked like two reckless middle-aged women.

Moreover, the first dance partner was already decided.

Reed grabbed the hand of the Master of the Greenwood Tower.

The Master of the Jade Tower pouted her lips, and the Master of the Greenwood Tower laughed as if to say, 'I told you so.'

Reed and the Master of the Greenwood Tower stood in the hall and melted into the dance.

He skillfully led the Master of the Greenwood Tower with the steps he had practiced with Phoebe.

'Where's Adonis?'

As he shifted his gaze, he saw that Adonis was already dancing with another man.

The partner was a military commander, famous for his loyalty to his wife.

'Even if he harbors malicious intent... it's not him.'

The nobleman Adonis had killed was so insignificant that she couldn't even remember his name. If she had killed a military commander, there would undoubtedly be a record of who died.

'That's why I chose the Master of the Greenwood Tower.'

The master of detection and guard magic.

He whispered in her ear, asking for her help.

"Master  of the Greenwood Tower."

"Yes, what can I do for you?"

"Would you mind if I ask you a favor while we dance?"

"Oh, I'm not an easy woman."

The Master of the Greenwod Tower laughed heartily.

"I would like you to use a detection spell once more."

"Detection? What do you want to find?"

"A noble under the influence of mental magic."

"That's a strange request during a party. Okay~."


When Reed asked politely, the Master of the Greenwood Tower laughed as if she couldn't refuse and concentrated her mind.

Using detection magic while dancing was no big deal for her.

After a moment, the Master of the Greenwood Tower whispered into Reed's ear.

"Most of them are under it."

"Most of them?"

"Most are under magic that resists mental magic. The high ranks can't be vulnerable to a mage's attack, can they?"

"That makes sense."

Resistance against mental magic is also a form of mental magic, so it is detected by detection magic.

Reed thought so and then chewed over what the Master of the Greenwood Tower said.


"Did you say 'most'?"

"Yes, why?"

"Could you tell me how many are not under the spell?"

"Well, I said 'most'... actually, there is only one person. That man."

The Master of the Greenwood Tower pointed out one man with her eyes.

Having memorized all the guests' personal information in advance, Reed knew who he was.

James Bren, the only son of Lawrence Bren, a founding contributor of the Cohen Kingdom.

Being of commoner origin, he was considered a lower noble in noble society.

'Didn't Lawrence Bren, the head of the family, persistently urge Morgan to designate a successor quickly?'

Lawrence was a man who strongly argued that Adonis Huper should be seated on the throne next.

If she cruelly kills Lawrence's son, who would remain on Adonis's side?

He found the bomb.

'He must have intended to kill two birds with one stone.'

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