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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 55 Part 1

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Long Live the King (4)

Adonis, biting her lips and clenching her fists, opened her mouth.

"I will inform the people of all the wrongdoings committed by the king."

The chaos caused for the sake of the title of a wise king.

The plan to drive herself out in the demonstration.

And even the use of black magic on the prince.

She will reveal all the things she had committed for his own honor and greed.

It was enough for Morgan's honor to be trampled to the ground.

"You can't do that, sister."

Morgan the Second opposed her opinion.

Adonis doubted her ears.

Her anger surged, but she managed to stay calm and asked him.

"Do you still say that knowing what kind of wrongdoings he committed?"

"I heard everything. The conversations between the master of the Silence Tower and the king, and all the conversation you had with him."

"Even after hearing that story...are you not angry?"

Adonis couldn't understand the calm Morgan the Second.

Right now, the one most scared should have been Morgan the Second, who almost lost his body, but he stood even more calmly than himself.

"Although father spread chaos in Cohen for the sake of the title of 'Wise King' and tried to kill us, revealing his wrongdoings would ultimately lead the Kingdom to ruin."

"Do you mean...you will continue what he has done?"

"If we reveal his wrongdoings, the people of the Hupper Kingdom, as well as the surrounding areas, will be threatened. If division occurs, everyone will suffer in the end."


"You have to remember the people you wanted to protect. Think about the people, not the king."

At Morgan's gentle persuasion, Adonis realized that her reasoning was not rational.

It was true.

The one who committed the crime was Morgan alone.

It had nothing to do with the people.

"But... I can't forgive him. I..."

"It's not about forgiveness. This is revenge, sister."

Morgan looked up at Adonis with serious eyes and said.

"We will take away everything he ever wanted. By cherishing it and leading it on the right path, we will bring prosperity to the Hupper Kingdom. We will show that he was wrong."

"Do you think... that will be possible?"

Adonis was anxious.

She had always been afraid of succeeding the throne.

How would she march the achievements of previous king? 

Maybe she would not be able to do anything obscured by the glory of her predecessors.

"If it's you, sister, it's definitely possible."

Morgan the Second smiled.


The cold wind came down from the north.

Winter had arrived.

Reed, wearing a warm coat, adjusted Rosaria's white fur coat collar.

Half-asleep Rosaria asked Reed with half-closed eyes.

"Where are we going?"

"It's a coronation ceremony."

"Coronation ceremony?"

"It's the event where we go to see the next king. Doesn't it sound fun?"

"It sounds fun."

Rosaria rubbed her sleepy eyes and giggled.

Reed tightened her scarf to prevent her from catching a cold in the chilly wind.

He held Rosaria's hand and walked.

They were heading to the main street of Cohen.

There, many people were climbing up the road towards Cohen Castle.

Despite the early hour, there were already enough people gathered in the central square of the castle to fill half of the square.

Two months had passed since Morgan Hupper's death.

Now, the people of Cohen and the surrounding small villages were waiting to watch the coronation ceremony.

"It's crowded."

Rosaria puffed up her cheeks and looked up.

"Do you not like it?"

"I can't see where the king comes out from here."

Rosaria tried to look up by tiptoeing and jumping, but she was far from being able to surpass the height of adult men.

Reed grabbed such Rosaria and lifted her up to sit on his shoulders.

"Alright, up you go!"

"Kyahaha! I can see well!"

Rosaria burst into laughter as she could see clearly ahead.

Borrowing the height of tall Reed, Rosaria could see clearly ahead.

Rosaria murmured as she placed her hands on Reed's head.

"There's no horns like Phoebe Unni."

"You won't fall as long as you don't move."


Reed quietly looked up at the terrace.

He saw the figure of a trumpeter holding a long horn to his mouth.



"Watch carefully. This is the perspective people look up to see the king."

Shortly after, the horn sound echoed from the terrace overlooking the square.

The thunderous cheers of the people filling the square resonated, filling Cohen Castle.

Soon after, the future king appeared on the terrace wearing a crown and a red cloak.

It was the still 9-year-old Morgan Hupper the Second.

-People of Cohen! People of the Hupper Kingdom!

The voice was so majestic that it was hard to believe it was from someone so young and small.

-My father, the king, sacrificed everything for me and returned to the arms of Althea! Although the golden age of the Hupper Kingdom has not yet come, no one can deny that he dedicated himself more than anyone else for the Hupper Kingdom!

With a clear, resonating voice, he continued to praise Morgan Hupper.

-I will follow the will of my father, who was praised as the wise king! I will dedicate myself to the prosperity of the Hupper Kingdom, fight for the weak, and act according to the will of the light!

Morgan the Second clenched his fist.

-People of the Hupper Kingdom! Follow me! My strength will be come through your voices! Shout out loud so that no one can ignore the Hupper Kingdom!

And he shouted towards the sky.

-For the endless prosperity of the Hupper Kingdom!

At the same time as the young king's cry, everyone gathered in the square raised their fists towards the sky.

"For the endless prosperity of the Hupper Kingdom!"

"For the endless prosperity of the Hupper Kingdom!"

"Oh, Althea, watch over our king!"

"Oh, Althea, watch over our king!"

The heat of the square burned without cooling down in the cold winter.

Morgan Hooper is dead.

The six wizards who practiced black magic also died.

At first, he suspected that Phoebe might have failed to control her power, but they were already poisoned.

There was no doubt that Morgan planned to discard them after the ritual was successful.

In the end, only the Hupper siblings, Reed, Phoebe, and the supportive Freesia knew the truth behind the self-kidnapping incident.

Yet, nobody mentioned the truth.

For a more perfect revenge, they lied about the kidnapping incident.

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  1. How is that even considered a perfect revenge... The kings name will still be remembered for generations without any flaws. Upholding the good image of the royal family is just selfish preservation of power, not really out of concern for the common people.

    1. You might say that, but if the deeds of the former King are known there will be doubts about the current one. Where there are doubts it gives off a chance for discontent and rebellion. Yes maybe that is just trying to seize power. But rebellions are most often bloody, so in a way it is for the people

    2. If he becomes a much better king than his father, then yes it would be revenge.

  2. According to me it is kind of a perfect revenge(or at least will be) as the king failed to see a future of the kingdom filled with prosperity without him on the throne.