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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 66 Part 1


Anton laughed at the sight of her.

"Hehe, it's a dark night anyway. Your face isn't even visible, so why bother hiding it?"

"Master, you're really mischievous... You asked me to wait, just for this."

Before calling Reed, Anton had called Dolores to talk together.

Through their conversation, he vaguely learned that she had a favorable impression of Reed, and Anton became curious about their relationship.

So, he made Reed come and timed it so that Dolores would enter the bushes.

Of course, Dolores heard everything Reed said.

Her face turned bright red, and she wanted to scream and run out.

But she endured it.

She had to hold back because it would be too awkward if she faced Reed now.

"Don't resent me so much. Those were the words you wanted to hear, weren't they?"

Dolores didn't answer.

She just resented Anton, who was visible through her fingers, and remained silent.

"It seems like he's willing to accept you if you say you want to get married. What do you think?"

Dolores answered with a smile.

"It's not possible yet."

"Even though he's willing to accept you?"

"We're both busy with the tower's affairs, and the Silence Tower is boosting its power through magic engineering. There's no doubt that troublesome things will happen, and I don't want to hold him back with this."

"So, it's no different from when you were at the academy. You never know if he'll change his mind in the meantime."

Since they hadn't met once in four years, Dolores didn't know the details of his situation.

If she had been a little more ambitious, would she have understood Reed's situation better and they would have hurt each other less?

However, Dolores didn't resent that past.

It was because they had missed each other that they were clashing again.

Because now she was so happy.

"I have no choice but to approach him diligently so he won't look away."

Anton laughed at her words.

He was famous for being cold and ruthless to those without talent, but he was infinitely kind to his disciple who blushed like a young girl.

Anton didn't urge her any further.

Dolores quietly looked at the lake with her master, Anton.

Looking at the calm, rippling surface of the water, it felt as if her heart became tranquil and transparent as well.


The season of mischief has arrived.

Although the terrible winter winds still blow, they disappear as if nothing happened when the sun rises. It's the season when winter's traces melt away, and the barren ground begins to stir.

Spring has come.

The farmers of the small village, who endured the winter, began to work early in the morning, plowing the frozen ground, digging for wild vegetables in the forest, and replenishing their dwindling food stores.

The Hupper Kingdom, together with the Silence Tower, has been working on the development of goods for the farmers even before spring began.

The young king, Morgan II.

Morgan II was more interested in items that would help the lives of the people than in expensive luxury items, like the recording device he saw at the demonstration.

There was a sense of responsibility in living up to the name of a wise king's son, but Reed knew that it was possible because he genuinely cared for the people under him.

In fact, there were not a few people who looked down on him as a fledgling king, Morgan II.

It seemed as if they had put up an unprepared king due to Morgan Hupper's sudden death.

However, behind his young age and appearance, there was a terrifying political power that was even more formidable than the former king, Morgan, and he was always ready to take advantage of the nobles who were careless because of his youthfulness

Reed highly valued Morgan II's preparedness.

As the years passed, Morgan II turned 10 years old, and with age, there was a surprising change in his appearance.

"You've become much healthier, Your Majesty."

The pale, emaciated look had disappeared in just a few months, and he had become a bright-eyed boy.

Morgan smiled and replied to those words.

"It's strange that you're saying that now. We meet frequently because of the joint development project."

"I suddenly remembered our first meeting. At that time, you couldn't even go outside and always stayed in your room, didn't you?"

"Haha! That's right. When I think about that time, it's amazing. I never thought I could become this healthy."

Morgan II touched his arm.

Whereas before, his skinny arm would have felt bony, now solid muscles were clearly visible.

"Do you exercise?"

"Yes, I wake up early in the morning and follow the knights in training. Recently, I've been learning swordsmanship from my sister as well."

"From Adonis?"

Adonis is a swordsmanship expert, a "Sword Expert."

It was still a stretch for her to reach the level of a master, but combined with her extraordinary strength, she was the strongest in the Hupper Kingdom and no less than an imperial knight.

'Will she be able to do well?'

However, teaching others is another realm altogether.

It was hard to imagine Adonis, who was optimized for breaking and smashing, teaching Morgan II.

"Someday, I'd like to see Your Majesty in a swordsmanship duel. Is there any problem?"

"Well... there is a little problem."

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