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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 49 Part 1

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What a family is (3)

-People began to pay attention to magic engineering.

No one dislikes attention on themselves unless they have committed a crime.

In fact, most of the magicians' projects were secret, and it was common to disclose them only inside the tower.

Therefore, this demonstration by Reed was special. The tower master took the initiative to show everyone the results of their project.

-Various military factions and merchants from all over, and even the aristocrats of the empire, want the recording device of the Silence Tower.

His bold behavior, which deviated from the usual behavior of a magician, breathed life into the tower.

No one disliked the tower operating dynamically.

Rather, most people were pleased that the tower, which had been stagnant, was working properly again.

Also, magicians who were originally interested in magic engineering thought this was an opportunity, and the magicians who had been skeptical started to look at magic engineering from a new perspective.

However, you can't satisfy everyone.

It was unpleasant for the chief magicians of the tower.

The Silence Tower, which is passionate about magical engineering.

They didn't like the magicians who surrendered themselves to the waves of change.

‘The perception of <Magic Engineering> is changing, indeed......’

Today, three apprentices of the chief magician changed their major to magical engineering.

A chief magician, who had 30 disciples, now only has 20 disciples left, and the footsteps of applicants who wanted to join him have completely stopped.

As a senior magician who majors in and researches pure magic, he couldn't help but hate Reed.

Reed had promised not to interfere with them, but as public attention turned to <Magic Engineering>, the apprentices' interest also leaned that way.

The chief magician looked up at the bulletin board as he walked.

The board, which had always been quiet before the advent of magic engineering, was suddenly full.

-Recruiting for 'Understanding Magic Engineering' study group.

-Seminar on 'Products Applying Magnesium' in progress.

-Competition for Magic Engineering invention and theory ideas underway.

There were so many posts related to magic engineering that the recruitment notice for the chief magician's disciples looked pitifully small underneath.

Even though he wanted to vent his frustration, he couldn't blame anyone for this.

'And it's not like he didn't keep his promise......'

Reed respected their pure magic and always immediately approved anything worth researching.

He never discriminated against them just because their path was different from his.

It was just that the results he showed changed people's minds, that was the problem.

He knew well that asking for more here was like a child's tantrum.

‘He might as well suggest switching to magical engineering......’

It's hard for a magician to swallow his pride first.

Moreover, it was difficult for the chief magician, whose head had hardened with age, to accumulate knowledge again.

No one said it, but the chief magicians knew very well that they were at a crossroads of fate.

Either they adapt to the suddenly changed environment or they become obsolete.

In order to survive in this situation, the chief magician sought Reed.

He went up to the top floor of the tower and walked up to Phoebe, the secretary and deputy tower master.

Golden long hair with threatening horns protruding.

Eyes were half-closed as if she were sleeping.

At first, he had a hard time adapting to such a figure of Phoebe, but now it didn't matter much.

In fact, he was one of the people who were surprised every time he saw Phoebe's golden eyes, so he rather liked her half-closed eyes now.


Phoebe greeted the chief magician with a bright smile.

Although called the Guardian of Silence Tower, Phoebe was always kind to her family members.

"Is the Tower Master in?"

"The Tower Master is on holiday today. He has been very busy replying to letters lately. So, he took a day off to play with the young lady."

"With the tower being so busy, I wonder if he is sane... Well, never mind."

He couldn't belittle the Tower Master's holiday, as the success this time was largely due to the Tower Master, who planned and presented the recorder himself.

"But he always works hard. Please don't think too badly."

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to slander the Tower Master. It's just that I'm having a hard time too......"

As the chief magician sighed, Phoebe comforted him.

"By the way, I've heard there are no apprentices wanting to do pure magic these days. Don't worry too much, both the Tower Master and I are considering measures for that."

The chief magician felt somewhat relieved.

She may seem slow and dull due to her languid tone, but she was capable enough to handle all the tasks of the tower as the deputy tower master.

'She would have made a suitable next tower master...'

She handled magic and mana well, and her public image was sufficient to elevate the stature of the fallen tower.

However, the former tower master, Jude Roten, chose Reed over Phoebe.

Phoebe, devoid of ambition, did not resist this choice and instead sincerely congratulated Reed.

In the end, since Reed elevated the tower's stature, it turned out Jude was right.

As the chief magician, who had been nodding his head, turned to leave, there was a fragrant smell that tickled his nose.

It was the smell coming from Phoebe.

"You have a pleasant scent."

At the chief magician's casual remark, Phoebe beamed.

"Oh, isn't it nice? It's the smell of perfume. The Tower Master gave it to me as a gift~."

She swayed, wafting the fragrance around her.

The chief magician grimaced at her display.

"That's odd. I thought you didn't like perfume?"


"Didn't you dislike strong scents because of your sensitive sense of smell?"

Phoebe is a half-dragon.

She stood in a position superior to humans but inferior to dragons.

She had better senses than anyone, so her sense of smell was also more sensitive.

Naturally, perfume, which affects the sensitive sense of smell, was one of the things she avoided.

Even if the perfume was made with the faint scent of roses as its purpose, it was nonetheless a concentrated rose scent, which could only be very strong to Phoebe.

Interpreted maliciously, the gift could have been Reed's way of pranking Phoebe.

Of course, Phoebe never interpreted it maliciously.

"But the Tower Master gave it to me."

"So you would accept anything if the tower master gives it?"

Phoebe cheerfully showed the perfume bottle that Reed had given her.

"He never gave me anything like a gift before. Even if it's something I dislike, I'll happily accept it~."

"But what about the smell?"

She spoke as if it were simple.

"I just have to start liking it~."

The chief magician couldn't comprehend her words.

Could one possibly come to enjoy something that irritates their senses?

In stark contrast to his furrowed brows, Phoebe was standing with a genuinely happy face.

"You really follow the Tower Master a lot."

To the chief magician's words, Phoebe responded like this.

"He is the only one I have."

The only one she had.

Although she spoke that way, the reality was different.

Reed was everything to Phoebe.

He was a precious existence that no one could replace.

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