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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 68 Part 1

 Imorun (2)

Unlike Morgan II, the other person was leading a group of knights wearing silver plate armor.

The extraordinary-looking armor seemed so sturdy that it wouldn't even get scratched by mediocre attacks.

The knights were standing in a row with dignity, and in front of them, a young boy was sitting on a red chair with a golden frame.

Noble-looking silver hair and blue eyes.

The boy, wearing a white uniform with the empire's mark on a banner, was William, the third prince of the empire.

William, sitting with his legs crossed on the chair, opened his mouth when he saw Morgan and Reed.

"Well, I thought I was the only guest today, but there was another guest?"

Then, a chubby man who seemed to be the manager of the Colosseum sitting on the opposite side, replied while rubbing his palms.

"Because it was a reserved guest. Since he is also the king of a country, I thought there would be no problem..."

"So you didn't even ask for the opinion of an imperial prince? After all, who cares what happens to the third son who is neither the eldest nor the second son? Right?"

"No, that's not true!"

As William got irritated, the chubby man sweated profusely.

It was an atmosphere where it wouldn't be strange if his head fell off at any moment.

William, looking bored, got up from his seat and headed towards Morgan II.

The five knights standing behind him also moved along.

William looked at Morgan II with his head held high.

Morgan II knew the meaning.

I am superior to you, so show respect first.

So Morgan II greeted him politely.

"Morgan Hupper II, greeting the Third Prince of the Empire."

Only after his greeting was finished did William open his mouth.

"Nice to meet you, King Hupper. You participated in the demonstration, didn't you?"

"Yes, I did."

"Not long after that, your late king passed away, which is truly regrettable."

"Thank you for your concern, Your Highness."

Morgan II nodded his head with a faint sad smile.

He acted as much as possible to hide himself from those who couldn't know the inside story.

Morgan II, who was familiar enough, had no problem deceiving the prince.

"But what happened to him? Was it suicide...?"

William tilted his head and asked Morgan II a question.

He already knew all the information known to the world, and Morgan II could faintly guess from his tone of voice.

The purpose of the question was to touch Morgan II's feelings.

However, Morgan II didn't fall for it easily.

"It wasn't suicide, but he used black magic to breathe life into me."

At Morgan II's words, William clapped his hands and nodded his head.

"Ah, that's right! It was said that he used forbidden black magic. Haha!"

It seemed childish, but by now, anyone could notice it.

Then, he glared at Morgan II with hateful eyes.

It was a face as if looking at something filthy.

"It's surprising that it was overlooked. If black magic had been used, our empire and the church wouldn't have left it alone."

"Aren't we an independent nation that has separated from the empire? An independent country has its own way."

Morgan II asserted confidently.

"Although my late king used black magic, his intention wasn't impure. It was the courage to break the rules for his child. That's why all the people supported my father, who used black magic, and supported me taking the throne."

He calmly let William's words pass, not like a 10-year-old.

William clicked his tongue lowly and sarcastically, as if he didn't like it.

"That king, his successor... and those people. It seems like a country that a young king can lead well enough."

"Thank you. We may not be able to compare to the empire, but it would be nice to become a great nation someday."

Although it was a sharp remark, Morgan II smoothly moved on.

It was a behavior befitting a promising political sprout.

Having finished talking with Morgan II, William turned his eyes and looked up at Reed standing next to him.

Unlike the psychological warfare that had taken place, his voice was devoid of hostility.

"Nice to meet you. You're the Tower Master of the Silence Tower, right?"

"Yes, Your Highness."

"I sincerely congratulate you on the successful demonstration. The recorder, wasn't it? It's an interesting item that caught my attention since the dispatched nobles are talking about it every day."

"I'm glad it pleases Your Highness. If you give me a call, I'll make a recorder and music for Your Highness."

"Haha! If you would do that for me, I would be very grateful! It would be shameful for the son of the empire to use the same thing as other nobles."

The prince's arrogance became more disgusting as the conversation continued.

The son of the empire.

Even the crown prince, the eldest son, didn't call himself the son of the empire, but the third prince did.

It wasn't even worth laughing at.

At a young age, he was already a braggart.

'Yuria is similar, but at least she has conscience and talent.'

William was nothing but a good-for-nothing with only lineage.

The urge to punch him in the face welled up.

'Well, he has someone to rely on, so that's why.'

Behind William, there were five knights.

Not just ordinary knights, but knights of the empire.

They were carefully selected knights from the empire that could make even local investigators, who were said to be influential, feel like kittens.

If they were standing by the prince's side, they were undoubtedly capable of handling a hundred enemies at once.

And among them, one man, who seemed to be the knight commander with a sword on his back, caught his eye.

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