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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 56 Part 1

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Children will say anything (1)

A political marriage.

There's no way he doesn't know about it.

Isn't it about using children as a tool to solidify one's position?

The world view of <Disaster 7> was basically a medieval-based fantasy, so political marriages were common.

Yes, it's a very common thing.


Reed roughly put down the teacup he was holding.

He was so shaken that If he had even a little bit of tea in his mouth, he might have spat it out.

Morgan II didn't notice his agitation, and Reed cautiously asked him with a trembling heart.

"Do you happen to be interested?"

"Well... I'm a bit embarrassed to say, but I am."

The smile on Reed's face disappeared completely.

The world must be coming to an end.

A 9-year-old kid is interested in political marriage.

Rosaria, who was munching on a snack, turned her head quickly and asked.

"What is a political marriage?"

"It means getting married. A man and a woman become a pair."


Rosaria's eyes sparkled at the word.

On the other hand, Reed became very serious and worried.

‘Could it be about Rosaria?'

They had met once at the demonstration, and it wasn't unreasonable for him to fall deeply for Rosaria's energetic charm.

At least, that's what Reed thought.

But it still is ridiculous.

Reed decided to draw a firm line with him, putting strength into his eyes.

"I'm sorry, Your Majesty. My daughter is too young and has a lot to learn. More than anything, she's still a young child who can't properly express her own opinions, so it seems unreasonable for me to do such a thing on my own."

"Huh? Oh, I see."

Morgan II blinked his eyes with a puzzled expression.

Then, realizing the meaning, he laughed and said.

"I did say it was a political marriage, but I have no intention of marrying Rosaria. So, you don't have to worry about that happening."

"…Is that so?"

Reed felt even worse when he heard that there was no interest, and it was somehow unpleasant in its own way.

What's wrong with my daughter that you say such a thing?

Unknowingly, Reed's eyes filled with strength as he looked at Morgan II.

[T/N: What a doting father lol]

Morgan II corrected his words again, seeing Reed's reaction.

"Well... to put it another way, I think of her like my younger sister. A cute younger sister. I want to cherish and support her, but she's not someone I want to marry. Don't you have such feelings? That's what I mean."

"I see."

Reed sighed with relief.

If it's not about Rosaria, why did he bring up that story?

"Then, whose story is it about political marriage?"

"It's about my sister."

"Sister... you mean."

There was no need to think further.

It was not Rosaria and Morgan II, but Reed and Adonis.

'My head goes blank when it's about me.'

When it was about Rosaria, there was shock, fear, and anger swirling. But now, it felt like a literal typhoon was raging.

"I know you are unmarried."

"There's a reason for that."

"I've heard that mages don't start families to focus on their research. But since you have Rosaria, it seems like you have thought about having a family."

"There are still many things I haven't done for this child. Moreover, I've already broken off an engagement in the past... Please understand."

"I suppose I've overstepped my bounds. I apologize, Tower Master."

Morgan II raised his cup with an apologetic face.

Seeing him, Reed suddenly had a doubt.

'Is this child... really 9 years old?'

His face was filled with innocence, but his words were frighteningly mature.

'He will surely become a great politician in the future.'

Reed was convinced that he would become an even more outstanding figure than the former king, Morgan.

As Morgan II looked at his tea, he casually threw out a question.

"Is my sister lacking in some way?"

Reed quickly explained in response to his question.

"No, that's not the case. I just don't know much about Lady Adonis yet, but I've never thought that her charm was lacking."

"Well, they say that a man and a woman can understand each other's charm at a single glance. Do you think my sister lacks femininity?"


Reed was well aware of Adonis's femininity, having already seen many of her charms.

Morgan II spoke with a confident expression.

"Then let me tell you about my sister's femininity."

"I don't think that's a good idea."

"What could be wrong with a story about my sister? If you hear this story, you'll undoubtedly think differently about her."

What could be wrong?

The reason was, of course, Adonis standing behind Morgan.

Adonis Hupper was looking down at him with ghostly eyes.

Morgan, unaware of such facts, continued his story about Adonis.

"Everyone used to call her the ghost of the Cohen Kingdom, but she's really scared of frogs. Once, when she saw a frog, she jumped back in fear, and when I caught it for her, she stepped back. How feminine..."


Morgan flinched at the sound of his name being called.

It was purely because he was startled by the sudden call, not because he was caught talking bad about her.

Morgan II looked at Adonis with an innocent face and said.

"Sister! I was just telling a story about you!"

"That's a nice story. But now, would you please step aside so that the adults can continue talking?"

"There's still a lot to talk about..."

"Will you not step aside?"

Her terrifying power weighed down on his shoulders.

Unable to resist her pressure, Morgan got up from his seat.

"Alright. Rosaria, would you like to go to my room while the adults continue the conversation?"

"What's in the room?"

"I don't have any toys, but I heard that you like books, Rosaria. Let's read a fairy tale together."

"Fairy tales! Great!"

Rosaria, tired of eating snacks, wiped her mouth and got up from her seat.

Seeing her walking hand in hand with her brother-like Morgan, Reed couldn't help but worry if he really didn't have any feelings for her.

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