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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 52 Part 2

 After getting the location from Freesia, Reed, and Phoebe left the Black Sky Tower.

"Do you think you know where it is?"

"I've figured out the location. However, not only is the speed a concern, but it's also going to be hard to find a place to land the sky carriage."

Morgan and his son were held in a mountainous area not far from the Hupper Kingdom.

If the sky carriage didn't have a proper place to land, not only the chariot but also the people inside it could be in danger.

Phoebe sighed.

"It can't be helped..."

She frowned and exerted her strength.


Something bulged out from her back.


It exploded right away.

Pieces of her clothing scattered and something large unfolded.

It was a huge pair of wings.

They were so huge and fierce that it was hard to believe that they came out of her small body.

Reed realized once again that she was a half-dragon.

"I wanted to undress if possible, but I can't dare to show such a pathetic body... Please understand!"

Phoebe blushed and stuttered.

Understanding her meaning, Reed nodded.

"Master, um... I'm going to hold you."


"You absolutely must not open your eyes now."

"I got it, let's move quickly."


Phoebe went around to his back and hugged Reed tightly.

"Ah... Master's back..."

"Phoebe, focus."

"I'm sorry..."

Along with her voice, which was longer than usual, a faint moan echoed in Reed's ears.

Despite her slender wrist, he could feel an undeniable strong power.


Her giant wings spread out, blocking the sky.

Half-dragon, Phoebe leaped in an instant.

Her enormous wings pushed against the earth and sliced through the sky.

Feeling the air pressure that seemed to tear his skin, Reed opened his eyes again to find everything pitch black.

Phoebe and Reed were already flying above the clouds.

"We're off!"

Phoebe and Reed's bodies disappeared from that spot.

Where they disappeared, only a trace of a bullet piercing through the clouds remained.

At that time, in the mountains not far from Cohen City.

There was a place in the mountain range that was particularly not steep and was gentle enough to easily make a path.

People called this place the "Beginner's Hill," saying if one couldn't cross it, they shouldn't start an adventure.

In that Beginner's Hill, there was a cave that no one knew about.

Inside the narrow cave, if one went deep enough, a cave wide beyond imagination appeared.

This was a secret place that Morgan had secretly created to conduct rituals.

Six magicians were concentrating on the ritual, leaning on the candlelight.

At the center of mana, Morgan and his son, Morgan II, were laid on a slab.

The leader of the magicians shouted.

"Everyone, focus. This matter must be kept absolutely confidential, and no one should make a mistake!"


Magicians responded in a spirited voice.

Moving their wands, they controlled the gathered mana.

The magic they were using was a spirit possession spell for family members.

They were in the process of transferring Morgan's soul to his son, Morgan II.

If it were Freesia, she could perform it alone, but it was a high-level spell that required six magicians to barely complete.

Then, it happened.


They felt a vibration as if a meteorite had fallen.

Dust fell from the ceiling, disrupting the magicians' concentration.

"Concentrate! It's not our business!"

Seeing the flow of mana disturbed, the leader quickly redirected their attention.

Although the leader was bothered, the spell was crucial at the moment.

'It'll be okay.'

Then, he heard the sound of a thread breaking in his head.

It was the breaking of the boundary magic he had set up.


The second boundary magic and the third one were also destroyed.

It was confirmed.

There was an intruder heading here.

The leader could no longer concentrate and turned his head to look at the entrance.


The sound of hoof steps, clearly audible even on the dirt floor.

With the eerie footsteps, a man revealed himself.

A man with grey hair and golden eyes.

"Found you."

It was Reed Adeleheights Roton.

"It's, it's the Master of the Silent Tower!"

"How, how did you find this place?"

Given that King Morgan had been planning this for a long time, there were few who knew of this place.

Even the magicians who knew about the plan in advance only found out about the existence of this place today. How did the Master of the Silent Tower find out about this place?

The concentration of all the magicians was disrupted.

Eventually, the spirit possession spell for the family members failed.

Now that it had already failed, the leader changed the plan.

'The opponent is a tower master. Even if he's the weakest tower master, his magic will be exceptional.'

If he, a level 4 in <Magic>, and his members who are level 3 or lower engage in battle, the odds of the tower master winning would be higher.

"We can't let this go easily... everyone, prepare for battle!"


The magicians tore out the scrolls they had been keeping.

The spell sealed in the scroll was activated.


A shockwave occurred, and the mana floating around the area began to disperse.

Just in case, Reed concentrated mana at his fingertips.

But there was no sensation of mana gathering.

'This is magic jamming.'

It was a tool used by knights when engaging in close combat with magicians, and it wasn't commonly used by magicians.

The opponent was a tower master.

Knowing that they would lose no matter what they did, they had taken out their secret weapon first.

"Kill him! He must be killed! No one who knows this place can be left alive!"

The magicians drew their daggers.

6 versus 1.

Without mana, a magician is no different from an ordinary person, so the numerical advantage had no meaning.

However, Reed wasn't flustered and briefly glanced over the daggers they were holding.

"You've set up a suicide mission."

Once a magician gives up magic, they become less than bandits.

And Reed still had another card to play besides magic.


When Reed called the name, someone came walking from behind.

The magicians could only agree bitterly with Reed's words.

Her golden hair was like a dog's fur, and her horns were threateningly protruding.

Asteria's Mad Dragon, infamous as the watchdog of the Silent Tower, walked in with a smile.

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