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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 57 Part 1

 Children will say Anything (2)

Dolores blinked her eyes and looked down at Rosaria.

Then, she smiled awkwardly.

However, she couldn't get rid of that awkward smile.

"Uh, um... what did you say?"

Dolores asked Rosaria again, thinking she might have heard it wrong.

"Daddy's getting married to Adonis Unni for political reasons!"

"A, a political marriage? Not the young prince and Rosaria?"

"Yeah! Morgan said if Adonis Unni marries Papa, they'll become wealthy!"

"Oh, I see..."

Dolores, who was about to finish her private tutoring and get up, couldn't easily lift her hips.

She kept her gaze far away and blankly mulled over Rosaria's words.

"Unni, what's wrong?"

"Uh... huh? Oh, nothing. Just make sure you do your homework."


Dolores got up from her seat, and Rosaria reluctantly saw her off with a displeased face.

When Dolores came out of the room, she leaned against the door and blankly looked up at the Mana pillar again.

An indescribable emotion.

Dolores tried to calm her emotions by placing her hand on her chest.

'Is it... betrayal?'

That's how she felt when she first heard it from Rosaria.

She imagined Reed finding a new nest right after breaking off the engagement.

Dolores herself had never even imagined being connected to another man, yet Reed was replacing his partner as if flipping the back of his hand.

Even if it was a political marriage, how could he do such a thing while his former fiancée was right next to him?

'I don't want to get married again, but I don't want to see him go to another woman…'

Dolores knew that she was being selfish.

But the sadness that came from deep within her heart...

"No, no..."

Dolores shook her head vigorously, trying to shake off those distracting thoughts.

"There must have been a misunderstanding. Children say anything."

Young children don't know how to filter properly, nor do they know how to speak.

Rather than misunderstanding like this, it would be better to hear it from the person himself.

Dolores went up to the top floor, slapping her reddened face with her hands.

She found Phoebe, who was working in front of the Tower Master's office.

"Excuse me, Deputy Tower Master?"

Upon seeing Dolores, Phoebe greeted her with a warm smile.

"Oh, the Tower Master of Wallin! Have you finished tutoring the young lady?"

"Yes, is the Tower Master of Silence inside?"

"Oh, the Tower Master went to Cohen today. If you have a message to leave, I'll pass it on for you."

Cohen is the capital of the Hupper Kingdom.

Being intelligent, Dolores knew that much.

However, the fact that he went to Cohen weighed heavily on Dolores' heart.

"No, it's really nothing... I can talk to him later."

"Is that so? Alright then."

Phoebe smiled brightly, and Dolores headed back to the elevator.

Then, she approached Phoebe to try to ease her mind a little.

"Um... It's about Adonis Hupper, the commander of the Knights of Hupper."

"Oh, you mean the Knight Commander?"

"Do you know what she looks like?"

"Yes~. I have a portrait of her."

"Why do you have a portrait... Nevermind, can you show it to me?"

Dolores was curious about the face of this Adonis.

Phoebe handed her a piece of paper with a smile, and Dolores unfolded it.

Bright blonde hair, green eyes, and an elegant short cut.

Despite her position as the Knight Commander, she had a subtle smile on his face.


From her facial features to below her neck, there was no denying that she was a beautiful woman.

Dolores tried not to see her as she was.

'When drawing a portrait of a woman from a royal or noble family, they always add some retouching...'

When it's difficult to meet face-to-face due to distance, they send portraits to boast about their daughter's beauty.

There are more than a few men who shed tears at their first meeting, deceived by the retouched beauty.

Dolores thought this portrait was also retouched and tried to find a flaw in it.

There must be some awkward part somewhere.

Then she felt pathetic for her ugly jealousy and tightly closed her eyes.

She returned the portrait to Phoebe and asked her.

"What do you think?"

"She's really beautiful. The Tower Master gave her a dress and jewelry as a gift, and I heard that men lined up to ask her for a dance~."

"Is that so? He gave her dress and jewelry as gifts?"

Dolores blinked at the words she couldn't ignore.

Phoebe tilted her head at her reaction.

"Yes, is there a problem?"

"No, there's no problem. I mean, it's not my money, and it doesn't matter who he bought it for..."

It really didn't matter.

If Dolores were her usual self, she would have either said 'Is that so?' and moved on, or given a light jab like You're quite brazen.'

However, since the word "marriage" was swirling in her head, the words were anything but light.

'Does buying her a dress mean... they went shopping together?'

She inadvertently imagined Reed walking around with the short-haired beauty.

And even the sight of herself watching them from afar, looking utterly pathetic.

'It's not like that. It won't be.'

Dolores denied it once more.

She closed her eyes tightly and shook off those distracting thoughts again.

Worrying alone can be frustrating.

Dolores glanced down at Phoebe.

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