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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 46 Part 2

The night grew late.

Those who had fast means of transportation like sky carriages returned home immediately, and those with poor transportation stayed in the reception room of Cohen Castle.

Since Reed had come by sky carriage, all he needed to do was return.

'I'm tired.'

He felt like he could sleep as soon as he closed his eyes because he had to worry about various things until late at night.

At least he was able to overcome sleepiness because Rosaria was shaking him wildly with her small hands.

"Did you have fun?"

"Yes! A l-l-lot!"

"Did you make a lot of friends?"

"I made a lot. I went on an adventure with Yuria and Morgan!"

"So, are you friends?"

"People who go on adventures with heroes are all friends."

"I see. I was short-sighted."

Whether because he was out of it, Reed didn't have the energy to say anything else.

He just wanted to go and sleep.

That's when someone blocked his path.

The man standing in front of him was a middle-aged man with red hair and a uniform.

Seeing Yuria Frenda standing next to him, he realized that he was the head of the household, Zekeheil Frenda.

'Indeed, the magician of the Empire...'

The Empire, where all talents gather.

The chief magician of its workshop is comparable to the tower lords just by his aura.

"Tower Master of Silence, your item was truly impressive today."

Zekeheil threw the first word, and Reed pulled himself together and answered politely.

"I'm very grateful that the magician of the Empire's workshop would say so."

"I'm not sure if my daughter has greeted you. The rumor is that she has the potential to become the next 'Archmage'."

'He's bragging about his daughter.'

Being a magician of the Empire, he must have heard about Rosaria's actions to the point of being tired.

There was no doubt that it was a check against that.

'I'm well aware of your daughter as I've accompanied her more than enough.'

He wanted to say that, but if he did, it would obviously lead to an ugly fight, so Reed simply smiled and said.

"That's truly impressive. Indeed, the Frenda family is a renowned magical lineage."

"I've heard that the Master of the Wallin Tower occasionally supervises your daughter's studies. She may be a genius of the century, but I'm not sure if there will be growth with just one visit per week."

"I don't mind if my daughter doesn't become an Archmage. I just hope she can find her own path."

"An education that is free, not typical of a noble. Less strict than a rigorous education, but not bad."

Zekeheil nodded his head as if to admit easily, but his words contained the nuance that his own method of education was superior.

Reed understood his sentiment that his own daughter was prettier, but as a father, he felt a bit annoyed.

Reed smiled gently and looked down at Yuria.

Yuria, who had been quietly looking up at Reed, quickly bowed her head as their eyes met.

"Miss Yuria, are you okay?"

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"Your face is very red."

"What, me?"

Yuria covered her face.

She felt her cheeks burning hot the moment her cold hand touched them.

"The night wind is cold. Be careful not to catch a cold."

"Ah, that, I, that, that....."

Yuria, who had been stuttering, could no longer continue her words, and she hid behind Zekeheil.

He thought he would undoubtedly be embarrassed at his daughter's awkward appearance.

"Heh, our daughter is quite shy."

"......I see."

He was a tougher opponent than expected.

Zekeheil, with a satisfied smile, stroked the head of his daughter hiding behind him.

Not wanting to be outdone as a doting father, Reed couldn't hide his annoyed expression at his actions.

"The night breeze is cold. Make sure your daughter doesn't catch a cold either."

"Thank you."

The demonstration ended successfully.

Rosaria, who climbed into the sky carriage, fell dead asleep in the sky carriage.


A few days later, in the office of the 3rd Knight Commander of the Hupper Kingdom.

After the banquet, Adonis Hupper resumed her duties as the Knight Commander.

"Salute! Squire James Bren has come to see Sir Adonis Hupper."

"Come in."

Wondering why the squire had come, Adonis raised his head and asked James.

"What's the matter?"

"I submitted my withdrawal confirmation today. So, I came to greet you, Commander Adonis Hupper."

"You've decided to withdraw?"


Adonis didn't understand why he came to greet him, but what concerned him more was his face.

"You seem relieved."

Most of those who faced their limits and decided to quit being a knight had faces as if their world had collapsed.

Especially James Bren, who belonged to a noble family that had become nobility due to its founding contribution to the country, had to succeed to maintain his family.

James explained the reason.

"That's it. I found out at the banquet that I have a talent for mana."

"You're referring to yourself?"

"Yes, I was always worried because I wasn't strong enough to perform as a squire... 'Trigger Hypnosis', is it? They said it forcibly brought up the latent mana in my body."

"I don't know the details... But it won't be easy to follow the path of a magician this late, right?"

"Still, I think this is my path. And I told my father yesterday. Although I can't glorify my family as a knight...."

James hit his chest and spoke proudly.

"I'm really fortunate to be able to show my loyalty to the Hupper Kingdom in this way."

James Bren spoke with a smile.

Adonis, who knew nothing, simply admired his loyalty.

"Anyway, congratulations on finding your own path. I hope to see you at the magic workshop."

"Thank you, Commander!"

James, who was about to leave, turned back and spoke again.

"Oh, by the way, I'll return this to you."

"What are you talking about?"

"It's the napkin that was in my pocket. It has the commander's name on it, so I thought it might be yours."

'A napkin?'

Adonis looked at the napkin James handed over.

On that napkin, there was a message written along with his own name.

-Please come out to the flower bed secretly. I will follow.


Adonis let out a short exclamation.

"So it wasn't the commander who sent it after all."

"Was there a problem?"

"I'm not sure. When I woke up, the Tower Masters were there. It seems the Tower Master of Silence saved me."

"I see."

Having finished what he had to say, James saluted again and left the room.

Left alone in the office.

Adonis lowered her head again and looked at the message.

It wasn't a problem that someone had impersonated her.

No, it was a problem, but she didn't care.

The style of this message that Adonis was looking at.

It was a very familiar style.

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