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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 47 Part 1

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What a Family Is (1)

Over a hundred wizards were bustling about, busy with various tasks.

The Silence Tower was busy regardless of whether it was a weekday or a weekend.

Naturally, they were occupied with the production of the magic recording device orders.

However, even setting aside the task of crafting the spheres, it was difficult to meet the daily quota just by the wizards taking turns squeezing out mana to copy the recorded contents.

The busiest person amongst them was undoubtedly Kaitlyn.

She had finally received a mountain of bonus money and returned from a vacation, only to find a fire at home.

Without even a moment to regain her composure, she was thrown back into the lab.

As the most skilled technician, it was no exaggeration to say she was burning her soul, taking on the final inspection and production of the recording device at the same time.

On the other hand, Reed, who did not participate in the production, was having a headache in other ways.

'Why the hell are there so many letters?'

Reed's desk was full of letters.

They were all letters from the noblewomen who had attended the banquet.

'I'm going crazy.'

Having too many letters was a headache, but the bigger problem was that he couldn't just brush them off with vulgar words.

In the world of nobles, replying to letters was mandatory.

In proportion to the amount received!

And making sure that the content is not similar to the letters sent to other nobles!

'I should have become a novelist instead of a tower owner.'

The most terrible was the letter from Yuria Frenda.

With an astounding number of six pages, she had written a densely packed love thesis, front and back, as if she was worried she might not have written enough.

As expected of a girl in love, she was rambling on and on.

"Love is a meteor? What does that even mean?"

Upon reading a phrase that implied love approaches as a disaster, Reed began to wonder if she actually disliked him.

In the end, he decided to leave Yuria's letter for last and quickly started to get rid of the other letters.

"Tower Master~."

Then, Phoebe's drawn-out voice came, sounding like the grim reaper.

"Did you get more letters?"

"That is... yes...."

What Phoebe shyly pulled out were five love letters.

His energy drained instantly upon seeing them.



"Don't you feel like burning all these letters?"

Phoebe, looking down at the letters, tilted her head.

"Why? They're fine."


"Well, they have to write letters to see you, but I get to see you in person like this~."


"And you even gave me perfume as a gift!"

Phoebe wiggled her body lightly with a triumphant expression on her face.

With her movement, the scent of the perfume Reed had given her wafted faintly.

It was a perfume made of a hundred roses.

It was the perfume he had said he would give to Adonis again, and while he was at it, he had prepared one for Phoebe as well.

'I'm glad she likes it.'

If Phoebe liked it, there was no doubt that Adonis would also like it.

Reassured, Reed asked Phoebe.

"How's Rosaria? Is she having fun with the Master of the Wallin Tower?"

"Yes, with the Master of Wallin Tower's guidance, it seems like her magic skills are improving rapidly."

Although improving skills was a good thing, he couldn't shake off the feeling that he had left her alone for too long.

I should play with her at least once....

As he was thinking about this.

Knock, knock.

Speak of the devil.

A small white-haired head peeked through the door gap and called out to Reed.


"Hmm? What's up?"

Rosaria approached with quick steps.

She tugged at Reed's sleeve.

"Dolores unni and I are doing something fun, and she said you could join too! Let's do it together!"

"Something fun?"

"Yes! It'll be fun if we do it together!"

Then, Phoebe crouched down and spoke to Rosaria.

"Miss, I think the Tower Master is busy today and won't be able to join us. Would it be okay if I go with you instead?"

"Uh, I wanted to do it with Papa...."

Rosaria lowered her head in disappointment.

The look she had when she went to the elf's territory with Phoebe.

Reed stroked her head and spoke.

"No, Papa will go and join you."


"Yes, let's go now."


Rosaria jumped up and down with both hands in the air.

"Let's go fast! Let's go fast!"

"Okay, got it. Sorry, Phoebe."

"No, it's fine. I'm happy if you have fun with the miss."

Phoebe smiled as if she were in a good mood.

Leaving Phoebe behind, Reed was led by Rosaria's hand toward her room.

In the room, Dolores was sitting in the middle, looking dignified.

Upon seeing Reed, Dolores turned her head and her eyes widened.

She seemed to have not expected him to actually come.

"Ah, you really came? Please sit here."

Dolores patted the seat next to her.

Reed took a seat next to her as she suggested.

"Do you remember this?"

"...I'm not sure."

"It's a tower-building game you taught me a long time ago."

Like I would remember.

"I've been so busy these days that I can't remember."

"You taught me when I was having trouble handling mana. You said it would be fun. Well, since you taught me, I've only done it alone... so it's understandable that you don't remember."

Dolores was disappointed that he couldn't remember, but she accepted it in her own way.

She showed him how to do it, starting by crossing two sticks in an X and using magic to fix them together.

Then, another X-shaped stick is placed on top of the ends of the first X.

Reed immediately understood the purpose of this game.

'Mana control is the key.'

The purpose of this game was to improve "Mana Sensitivity".

Since the already built structure also needed mana to maintain, the difficulty increases exponentially as the tower gets higher.

Reed concentrated and tried to build it as high as he could.

Cross the X and stack it, cross the X and stack it...

When he reached the 20th layer.


It collapsed.

He had built it up to the point where he felt he was at his limit.

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