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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 53 Part 1

 Long Live the King (2)


Phoebe Astheria Roton.

Her notoreity was widely known, but very few had experienced her in person.

From the moment Reed became the next tower master and Phoebe was appointed as his secretary and deputy tower master, she had become a docile half-dragon who couldn't defy Reed.

Because of this, some were lulled into complacency, but those standing before her now couldn't afford to smile.

It was literally a self-destructive act.

None of the magicians could open their mouths.

Phoebe, who stepped forward, spoke to them with a smile as if she was in trouble.

"Everyone, please surrender. We didn't come here to harm you."

Her dragging voice.

At a glance, it sounded frightened.

What's the human psychology like?

Even if they know they're going to lose, humans think they can win the moment they see a chance.

Phoebe sincerely asked for surrender, but the magicians who heard her voice were rather energized.

"Don't, don't be scared! That girl is also a magician! Kill them all!"

The magicians with daggers rushed toward Phoebe.

"Um... I did ask politely..."

Phoebe let out a sigh with a regretful face.

They still didn't know.

She is a half-dragon.

The reason she became the Mad Dragon of Asteria had nothing to do with magic.

Phoebe disappeared.

At the same time, one of the charging magicians disappeared as well.

"Huh, what?"


The magicians, who had yet to grasp the situation.

The magician standing in the center discovered his comrade had vanished and began to look around.

Phoebe was standing behind them with the missing magician.

Only, the disappeared magician was unconscious, and Phoebe was looking at them with an indifferent face.

Was it magic?

No. She was within the range of magic jamming, so she couldn't have easily used magic.

But no matter how they tried to rationalize it, they were only filled with terror.

Because it meant that it didn't take her even a second to knock one out.

"Does anyone else want to come?"

"This, this devilish girl!"

"I definitely warned you... You're the ones who ignored it!"

Although it could be seen as mockery, Phoebe felt she had given a proper warning.

"Then let me make it clear for you!"

Phoebe picked up the dagger of the unconscious magician.

The magicians, seeing her pick up a weapon, hesitated.

But it didn't seem like Phoebe was going to use the weapon.

"Now, everyone, if you try to swing something like this at Phoebe, this is what happens!"

Phoebe held the dagger between her index and thumb.

"Look! Eiii!"


She broke it.

Contrary to her cute speech, she easily broke the steel dagger with two fingers.

She did it as effortlessly as if she were splitting a biscuit in half, without a single sign of struggling.

"You understand now? It's dangerous."

Phoebe laughed heartily, resembling a safety instructor giving a demonstration.

The magicians who saw the dagger break in two dropped all the daggers they were holding, feeling the difference in strength.

"Please... please just spare our lives!"

"I just followed orders! Please! Spare my life!"

They began desperately begging for their lives.

Phoebe looked down at them and then asked Reed,

"What should we do with those who surrender?"

"Knock them out. They pointed a knife at me, so we should at least do that."


Phoebe, realizing the situation a bit late, exuded a completely different aura than before.

Attempting to harm the tower master was an unforgivable crime in her eyes.

With her aura, Phoebe struck each of them on the head with the palm of her hand, one by one.


With a grotesque echo, the magicians fell down as if they had all been switched off.

Being proficient at controlling her strength, knocking them out was no big deal for Phoebe.

"Wait! We came under the order of King Morgan! Every single one of us is under his command!"

"Be quiet!"


After making even the leader unconscious, Phoebe turned to Reed.

"What should we do now?"

"For now, tie them all up."

Killing them would be a headache.

Phoebe turned their robes inside out and tied them with their own belt, making it appear as if their upper bodies were bound in a sack.

The so-called 'pumpkin binding’.

Exposing everything from their toes to their groin was the best way to suppress a magician.

Usually, robes were enchanted with magic resistance spells, making it difficult to sever them with magic. Attempting to forcibly cut them with high-level magic could backfire.

'This is a rather malicious method.'

Despite not aiming to embarrass them, it was an excellent binding technique to induce a sense of shame.

The magicians had all been subdued and the family possession spell had failed.

Now, only Morgan remained.


Morgan, who had been on the slab, woke up.

Pain surged through his heavy eyelids with every movement.

Everything was as it was before.


Morgan hurriedly looked at his hand.

A large, wrinkled hand.

Clearly an old man's hand.

It had failed.

The magic had failed.

Morgan shouted in a voice filled with anger and betrayal.

"Why! Why did the magic fail! Commander! What the hell is this......"

Morgan, who was about to continue his words, stopped talking when he saw the person who entered his eyes.

A man with gray hair and golden eyes.

He was leaning back and staring at him.

"Nice to see you again, wise king."

"The Tower Master of Silence... how did you...?"

Even as he spoke, Morgan's eyes swept the surroundings.

All the magicians had already been subdued.

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