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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 44 Part 2


And familiar.

This overwhelming fragrance was not something Adonis would use.

"Um, Tower Master... you're... too close."

"Ah, I apologize."

Adonis quietly spoke with a troubled face, and Reed lifted his bowed head again.

He had inadvertently gotten too close.

"It seems to be a scent you like, Tower Master? In fact, I didn't expect you to send perfume as well as clothes and accessories."

"What do you mean?"

"Hehe, you're playing dumb. After sending these clothes, accessories, and even perfume."

Reed had indeed sent the clothes and accessories.

But not the perfume.


If someone else had sent a gift, they would have revealed who they were.

But they didn't reveal themselves and mixed it with Reed's gift to make it look like Reed had sent it.

Then, could the problem be this perfume?

Could they have naturally mixed it with the gift he sent and handed her a bomb?

'It's worth suspecting.'

If the situation is set up well.

Make it so that only Bren and Adonis are there, then make him smell the perfume.

Bren, who reacts to the smell of perfume, will probably commit suicide in front of Adonis.

'Then what I have to do is...'

Cheerful music and steps.

While leading Adonis as smoothly as water with the movements imprinted on his body, he searched for a solution.

"Miss Hupper."

Reed opened his mouth.


"Actually... that perfume was a gift intended for my vice tower lord. I couldn't find it no matter how much I looked..."

"Oh... it seems to have gotten mixed in."

"I'm sorry."

And he naturally led the situation.

"A different perfume suits Miss Hupper. Unlike other women, Miss Hupper's heart beats strongly. We should bring out Miss Hupper's charm with a scent that is soft and subtly emanates, not such a strong scent."

"...You're not shy about flattering."

Somehow it turned out that way.

"I will give Miss Hupper a different perfume as a gift. So, could you please return that perfume to me?"

"Understood. Can I give it to you after the party?"

"I would prefer it if you could give it to me immediately. I know it's a hassle but please."

A face sincerely sorry and golden eyes.

No one could refuse seeing this face.

Of course, the same goes for Adonis.

She nodded her head.

Soon the song ended and they greeted each other.

The second dance also came to an end.

Following Reed's request, Adonis went outside the banquet hall, and Reed returned to where the tower masters were gathered.

"I have a favor to ask all of you gathered here."

The fourth song flowed from the banquet hall.

James Bren was standing still, drinking champagne, watching others dance.

"Sir James Bren?"

When a servant called his name, James turned his head.

"A lady has sent you a message."

The servant showed the napkin placed on the silver tray, and James unfolded the napkin.

-Come secretly to the flower garden. I will follow you.

-Adonis Hupper


Adonis Hupper.

James turned his head to find her.

Adonis was taking a break, not dancing to the fourth song.


James didn't say anything.

He just picked up the napkin and looked around.

What caught his eye was a well-sharpened steak knife.

He put it in his pocket along with the napkin and went out of the banquet hall towards the flower garden.

When the red sunset was being dyed in darkness, James arrived at the flower garden, which was ambiguously bright and dark.

And after a moment, someone walked towards him.

James turned his head to confirm the owner of those footsteps.

It wasn't Adonis.

A man was leading with six men and women watching them from behind.

The man who stepped forward greeted him politely.

"Hello, Mr. James Bren?"

"Who are you...?"

"Don't you know me?"

"Yes, but where is Ms. Adonis?"

Despite the appearance of the mysterious man, James continuously looked around for Adonis.

"My name is Reed Adeleheights Roton."

Reed sprayed something into Bren's face.

Bren was taken aback.

"What is this act... ugh!"

That surprise was short-lived, and soon James stiffened.

His face contorted, seemingly in pain.

"Gruh... grugh..."

In the end, his throat muscles tensed, growling like a beast.

He reached into his pocket.

The Master of the Monolith Tower, who was standing behind, snapped his fingers at this sudden action. Despite his sluggish-looking body, it was a swift response.


A part of the garden floor rose like slime, wrapping around James' arm, and then hardened.

James, with his eyes bloodshot red, tried to move forcefully, but he wasn't strong enough to resist the magic of the tower lord.

"Huh, bringing a steak knife! Such a poorly behaved friend indeed."


"Master of the Jade Tower, now's the time."

"Got it."

The Master of the Jade Tower, proficient in poison and curses, moved her hand swiftly.

The Master of the Jade Tower gripped James's head with both hands, and her pupils began to glow purple.

"Ah, ahhh...."

James's head glowed with a blue light, then the light faded out with a moan.

Once all the light had dissipated into thin air, the Master of the Jade Tower removed her hands from his head.

"Is the curse broken?"

"Yes, fortunately, it wasn't a terribly difficult spell to break. It's "Trigger Hypnosis"."

Trigger Hypnosis.

A spell that puts the target into a hypnotic state when certain conditions are met.

"Usually, to use this spell, one has to inject mana into the target, but if the target can sense mana, just leaving a hint is enough."

"A scary spell indeed."

"Well, it's a trick that only novice magicians would fall for. If he had put up a resistance spell, he could have easily resisted the hypnosis."

At this, the Master  of the Greenwood Tower exclaimed as if realizing something and asked Reed,

"Red Tower Master, did you request a detection spell from me because of this?"

"You're sharp. How did you find out?"

The tower masters asked Reed with curious eyes.

He knew the future, so he knew this would happen.

If he said so, he might appear even more suspicious.

"I organized this party, so of course I expected there would be troublemakers."

It was a rather narcissistic statement.

Just as the tower masters were about to say something, James, who had been hypnotized into attempting suicide, woke up.

Reed looked down at the groaning James and asked,

"Mr. Bren, are you okay?"

"Ugh... What happened?"

"You tried to stab yourself in the throat, Mr. Bren. You attempted to commit suicide right in front of us. Do you remember?"

"Me? That... I'm not sure. My memory... it feels like it's been cut off... I don't even know why I'm here."

The Master of the Jade Tower shook her head as she looked at Bren.

"It seems the caster wasn't just an ordinary one. It appears that various spells, including a defense mechanism, have been added. Digging further won't do any good for this man."

"Mr. Bren, don't think about anything right now. Resting should be your priority."

Bren sat on the bench and held his blank head, trying to regain his composure.

"What's happening?"

A moment later, palace magicians who had sensed the unusual flow of magic came running into the garden.

The Master of the Greenwood Tower summarized the situation.

"There was a victim of "Trigger Hypnosis". Silence Tower Master quickly noticed and handled it, so you can rest assured now."

""Trigger Hypnosis"... you say?"

The court mages blinked their eyes as if it was the first time they had heard of it.

"That's why you can't rely solely on textbooks..."

"It's all in the textbooks these days, and you're saying you don't know."

The Tower Masters clicked their tongues as if it was an opportunity.

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