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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 46 Part 1

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Demonstration (8)

Reed spoke to one of the people around him.

"Your Majesty, would you please come up?"

"Are you talking to me?"

"It would be an honor if Your Majesty Hupper could be the first subject of my recording."

"Why are you bothering an old man like me...?"

Morgan chuckled as he rose from his seat.

He said so, but he didn't seem to mind.

Reed smiled and handed him the recording device.

"Now, would you like to speak into this?"

"Do I talk into this?"

"Yes, please say anything."

Morgan, after a moment's hesitation, spoke exactly what came to his mind.

"For the endless prosperity of the Hupper Kingdom! ...Ha, I can't get used to this."

Morgan turned his head towards the audience and grinned smugly.

"Now, we're not done yet. Could you please press here?"

Morgan pressed the button Reed was pointing at.

-For the endless prosperity of the Hupper Kingdom!

His voice echoed vividly.

The nobles in the audience swallowed their admiration.

"Whose voice does this sound like?"

"Well... whose voice is it?"

People often recognize their own voice.

When Morgan tilted his head, everyone in the audience chimed in.

"What are you talking about? It's your voice, Your Majesty."

"Yes, no doubt, haha."

"Ah, is that so?"

Morgan, hearing this, smiled amicably and nodded.

"Haha, since everyone says so, this voice must undoubtedly be mine."

"Thank you for your cooperation, Your Majesty."

As Reed bowed politely, Morgan returned to his seat.

"The purpose of this device is as follows. It can hold not only music but also your voices and all sounds. You can do it directly without accompanying a magician."

"Being able to do it directly without a magician..."

They were drawn in.

The hearts of the nobles and bourgeoisie began to burn even more.

Reed smiled at their reaction.

"The introduction was too long. I sounded like a merchant rather than a mage, haha."

Eventually, the recorder activated and the music of the elves and druids filled the spacious banquet hall.

It was a music demonstration that lasted an hour, but it was so overwhelming that no one could complain about being bored.

The music demonstration was successful.

The songs of the elves and druids hit the audience's hearts perfectly.

Even if they didn't feel joy from it, just having heard the songs of the elves and druids was a huge bragging point.

When all the songs ended, the audience raised their hands and asked Reed questions.

"Master of the Silence Tower, do you have any intentions of selling the recorder and the music?"

Everyone put their hands down, as if they all had the same thought.

Reed nodded.

"This device is not very meaningful to me, who can use magic. As I mentioned earlier, magic engineering is a technology for all of you, it's pointless if only I have it."

Before any additional questions followed, Reed continued speaking.

"And, I will be selling the recording spheres containing all the music you heard today, along with separately recorded orchestra music and music from bards."

"Ho, then we can listen to the music of the bards at any time."

It's always possible to call an orchestra if you have the money, but hiring talented wandering bards is always difficult.

Their adventure stories, delivered in sweet voices, were always a source of joy as they visited only limited places.

Moreover, the price of the recording sphere containing the music of the elves and druids was not expensive.

An additional fee was added to the original cost of 5,000 UP for the magic record sphere.

Record Sphere with Elf and Druid Music - 8,000 UP

Orchestra Vol.1 - 7,000 UP

Collection of Bard Songs Vol.1 - 7,000 UP

If you buy everything, you need a total of 22,000 UP.

In the world of mages where information is life, a recording sphere containing information should be several times more expensive than this, but Reed was not stingy with music.

Instead, he set a high price for the recorder that played the music.

The cost of the recorder was 30,000 UP, while the original cost was 500 UP.

And the case shown by Reed had a price of 3,000 UP. Considering the retail price without the distribution process, 4,000 UP would have been an appropriate amount, but Reed boldly raised it to 26,000 UP.

This was not the realm of business.

'It's more about increasing value than doing business.'

To increase the value of the tower selling the goods and the nobles buying them, the price must be high.

The nobles liked valuable items and preferred them the more expensive they were.

Because they believe those things make them special.

Flaunting wealth was one of the ways to showcase their status and wealth, so they didn't hesitate.

'Negotiating price is tantamount to tarnishing one's own reputation.'

So, the nobles wouldn't say anything.

Like being swept away by a big wave, everyone wrote their names and the items they wanted to purchase in the reservation book.

Reed ordered his servants to collect the book under the pretext of tidying up after the demonstration, and brought out the three little kids hiding under the table.

"Did you hear everything?"


"The music was fantastic."

"It was, really wonderful."

Morgan the Second had a satisfied face, and it was unclear whether Yuria was satisfied or not because her face was red.

'I wonder if it went in her ears.'

"Prince and Miss Frenda, it's time to go back. Would you follow me?"

"Yes, yes!"

Yuria nodded and responded, but there was no answer from Morgan the Second.

When Reed turned his head, Morgan the Second was staring blankly somewhere.

His gaze was directed towards a gap in the curtains.

And there was Adonis.

Adonis, as beautiful as a delicately adorned flower.

"……Is that my sister by any chance?"

Morgan the Second, who belatedly noticed Reed's gaze, asked.

Reed nodded his head, and upon hearing the answer, Morgan the Second looked at her again.

"That's correct. It's your eldest daughter, Princess Adonis Hupper."

"She's truly......beautiful."

"Is that so?"

"I've only ever seen her in armor......I never imagined she could be so beautiful."

Morgan the Second's reaction made Reed a bit taken aback.

'Does this guy have a sister complex?'

It was indeed surprising that the beast had turned into a beauty, but it was odd to lose oneself looking at a sibling.

However, Reed's thought was mistaken.

"Excuse me, tower master...... This may be a rude question, but do I resemble her?"

"Whom...... are you referring to?"

"People say that my sister and I resemble our mother a lot."

Morgan the Second raised his head and asked Reed.

There was a sense of loneliness in his eyes.

"Would my mother have been as beautiful as this if she were alive?"

Only Adonis and Morgan remembered the queen.

Since Morgan the Second was raised by his nannies, the absence of the queen was greatly felt.

Morgan the Second, who had been looking up quietly, wiped his eyes with his sleeve and turned his head.

His eyes were red, but he smiled bravely and spoke to Reed.

"I got carried away with my thoughts. Let's go back quickly."

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