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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 67 Part 2

The southern city, Imorun.

As a city built in barren land, not a single blade of grass could be seen, and the wind mixed with dust covered them.

People called this place the land of death where no one could settle.

But was it because he had seen the land of the Black Sky first?

To Reed, it felt like a land of hope.

'It's overflowing with hope.'

Wasn't it a city that instilled hope in people who were trying to break through with their swords?

The only problem was that their lives were at stake, but if they became a star, sitting on a pile of money was no big deal.

"Tower Master of Silence! Here we are!"

Morgan II spotted Reed and Phoebe and waved his hand.

Phoebe was flustered to see Morgan II.

"Uh? Tower Master, wasn't it just me going with you today...?"

"Huh? No, the King of Hupper Kingdom is coming with us too."

"I see..."

Phoebe, who had been full of energy, slumped her shoulders and sighed like a tired puppy.

Morgan II had just arrived on the sky carriage of the Hoofer Kingdom.

It was his first meeting with Phoebe, but he recognized her at once.

"So you must be Phoebe Astheria Roton, the Deputy Tower Master."

"Nice to meet you, Your Highness."

"Nice to meet you too. You're truly beautiful."

"Not at all."

She showed a faint smile at Morgan II's compliment.

"When does the game start?"

"It starts in 30 minutes. We should be able to see it even if we walk."

"Let's take a look at the lives of the people slowly."


Morgan II stood next to Reed with an expectant face.

This was his first time actually exploring a foreign place.

A mixture of fear and excitement about the unknown filled him.

As they entered the city, it was lively, contrary to its appearance.

"Come, come, apples soaked in honey for only 20 UP! Buy three for 50 UP! It's cheap!"

"Freshly baked pastries made by Eastern bakers just came out! Don't miss this rare opportunity to taste the layers soaked in syrup!"

As many tourists gathered, there were noticeable attempts to attract customers with snacks and food.

"Most of the market here sells snacks soaked in sugar."

Morgan II was a cold and cunning snake, but in essence, he was still a child.

It was the age to seek pleasure in the mouth.

He couldn't take his eyes off the shiny foods soaked in sugar and honey, so Reed suggested to him.

"If you want to eat something, feel free to do so."

"Really? Is it okay?"

"You should eat when you have the chance."

Morgan II's face brightened.

As soon as he got permission, he quickly bought all the snacks and bread at the stall and started tasting them.

As he took a bite of the thin pastry, the sweet syrup soaked between the layers danced on the tip of his tongue.

Morgan II showed a happy expression as if he was not disappointed by his expectations.

"Is it delicious?"

"For the first time in my life, I think I understand what it means to be too sweet. I think Rosaria would like this too, why don't you buy one?"

"I'll buy one after the game is over."

Morgan II frantically ate the pastry and even sucked the remaining syrup on his fingers.

Then, with a satisfied expression, he looked up at Reed.

"Doesn't the royal palace have a patisserie?"

"Yes, we do have desserts, but I've never tasted anything this sweet. My sister always says that it will rot our teeth... and controls it."

Morgan II thought of Adonis and frowned as he continued to eat the bread.

"You are more like mother and son than siblings."

"Ah! If my mother were alive, would it have felt like this?"

"Yes, if the queen were alive, she would have been like Adonis."

"...I see."

Morgan II, who had never seen his mother, found the feeling unfamiliar.

"Even if it's not like that, I'm happy in a way. If our relationship had been as I wished, she wouldn't have nagged like that There's no doubt she loves me because of that."

"That's right. It's because Adonis loves you."

"Should I buy one as a gift for my sister?"

"She'll definitely like it. Even if she doesn't, you can eat it all, Your Highness."

"I was thinking the same thing. Let's buy a lot."

Morgan II showed a sly smile, revealing his cunning intentions.

Reed found Morgan's appearance cute and chuckled, then turned his head to look at Phoebe.

"It's delicious."


Phoebe was eating an armful of unknown snacks with a more languid tone than usual.

'I'm sure I brought her for escorting, but why do I have two kids?'

He felt like he was sandwiched between two children.

A small child on the left and a big child on the right.

As Reed stared at her with a pathetic look, Phoebe shuddered, feeling his gaze.

Upon meeting Reed's eyes, she sweated profusely and looked around to see if he was looking at something else.

But there was only a wall next to her.

Eventually, she realized what she had done wrong and carefully removed the candy she had been biting from her mouth and pushed it towards Reed.

"Um... Tower Master, would you like to try some too?"

"...No, thank you."

"Ah, yes..."

How could he put the candy covered in saliva in his mouth?

Feeling it was strange even in her own thoughts, she blushed and brought the candy back to her mouth.

It seems like she's going to eat it all.

I wonder if she's being considerate or not...

Feeling the lively atmosphere of Imorun, they walked towards their destination.

The huge and magnificent circular stadium in the center of Imorun, made of stone and concrete.

It was the Colosseum, which could be called the landmark of Imorun.

There were 10 minutes left until the game started at the Colosseum.

Numerous tourists lined up to enter.

Despite being able to accommodate tens of thousands of people, seats were always scarce.

Morgan II and Reed did not head for the bustling entrance.

VIPs have their own entrance.

As they moved to a relatively quiet place, muscular men guarded the entrance, unlike the uncontrolled areas.

"I'm Morgan Hoofer II, who made a reservation from the Hupper Kingdom."

"I have confirmed, but who are the two people behind you?"

"They are Reed Adeleheights Roton, the Tower Master of Silence, and Phoebe Astheria Roton, accompanying me. Should there be any problem?"

"It was just a procedural check. I apologize if it upset you, Your Highness."

"Never mind."

The man opened the door without asking any further questions.

The sophisticated hallway that greeted them was hard to believe it was a building built on a desolate barren land.

A red carpet on the shiny floor.

The hallway exuded a feeling more like being in a palace than a stadium.

Morgan II walked down the hallway with a frown.

Aware of his expression, Reed spoke to Morgan II.

"It's strange that the procedure is so strict today."

"Indeed. Did they underestimate us?"

Procedures are only for lower-ranking nobles.

For a kingdom like Hupper, they would have just let them pass without a word, but asking questions made them think they were underestimated.

They entered with such suspicions.

And soon, their discomfort disappeared.

There was a guest more valuable than the king of the Hupper Kingdom.

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