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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 57 Part 2

Phoebe Asteria Roton.

She was more loyal to the Tower Master than anyone else, and anyone with a bit of sense would know she had feelings for him.

'I've never really worried about the Deputy Tower Master...'

Their relationship was closer to that of a pet than person to person, and they both acknowledged it, so she had never imagined them being together.

So she wondered if she was being too sensitive and asked Phoebe.

"Deputy Tower Master."

"Yes, Tower Master of Wallin."

"What would you think if the Tower Master... got married?"


The pen that had been writing smoothly came to a sudden halt.

A beat later, Phoebe lifted her head and answered the question.

"As long as the Tower Master is happy, I don't mind."

"Is that so?"

Seeing Phoebe's calm demeanor, Dolores wondered if she was being too sensitive.

But looking at Phoebe's face, she knew.

She was just as shaken as herself.

"I don't mind~."

"I see."

"As long as the Tower Master is happy, that's my happiness, and with that happiness, I'm happy, and even if I can't be happy, seeing the Tower Master's happy face will make me happy again, and with that happiness, I'll be happyyyyyyyy..."

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The red sky carriage descended from the sky and landed on the tiled floor.

The door of the sky carriage opened, and out came the Tower Master of Silence, Reed.

Today was the day of the regular Tower Master's meeting, so he was on his way to the conference hall.

Reed casually checked the standing carriages.

'It's not there.'

Confirming that the carriage was not there, Reed breathed a sigh of relief.

As he walked towards the conference hall,

"Hey, Reed."

As soon as he heard that voice, Reed's face contorted.

Reed thought about speeding up his pace to avoid it, but he knew that doing so would only cause his ankle to be caught by a shadow, so he stopped.

Turning his head, he saw a cheeky little girl dressed in a Goth-loli dress.

Black hair and red eyes.

A youthful face that was hard to believe was of a 131-year-old.

It was Freesia Vulcan Darkrider.

"Look at your face. Did you eat something wrong? Don't tell me you're making that face just by seeing my dragon's eye?"

"…Are you at peace?"

"I'm not at peace. Every day is painful."

"…I'm glad to hear that."


As soon as he said that, Freesia kicked Reed's calf.

It wasn't a full-power kick, but it was enough damage to irritate Reed's nerves.

"When will you keep your promise?"

"…Didn't I say I would keep it?"

"Hurry up and keep your promise. I'll keep kicking you until you do."

"Stop it. It's not appropriate for Tower Masters to behave like this."

Even when told to stop, she didn't.

Reed had made a contract with Freesia to stop Morgan.

-Give up the Bloodline Possession technique, and in exchange, grant her the death she desires.

Since it was an urgent situation, no penalty for the contract was discussed.

Although it wasn't thorough, there was no choice since the situation was urgent.

Freesia was capricious and ruthless in character, but she was always thorough when it came to contracts if she wanted something.

She even strictly followed any penalties for contract termination.

The penalty she later set was this:

-Allow physical contact with the other party if they do not sincerely fulfill the contract.

At first, he wondered what that physical contact would be.

He thought it would be a safe matter since the master of black magic said she wouldn't use magic, but she tormented him in a different way.

Every time she found Reed, she would approach him menacingly, smirk, and kick his calf with her foot.

She acted like a primary school student, making it hard to believe she was a 131-year-old woman.

What's strange is that she always managed to find Reed one step ahead and appear by his side.

He had to endure such brutal assaults with her wicked face.

'This is the most cruel.'

Her actions caused physical damage, but the psychological damage was the greatest.

He felt so embarrassed that he wanted to die.

Helios, the chairman, looked at Reed pitifully.

'Maybe this is her true nature?'

It was far from her image in <Disaster 7>.

Although she showed a capricious and whining attitude like a child, she had never approached Reed in this way and played the role of an annoying brat.

'She's really an unpredictable person.'

He regretted making a useless contract.

But complaining is a foolish act.

He nurtured his hatred for killing her and hoped for a future where he could do so.

As he entered the conference hall while being assaulted by Freesia, there was an unexpected person standing there.

It was Dolores.

She greeted him politely first.




The greetings alone were strangely awkward.

Dolores glanced at Reed and Freesia, and then asked Freesia for permission.

"I'm sorry, Tower Master of Black Sky, but I have something to talk to the Tower Master of Silence about. Can you give us a moment?"

Despite such a polite request, Freesia tilted her head and ignored it.

"I don't want to."

"It's a private matter."

"Whether it's private or public, sticking to it is my choice. He has a contract with me, so I can do as I please. Like this, he has no choice but to stay still, right?"

Freesia poked him with her fists and feet.

Reed sighed and asked Dolores for understanding.

"Let's talk later if it's not urgent."


Dolores fiddled with her fingers.

She had been agonizing over this question for several days.

She had come earlier than usual with the determination to ask him as soon as she saw Reed.

'It's probably nothing important anyway.'

So Dolores decided to ignore Freesia and ask.

"Do you know someone named Adonis Hupper?"

"Adonis Huper? Oh, are you talking about Adonis?"

"Ah, Adonis…"

He called her by her name, not by her title.

Dolores felt her lips getting dry.

As Reed was about to answer her, Freesia interrupted him.

"Adonis? It's been a while since I've heard that name."

"Do you know that name, Tower Master of Black Sky?"

It was unusual for Freesia to know someone's name.

She nodded her head.

"I know."

Freesia patted Reed's back as she answered.

"The reason this guy has been so bothered lately is because of that woman."


"Well, he was trying to help her brother, but ultimately, it's no different than making a contract with me because of that woman."

Reed looked down at Freesia and said,

"Why are you saying such things?"

"Isn't it true?"

"It's true, but if you say it like that, won't I look like a strange guy?"

"What do I care?"

Freesia laughed, and Reed sighed once again.

He tried to explain himself as he looked up at Dolores, but his words were stuck.

Dolores was staring at Reed with a shocked expression.

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