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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 49 Part 2

The tower master's meeting resumed after the demonstration.

Although there was a suicide incident using <Trigger Hypnosis> during the demonstration, it was not of significant importance to be discussed among the tower masters.

"It's about that time, isn't it?"

"Do you mean the Academy's graduation?"

"And the entrance ceremony as well."

Graduation and entrance ceremonies.

Even though there were still three months left, preparations had to be made in advance to recruit good talents.

In reality, each tower was in a competitive relationship, but because the characteristics of each tower were different, most found a place that suited their nature.

Therefore, their goal was always the same.

Even if the talents they had their eyes on went to other towers, they should not be taken by the kingdoms’ workshops!

Everyone rallied with this in mind.

"Let's set aside time tomorrow to discuss strategies against the workshops."



The meeting ended smoothly, and they were about to part ways after exchanging greetings.

Reed pulled out a prepared item and showed it to them.

"This is a gift for the Tower Masters."

What he took out was a magic recording device and a magic recorded device in which music had been recorded.

The Tower Masters were surprised by the unexpected gift.

"Oh, weren't you going to distribute this a week later?"

"I did, but I thought I should first give them to the Tower Masters. We're all one family, and you've given me Rosaria's educational materials, so this is a token of my appreciation."

"Wow, thanks!"

"Thank you, Silence Tower Master. You're as cool as they say."

Although he had taken their orders, he did not charge the Tower Masters separately.

Winning their favor was the first priority.

Neither Helios, the chairperson, nor Dolores refused his gift.

"Thank you, Silence Tower Master. I'll make sure to listen."

"Thank you, Master of the Silence Tower."

Dolores' formal voice came through softly.

There was no reason for the Tower Master of Danseok, and his group who were wary of Reed to refuse, so they accepted Reed's gift.

After distributing them to everyone, there was one set left.

'It must be for Freesia.'

As she was currently the one he was most conscious of, Reed felt tense.

'Should I just not give it?'

He had given it to all the tower masters who were keeping their distance, so if he didn't give it to her, it would look too suspicious.

So he had no choice but to calmly pass on the gift.

As he was thinking this, he heard a voice from behind.

"Oh, Reed, why aren't you leaving? Were you waiting for me?"

Freesia approached him warmly.

Black hair, red eyes, and a charmingly evil smile.

She might look like a 12-year-old girl, but the smile she wore showed she was far from a child.

A terribly wicked smile that carries 131 years of experience.

Reed handed the remaining box to Freesia with a smile.

"This is for you, Tower Master."

"A gift? Oh, is this the thing you showed at the demonstration?"

"Yes, it is."

His heart sank at the word 'demonstration,' but Reed nodded calmly.

'She seems to be reacting as if she doesn't know I interfered with her plans...'

While he was thinking this, Freesia muttered.

"I like such gifts, but there's something else I want."

"What do you mean?"

While Reed was momentarily off guard, Freesia made a surprise move.

"The perfume you took."

She knew after all.

She knew that Reed had secured Adonis and that he had ruined her and Morgan's plan.

Freesia took a step forward, lifted herself on her toes, and smelled Reed's neck.

At the same time, Reed could smell her scent.

It was the scent of cinnamon and roses.

"You didn't use it?"


"It's my favorite scent. The scent of cinnamon and roses, it's like a combination made for me."

Freesia lowered herself from her toes and smiled.

Her red eyes sparkled unpleasantly.

'But she doesn't seem to intend to fight.'

Reed was puzzled by her behavior.

He had thwarted her plans, so why was she not showing any hostility or desire to kill him?

It was beyond the realm of simply tolerating him because he was handsome.

There were plenty of extraordinarily handsome men on the continent.

If she was chasing after good-looking men, there would already be rumors about it.

There must be a reason why she's acting this way.

An important reason.

'Finding out that important reason is the key...'

It was likely to be an important means of winning over the 'Undead Empress', Freesia.

Reed swallowed his question and spoke politely.

"I will return it to you."


"When the time is right."

He did not specify an exact date.

But both Freesia and Reed knew.

That the day was not far off and would surely come.


Cohen Castle, Office of the Third Knight Commander.

After opening up with everything to Reed, Adonis found her usual office looking different.

Having shed tears and released her pent-up emotions, things she hadn't considered before started to become clearer.

'The city is peaceful, but there are thieves springing up outside.'

She had thought that as Cohen became increasingly wealthy, bandits are moving in search of plunder.

However, the reports did not show a lot of movement from the bandits.

Considering everything, it meant that bandits were naturally springing up somewhere.

So, where would the hole they're springing from be?

'The village...'

It was the small villages near the border.

Small villages whose names she couldn't even properly remember.

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