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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 45 Part 1

 Demonstration (7)

The commotion that James Bren nearly caused was suppressed by the tower masters.

James Bren quietly returned home with the support of the court magicians.

The solid defensive mechanism of the spell couldn't be resolved even with the tower master's abilities, the incident was left unresolved, not escalating further.

The banquet hall, unaware of what had happened, continued.

Adonis, who was the target, also narrowly escaped.

'I can guess what would have happened if Adonis had been attacked directly.'

Adonis, who would not know what was going on, would panic, and this whole situation would be immediately conveyed to the nobles in the banquet.

The aftermath was obvious.

She would not have known that her social re-debut after 8 years would become her own grave.

'All of this is Freesia's plan.'

The fact that she cast "Trigger Hypnosis" on James Bren.

And sending perfume to Adonis.

There was no doubt that everything was a plot orchestrated by Freesia.

'James Bren said he didn't know he had talent for mana, so it's clear that she forcibly awakened his mana and put a suggestion on him.'

Awakening mana is a difficult task even for advanced magicians.

However, it was understandable if it was Freesia.

Before being a master of the necromancer lineage, she is one of the great magicians in history.

Simply awakening the level of "Elemental Sensitivity" was something that Freesia could easily do.

'She will soon realize that this operation has failed.'

And she will also immediately realize that Reed is at the center of it.

'I need to prepare for her response.'

However, he merely kept it in his mind for now.

Right now, he needed to act like the host of the party.

Reed prepared the music performance that everyone had been eagerly anticipating.

As the sky turned pitch black and scattered white dots appeared.

The music of the band stopped, and court magicians and workers started decorating the banquet hall again.

Reed supervised the decorating of the stage location as he had prepared in advance, and finally, the stage was set after 30 minutes.

Reed drew the curtain to completely hide the stage.

'The table is over here, and I have the Magic Recording Device in my hand already......'

While double-checking the plan,


He turned his head at the very faint sound of the door.

This sound was very familiar to Reed.

It was a sound he occasionally heard when he was in the tower.

'No way......'

As he suspected, it was indeed.

The girl with white hair, peeking around nervously, came into view.

It was Rosaria.

Rosaria Adeleheights Roton.

Morgan Hopper the second.

Yuria Frenda.

These three, who had escaped from the children's social hall, had literally started adventuring in Cohen City.

They referred to patrolling guards as evil monsters and cleaning maids as devils, quietly wandering the corridors of the castle with their short legs, avoiding the eyes of their enemies.

Leading the pack was Morgan the second.

Since the castle was his home, he knew the structure best.

"Lady Roton, Lady Frenda, this way."


"Uh uh......"

Morgan lifted up the tablecloth and went inside.

Yuria was persuading Morgan and Rosaria.

"Prince and Lady Roton, it's not too late to turn back now......"


Rosaria placed her index finger on her lips.

Faced with her serious expression, Yuria had no choice but to close her mouth.

Shortly after, the sound of the patrolling guard's footsteps got closer and then faded away.

Morgan the second came out from under the table and spoke to Rosaria and Yuria.

"There's not much time until the next patrol. Let's move quickly during this gap."


"Uh uh......"

With an uncomfortable look on her face, Yuria followed Rosaria and glared at her.

'How rude must the Lord of the Silence Tower be to have raised her this way?'

Yuria roughly imagined the appearance of the person who raised this unruly girl.

He was undoubtedly a man with a protruding belly and a dull-looking face.

"We're here."

Morgan cautiously opened the door.

"Oh? It's dark. I think this must be behind the stage."

"Rosaria will check."

Rosaria, who was sneaking her small head through the door crack, looked around and suddenly flung the door open.

Then, as if she had seen a mountain of gold, she shouted with such a face.


As if there was nothing more to be wary of, Rosaria just ran out.

Morgan and Yuria, taken aback by her sudden action, went inside.

"Rosaria, how did you get here?"

"Papa, I missed you. And I came because Morgan promised."

"Morgan? Ah, you mean the prince."

At that, Reed, turning his head, saw a blonde boy with green eyes and a red-haired girl in his sight.

Reed politely greeted them first.

"I am Reed Adelheits Roton, the Master of the Silence Tower."

Finally faced with the person who raised this unruly girl, Yuria could only say,


She was lost for words.

Ashen hair and golden eyes.

A faint smile and a neat ceremonial suit.

Despite being in a dark place, he shone brightly as if he had a halo.


Yuria couldn't say anything.

A line of poetry she once found impressive came to mind.

-Love is like a meteor.

Because you cannot stop it, even though you know it will fall.


First love was a meteor.

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