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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 54 Part 2

The knight's mask was broken.

Adonis, who had heard everything, didn't know what expression to make and just looked down at Morgan silently.

Morgan clenched his fists, thinking of only one thing:

Could it be that the Knights arrived sooner and Adonis heard everything?!’

"Is everything... true?"

Adonis asked in a trembling voice.

"Is it true that you tried to take away my brother and my life?"

"It's not. It was just a moment of excitement that made me say something strange. How could I want to kill you? How would I try to kill your sibling?"

He pretended not to know, but Adonis wouldn't fall for that obvious lie.

Her pent-up frustration finally burst.

"Why? Why are you still lying? Why! Why is the father who raised me lying to me!"

Adonis clutched her chest.

Her pounding heart felt as if it would burst at any moment.

"If you didn't like me, why didn't you tell me? If I couldn't fill the void with my abilities, I would have stepped down for the sake of the Hupper Kingdom. But Father... Father, why didn't you even say that when I devoted everything to you!"

Morgan replied to her words.

"I just did what I had to for my country. This country can only survive if I lead it."

"So, you tried to use my brother, who mother gave birth to at the cost of her own life, as a tool to extend your life?"

She used to be jealous of her younger brother — the brother that made her loathe herself — but all of it was a scheme set up by their father.

The betrayal of her family.

She felt a sense of loss, as if her soul had been torn into a million pieces and scattered like fog.

Morgan Hupper stood up abruptly and shouted.

"I am Morgan Hupper! The first king of the Hupper Kingdom, the king who made it an independent country! How can I entrust everything to inexperienced people like you when the foundation has not yet been properly established!"

"How can you say such foolish things? For your reputation, Father, I've faced every kind of danger! Did you plan to use me like a hunting dog and then discard me?"

"How would you understand my will?"

Communication was impossible.

As Adonis listened to his words, she realized one thing.

There was no longer the wise king she knew.

The father she had admired and served was gone.

"I... I was betrayed by the person I was trying to protect."

"What, what are you doing?"

Adonis drew her dagger and approached Morgan.

Morgan faltered in his place.

"If I was inadequate as a princess and a knight, it's certainly my fault. So..."

Adonis handed Morgan her dagger.

Then she knelt down on the spot and closed her eyes.

Clear tears streamed down.

"Kill me right here, right now."

He thought it was insane.

However, Reed couldn't move easily.

'Adonis wants to believe until the end.'

She wants to believe in her family even to the point of risking her life.

Holding her breath, she waited for Morgan's choice.

For a while, Morgan looked down at the dagger and muttered to Adonis.

"This is... all for the Hupper Kingdom."

He raised the dagger above his head.

He aimed at Adonis's neck.

"So I have no hesitation in my actions!"

At the moment when he was about to strike Adonis's neck.

"Cough... cough..."

Morgan Hupper dropped the dagger he was holding and clutched his chest.


Morgan sat on the stone slab, trembling all over.

It was a heart attack.

He was so frail that it wouldn't have been surprising for him to die at any moment.

Cornered in this situation, his heart failed.

No one helped Morgan as his eyes began to dim.

Foaming at the mouth, Morgan died pathetically.

Adonis cautiously opened her eyes.

"Until the end... you didn't even hug me."

If he had thrown away the dagger and hugged her.

If he had sincerely repented and apologized for his mistakes.

Perhaps she would have felt her father still alive in her cold heart.

Adonis realized that her father was really dead and cried silently.

With one hand, she pinched her lips to hold back the sorrow, and with the other hand, she wiped away the tears.

Someone approached Adonis like that.

A very small hand gently hugged her back.


It was Morgan the Second.

"Don't be sad, sister."

Adonis carefully stood up and looked at Morgan the Second.

His own golden hair, just like hers.

Green eyes, just like hers.

A face just like their mother's.


And the only treasure she had.

"My one and only... brother."

Morgan the Second gently smiled and wrapped his arms around Adonis's head.

Buried in the chest of her brother, Adonis shed tears.

"I'm still here, sister. I, Morgan, am on your side more than anyone else."

"I'm sorry. Please forgive me for hating you, for being so jealous of you."

"We both committed great sins against each other. Neither of us is in a position to forgive the other for the huge sins we've committed."

Morgan the Second comforted her, holding her head like an egg.

Time passed for a moment like that.

Adonis got up from his embrace.

As the whirlwind of emotions subsided, Reed stepped in.

"Lady Adonis, Prince Morgan, what will you do now?"

Adonis looked down at the dead Morgan with calm eyes, flushed red.

In their heart, a desire for vengeance against their father flared up.

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  1. How convenient for him to have a heart attack right at that moment.

    1. He probably got too worked up and his week heart couldn't handle it. It didn't matter anyways since he would have either been killed or imprisoned.

    2. Considering the guy didn't even allow himself to be happy for fear of cardiac arrest, I'm not surprised he died after the stress of losing everything.

  2. I know that this is supposed to be extremely emotional, but tjis made me chuckle, ""Morgan the Second comforted her, holding her head like an egg."