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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 53 Part 2

 "How do you think I got here?"

Reed smiled and responded politely.

"I knew you were trying to swap bodies with your son here."

But Morgan didn't blink an eye.

"What are you talking about! I was kidnapped and brought here! I know nothing! Uh, hurry up and get out of here!"

The sight of him hurriedly standing up and acting nonchalant already made Reed nauseous.

That's why he became calmer.

"It's already too late for you to play innocent."

"Too late for what......"

"The Tower Master of Black Sky has spilled everything. In exchange for giving up your spell."


"I've heard everything, from your attempts to trap your daughter during the demonstration to the fact that all the incidents that have happened in Cohen City were all done with your approval."

"I, I......"

"Did you do nothing? Really?"

Morgan, still wearing a benevolent face, was taken aback.

He tried to make an excuse, but his mouth did not open easily when facing Reed's eyes.

Reed had already seen through everything about him.

But Morgan still tried to squeeze out a lie somehow.

Then, his mask crumbled first.

"Damn, that little wretch....!"

Morgan showed hostility as if there was nothing more to hide.

Reed greeted him once more.

"Hello, Wise King."

"How dare you! You dare to spoil my plans?"

Morgan pointed his finger at Reed with a sizzling sound.

"So you're not denying it now. That you tried to kill your own daughter and son."

Then Morgan chuckled and said.

"They are my children who I loved and raised. What's the problem if I decide to do as I please with them? Every king, every nobleman does the same!"

Children are political tools.

This is a place where it is common to arrange marriages and send daughters off to marry in order to establish friendly relationships.

"But you crossed the line. Do you really think that trapping my daughter in a trap and taking over the body of your son is what a father should do?"

"All this is for the kingdom of Hupper. What I've achieved, what I've created, only I can understand!"

Reed quietly looked at him.

He asked him in a calm, unemotional, and plain tone.

"Do you really think others will understand what you're saying? Do you think your people will praise you as a wise king when they find out that you've stolen the life of your own son?"

"Wise ones prevent things from happening, while fools clean up after things have happened. Even though the chaos was caused by me, I was the one who cleaned it up! What's the problem if I use foolish methods to lead foolish people!"

Foolish and wise.

He was a very wise king when it came to leading the fools.

"You remain calm, Morgan Hupper."

"The fact that you came in here means that the barrier magic has undoubtedly been broken. If the barrier magic was broken, then the knights will be coming here."

It was a secret move that Morgan had prepared.

If an intruder who could break the barrier magic came, it was clear that he would be threatened, so he had prepared to get help from the outside somehow.

About an hour had passed since Reed invaded.

It wouldn't be strange if the knights were to rush in right now.

Soon, the knights will surround this secret place and come in.

The only ones present were Morgan and his son, Morgan the second, and Reed.

It was already decided who they would listen to.

Undoubtedly, it would be advantageous for Morgan.

"Master of the Silent Tower, I'd appreciate it if you'd stop opposing me any further. Let's live as if we don't know each other."

Morgan proposed, as if granting mercy.

He thought that if he was in the position of the tower master, he would accept it.

"That's good to know."

However, that was just Morgan's thought.

Reed spoke, completely unfazed.

"Isn't this the perfect moment to expose the true nature of human trash like you to the world?"

And as if pulling out a trump card, he brought forward the hand that he had been hiding.

Morgan's eyes widened at the sight of what he was holding.


-"For the endless prosperity of the Hupper Kingdom!" 

Undoubtedly his voice.

The voice that Morgan had recorded during the demonstration.

-"Whose voice does this sound like?"

Reed's voice followed, asking Morgan.

The real Morgan couldn't answer.

Knowing already what he had said, he could only tremble.

-"Haha, since everyone says so, this voice must undoubtedly be mine."

Morgan confirmed.

His kind voice turned into a beastly shout a few seconds later.

-"Damn, that little wretch....!"

At the vividly heard shout, Morgan was startled.

There was no need to play any more.

Regardless of what Morgan might say, his voice would have been very well recorded.

"Let's see if your foolish people understand all of this."

Morgan couldn't speak anymore.

Who would have known?

That the Master of the Silent Tower had recorded this entire situation with that device.


Morgan managed to utter with difficulty.

"Do you think... the knights... will just sit there and listen to that?"


"To them, loyalty is everything. Regardless of what I say or what atrocities I commit, they are entities that obey my command!"

He was right.

Knights didn't need logic in their loyalty.

Even if he committed evil deeds, the knights would follow the king.

Although he spoke confidently, Reed was not entirely at ease.

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