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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 65 Part 2

Sitting alone in the room, Reed was organizing the roster of students who would come to the tower.

Their personalities and magic styles were noted, so it didn't take long.

'Is it over after seeing the entrance ceremony tomorrow?'

The entrance ceremony was more relaxed than the graduation ceremony.

In a world where landscapes change in ten years, values ​​change like flipping a palm during a four-year education program.

It was enough to just scout for promising talent and think, 'Ah, this one is worth taking to our tower.'

'What should I do about Kaitlyn?'

Suddenly, he thought of the chief engineer of Silence Tower, Kaitlyn Ramos.

He offered her many things as conditions for entering the tower, one of which was helping her attend Escolleia again.

'I could solve it right now.'

They had recruited everyone from the Magic Engineering Department in the Silence Tower, and the influence of the Silence Tower in the Magic Engineering field was significant since the world was buzzing about recording devices.

If he exerted influence on the magic engineering professor, he would undoubtedly clarify the truth.

'I trust Kaitlyn, but solving it right away doesn't look good.'

Humans can't see even an inch ahead.

And sometimes, when urgent problems are resolved, they change their minds as easily as flipping their hands.

It wasn't strange for her to turn her heart to more benefits.

If she returns to school, she will live without contact for almost three years, and during that time, she might want to join a workshop or a merchant alliance.

'Besides, the magic engineering department in Escolleia is a mess...'

She could have even be offered a professorship here.

In many ways, the risk burden was too great for Reed.

'In the first place, the ability doesn't increase just by returning to the academy.'

If she wanted to show results and grow, it would be better to stay in Silence Tower.

The reason she wanted to go to Escolleia was her desire for recognition.

It was similar to the belief that having a college diploma wouldn't make her feel inferior anywhere.

In other words, there was no need to solve it right now.

Having reached that conclusion, Reed finished organizing the roster and tried to sleep.

That's when it happened.

Knock knock.

A light tapping on the window.

When he looked, a bluebird made of mana was holding a note.

As Reed took the note, the bluebird's body scattered into the air and disappeared.

-Meet me once more where you saw me, Anton Eclipsys.

He wondered if it meant to come to the principal's office, but if so, he would have said exactly to come to the principal's office.

He recalled the places where he met him outside the dean's office.

The place where they accidentally bumped into each other while passing through the central aisle.

That place where he was looking at the lake was undoubtedly it.

Reed grabbed his coat and went outside.

The lights in the dormitory never went out day or night, so the campus was relatively bright.

However, the place he was heading to was a quiet place without such lights.

There was an untended grass field and trees, and a huge artificial lake was visible.

The lake shimmered, reflecting the moonlight.

He thought it was beautiful and at the same time confirmed that Anton was there.

"I see you came."

Following the voice of the dean, Anton Eclipsys, he could see him standing.

Reed cautiously approached his side.

"You called for me."

"It's nothing special, really. I just have a few words to share."

It wasn't something special.

It was surprising enough that Anton, the dean, had personally sent a bluebird to call him.

"Zekehail came and went. He asked about his daughter."

"You mean Yuria Frenda. She definitely has talent."

"You're quite a smooth talker. Don't be modest. You know your daughter is more impressive, don't you?"

"I didn't mean to be modest. It's an undeniable fact that Yuria is also remarkable."

This was a pure and objective evaluation.

Reed knew from playing the game that she would play a significant role in stopping Rosaria in the future.

"What do you think about my daughter?"

Since he had called her, Reed wanted to hear Anton's honest evaluation.

"When will you enroll your daughter?"

"Excuse me?"

"What about enrolling her tomorrow, right away?"

Anton was not a man of empty words, and he was especially relentless on the subject of 'admission,' even to children.

Yet, he was suggesting to enroll her immediately.

It was probably something even Dolores, his favorite student, had never heard.

"Do you think she is ready for admission now?"

"I thought so from the beginning. That's why I was wondering. Whether my judgment was correct or if my vision had just blurred with age. That's why I've been holding off until today."

Anton chuckled and then glared at Reed, asking,

"So, will you enroll her or not? A tower master like you is so indecisive."

Anton asked as if urging her, and Reed cautiously brought out the answer she had prepared.

"I apologize. It's too early for her to enroll, as she still can't even make proper judgments, Dean."

"Is that so? That's a shame."

Anton smacked his lips.

"However, since the Tower Master of Wallin is educating the child, I'm a little relieved. Even though they're not blood-related, a couple being together is always a good thing."

"That... yes? Yes?"

Reed asked, bewildered.

"Why are you so flustered? Weren't you planning to marry Dolores?"

"No, that's... true, but we broke off the engagement a long time ago."

"You broke off the engagement? Did Dolores refuse because you did something she didn't like?"

"That... it's the opposite."

At the word 'opposite,' Anton's eyes narrowed fiercely.

"What was lacking in our Dolores that you refused?"

His tone seemed to ask, 'How dare you?'

"There were many entangled issues. It was the family situation."

Then Anton nodded as if he understood.

"It's true that your parents passed away while you were still studying. Since you're the only one left in the Adelheights family, it must have been very lonely."

Reed was the only one maintaining the name Adelheights, so he was the sole heir to the family.

However, since it happened during his studies, all the secrets of the Adelheights family fell into the hands of others, and Reed lost everything.

He had no knowledge as a magician and only had money.

A magician with only money was useless.

That's why he was pressured to break off her engagement with Dolores, who was a genius of the century.

"Dolores has left the family, you've risen to some extent in status. Your age is more than enough, even on the verge of passing..."

He already started to anticipate what question would come.

"What do you think about marriage?"

As expected.

Reed closed her eyes and thought.


Dolores is a beautiful woman.

She shows a strong appearance as a Tower Master, but when they are together, she is more adorable and lovely than anyone.

Seeing her interact with Rosaria, one could see how domestic and kind-hearted she was.

A talented and kind-hearted woman who was almost a waste for herself.

"To be honest, I've been avoiding her for a long time. We need time to get to know each other again."

"It sounds like you're refusing."

"It's not a refusal. I just think this is something Dolores, the Tower Master of Wallin, deserves. To fully get to know each other, and if she still wants to get married then..."

Reed nodded in response.

"I would gladly accept."

If that was the path she was meant to take, Reed would do so.

Upon hearing her answer, Anton looked up at Reed quietly.

"The night wind is cold. Let's go now. You must be busy preparing for tomorrow, right? You shouldn't be held up."

"Thank you for your kindness, Dean."

Reed politely greeted him and left.

After Reed disappeared, Anton stared at the moon quietly.

A moment later, he opened his mouth.

"Did you get your answer, Dolores?"

With a rustling sound from the grass, someone revealed themselves.

The Tower Master of Wallin, Dolores.

She revealed herself while covering her face with both hands.

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