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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 69 Part 1

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The sun was high in the sky, and strong sunlight poured down onto the colosseum.

Hired magicians adjusted the shade and lighting with tents before the game started.

The inside was packed with tens of thousands of tourists and citizens.

As expected, there were thieves mixed among the complicated audience seats, so crowded that no one would notice if someone's pocket was picked.

And the VIP seats, where one could look down from the highest place, were already different from the heated audience seats.

The top floor of the stadium was designed so that the stadium could be seen as soon as one lowered their head.

The hot air from the southern region was nowhere to be found, and a cool breeze blew gently.

"Welcome, Your Highness."

Two female attendants greeted Morgan II and Reed politely.

Reed was startled as soon as he saw them.

It was said that in the southern region, where it's hot, people don't dress properly, but their outfits were too blatant.

"Who are you?"

"We are here to serve Your Highness so that you can enjoy the game..."

"In such obscene attire?"

"We need to help you if the game gets boring."


Reed was already fed up.

With a composed expression, Reed spoke to the female attendants.

"Thank you for your help, but His Highness didn't come here for such amusement, so please step back."


The female attendants quietly retreated from their positions.

Reed had no choice but to ask Phoebe for help.

"Phoebe, can you help me a bit?"


Phoebe, who accepted the request, answered with an enthusiastic face.

But as she went to leave the room, Reed grabbed her.

"Why are you going outside?"

"I thought that if I changed into the clothes worn by the female servants while serving you, it might help..."

"...No need. Just do it as usual."

As Reed spoke with a dumbfounded face, Phoebe blushed awkwardly.

"I'll bring you something to drink."

Phoebe, who was happy with whatever Reed said, didn't complain and brought tea.

She boiled red tea leaves and floated cold ice cubes before serving it to Morgan II and Reed.

"It's really delicious. You have excellent skills."

"Thank you, Your Highness."

Phoebe smiled, seemingly pleased.

Reed also praised Phoebe according to the atmosphere.

"You're right, Your Highness, it's delicious."

"R-really? Hehe..."

She smiled politely, hesitated for a moment, and then took notes on something.

It was undoubtedly about checking the blend and origin of the tea she just brewed.

Anyway, Reed left her alone.

Reed and Morgan II removed the two long sofas and placed two chairs in their place.

There were refreshments in front of them to eat while watching the game, but Morgan II didn't even look at them.

Morgan II, who had been sitting still, opened his mouth.

"There will be a lot of blood in the game, right?"

"It's not just a simple duel, but there are many games where they really kill each other, so it won't just be blood you see."

"It seems a bit better to watch from afar... but I'm still nervous."

Morgan II focused on the empty stadium with a strained smile.

Reed glanced at Morgan II's hand resting on the armrest.

His fist was clenched tightly.

"Your Highness, don't worry too much about the Crown Prince's remarks."

"Ah, was it too obvious?"

Morgan II looked up at Reed with an awkward smile.

"I didn't have any particular thoughts when he mentioned the late king. But his intentions were too despicable."

"I felt that too."

"If he had spoken like that about my sister or mother... I don't know what I would have done."

He had excellent political skills, but he was still a young child. It was an age when it was too difficult to endure insults to his family.

Reed covered his hand with his own.

"I will gladly stand up for you at that time. Please, for now, maintain your dignity as a king."

Feeling the warmth of Reed's hand, Morgan II looked up at him and smiled.

"Thank you, Tower Master. Thanks to you, I can calm down a bit."

Having calmed down, Reed let go of his hand.

Shortly after, the game began.

With the sound of the trumpet announcing the opening, five men wearing cloaks entered.

At the same time, jeers erupted, and voices of criticism could be heard.

"Why are they so angry?"

"Those gladiators who just entered are all death row inmates. They committed major crimes somewhere, so people despise them."

Shortly after, an armed gladiator entered through the opened right iron gate.

At the same time, tens of thousands of enthusiastic cheers and praises poured out.

Then, the gladiator raised both hands and skillfully led the audience's response as he headed to the center of the stadium.

"And that guy is a star gladiator, one of the best in this Colosseum."

"A skilled gladiator and death row inmates... the opening ceremony is practically an execution ceremony."

"That's right."

"Indeed... they excite the audience with this."

The design was to immerse the audience in the game from the beginning, which could become loose because lives were at stake.

Morgan II saw through this aspect.

The opening ceremony was already heated with the appearance of the star gladiator.

The death row inmates pointed their weapons at the gladiator awkwardly.

They knew that they could survive if they stuck together, as they weren't fools to just accept their fate.

However, there is always someone better.

The death row inmates were ahead by a large margin, but their opponent was a man who had rolled enough dust in this stadium to create a desert.

It was no problem for him to break the formation of untrained people and defeat them one by one.


As soon as the match started, the gladiator, who had been responding to the audience, pulled out the ax from his waist and threw it at the death row inmate.

The well-sharpened ax blade flew in a straight line.


The head of a man standing in the middle of the huddled death row inmates was split in half, splattering blood and flesh.

The formation of the death row inmates, who were shocked by the cruel death of their colleague, collapsed.

The gladiator, who had anticipated the situation, charged at them.

The outcome was decided in that moment.


Morgan II, who had a weak stomach, instinctively tried to close his eyes tightly.

However, he lifted his eyelids with his will and forced himself to watch the game.

Although it was an unpleasant task, he knew that he would have to overcome it someday, so he took a deep breath and watched the game until the end.

The star gladiator's execution was literally spectacular.

He threw his ax, dodged the attacks of the charging death row inmates, and toyed with them.

"Those skilled fighters, they know how to get the audience's response and don't kill the death row inmates gently."

The opening ceremony, which lasted for 10 minutes, ended successfully with the overwhelming response of the audience.

Morgan II, who had been sweating in his hand, finally caught his breath as he watched the bodies being removed.


"You endured well."

"Watching from afar, it's less disgusting."

He adapted faster than expected, and so did Reed.

'Is it because it feels like just a movie?'

Although it was happening in reality, watching from afar made it feel like just a movie.

Reed, who seemed more disgusted than Morgan II, let out a sigh of relief.

After the opening ceremony, the main stage began.

There were a total of 8 games.

Just before the first game began, someone knocked on the VIP room door.

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