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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 55 Part 2

Morgan loved his son.

He secretly conducted black magic with the magicians to share his remaining life for his dying son, and because of that, both the magicians and Morgan lost their lives.

There were those who doubted his death, but no one stepped forward to investigate it.

It was because Morgan II's health, which had always been poor, miraculously started to improve.

Because of that, Adonis realized that Morgan had a hand in her brother's health as well.

However, it didn't matter now.

Everything he tried to take away was in the hands of the siblings.

In the end, Morgan's fame was elevated even more through his death.

But does fame have any meaning to the dead?

Morgan the Second.

He was a boy with a calmness and uniqueness that was hard to believe for a 9-year-old.

Morgan's sudden death raised the issue of succession.

He had not written a will during his lifetime.

Thus, many people expected a struggle between the siblings.

However, contrary to everyone's concerns, the wise king, Morgan's throne, was taken by Morgan the Second.

The one who strongly insisted on putting him on the throne was Adonis himself.

Unlike her who was engulfed in anger, Morgan II remained calm.

She saw the qualities of a king in him when he chose revenge by taking away everything Morgan wanted, not a futile outburst towards a corpse.

Morgan accepted her suggestion and proposed one thing.

-Although I will inherit the throne, I am still only a 9-year-old child. Surely other kingdoms will underestimate us. Therefore, please, sister, help me lead this country together with me as a regent.

Adonis was like a deep-rooted tree, and Morgan was like a reed.

She had a strong personality, but her tender heart could break in the face of unbearable winds.

On the other hand, Morgan had a gentle personality, yet he possessed a resilience that allowed him to bend without breaking in any wind.

In the end, the future of Morgan the Second becoming king did not change.

However, it was a future created by the Hupper siblings.


Cohen Castle reception room.

Three people sat at a table with beautiful refreshments.

"How was the coronation ceremony?"

The young king with blond hair and green eyes, Morgan Hupper the Second, sitting on the opposite side, asked Reed.

"It was very impressive. My daughter also followed along and cheered."

"For the endless prosperity!"

Rosaria shouted once again.

The snack she had in her mouth dribbled out.

"Rosaria, didn't I tell you not to talk while eating?"


Reed wiped the spilled snack off his clothes.

Morgan the Second smiled as he watched.

"You could have watched by my side as I had invited you."

"It didn't seem right for someone who is not a citizen of the Hupper Kingdom to watch from a place where close associates should be, so I stepped back."

"What are you talking about? Aren't you the benefactor who gave me first aid?"

Morgan the Second smiled.

Now, the Master of the Silence Tower was the protagonist of a heroic tale.

He was the first to rush to the scene upon sensing an anomaly in mana, corrected the almost failed black magic, and dramatically saved Morgan II.

In fact, it was half-true since he did save Morgan the Second from almost dying.

Reed sipped his tea and asked Morgan the Second.

"What are your plans for the future?"

"I have to make amends for everything my father has done. I have repaid all the promissory notes and sent priests to calm the unrest among the people."

Morgan the Second spared no effort to clean up the chaos that Morgan had induced.

Those who had attempted robbery were forgiven, and those who had committed robbery were treated leniently according to their crimes.

'It would be perfect if we could release the people who were only intended for research.' 

Although she couldn't release everyone, Freesia promised to release all the people who were not used in the experiments.

As Freesia, who knew Morgan's despicable side, kept her mouth shut, the Hupper Kingdom also didn't question her right or wrong.

"Still, I'm worried."

"What are you worried about?"

"I feel like I understand how easy it was for my father to create intentional chaos and fix it afterward. It seems difficult to gain support just by implementing good policies."

"You must not fall into a bad path. If you repeat the same mistakes as the wise king, you will fall into the abyss."

Reed cautiously warned.

At the bitter words, Morgan the Second smiled and looked at Reed quietly.

"As expected, you are a good person, Tower Master."

"Suddenly, you're giving me embarrassing compliments."

"My subjects always warned me to be wary of the magicians of the tower. However, no matter how many times I think about it, you don't seem like someone who would harbor ill intentions towards us. You must be a good person since you saved my sister and me."

"You're right!"

Rosaria, who swallowed the snack, agreed with Morgan's opinion.

There was a reason why she suddenly praised him.

"So, I have a suggestion. Why don't our Hooper Kingdom and the Silent Tower form an alliance?"

"An alliance... you say?"

"It's a matter approved by all the magicians of the workshop."

The Hupper Kingdom had its own magic workshop.

Requesting an alliance with the magicians of the tower, instead of the magicians of such workshops, was unprecedented, if not the first.

"Magic engineering is a study for the people, not the magicians. I believe it is the way for the welfare of the people, and it will undoubtedly be the basis of my support."

"I see."

"Of course, it's not just about us gaining benefits. We will support everything you desire, Master of Tower."

Reed listened to his words and thought about what he could gain.

'Not only knowledge, but we could also obtain minerals from the mountains and the carcasses of subjugated monsters.'

The Hupper Kingdom could exert influence where Silence Tower’s didn't reach and quickly secure research resources, so it was a good suggestion.

"As it involves both the tower and the workshop, we should have a conference... If there's no leakage of information, other magicians would undoubtedly approve as well. Let's try to persuade them."

"Thank you. And..."

Morgan the Second, who had been talking smoothly, suddenly hesitated with his lips.

And his eyes turned back to Reed.

"By any chance... do you know about strategic marriages?"

Upon hearing those words, Reed was taken aback.

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