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Adopting Disaster - Chapter 69 Part 2

When Phoebe opened the door, a female attendant approached politely with a cushion.

On the red cushion was a crystal ball.

"Your Highness, there is a call request."

"Who is it?"

"It's the 3rd Prince of the Empire."

At that remark, Morgan II turned his head.

There was another VIP room located on the opposite side of where he was sitting.

The 3rd Prince, William, was lying on a long sofa, looking over here.

Morgan II couldn't handle magic, so Phoebe started the call through the crystal ball.

-Your Highness, can you hear me?

William's voice came through clearly.

Morgan II looked at the crystal ball with determination as if he couldn't lose.

"Yes, I can hear you, Your Highness."

-The communication crystal ball in the Colosseum isn't that good. Well, it's natural.

Did he call to pick a fight?

He asked William, who was chuckling.

"May I ask why you wanted to call me?"

-Watching the gladiators squabble with each other is not much entertaining.

"So what do you plan to do?"

-You're really clueless. How about betting? Who wins, who loses? Let's try that. Then we can watch it with more tension, don't you think?


It wasn't surprising for a guy who pursued pleasure like chasing a woman's skirt to be into gambling like this.

Morgan II thought about the proposal with a furrowed brow.

He didn't like betting even with close people, but he had no choice.

If he didn't do it, he would be harassed even more persistently.

"What kind of bet do you have in mind?"

-We'll take turns picking and betting money. First, I'll pick, and then you, King Hupper. How about that? Isn't that fair for both of us?

"Alright. Let's do it that way."

Morgan II accepted the proposal.

Although they couldn't see him from afar, Reed and Morgan II could feel his sinister smile.

-Then I'll go first.

With those words, the first game began.

The first game was a stage for rookie gladiators.

On one side was a gladiator with a net and a spear, Fisher, and on the other side was a gladiator with a sword and a shield, Footman.

-I'll bet 10,000 UP on Fisher.


The chances were much better for Fisher than Footman.

If Fisher used the net to disarm and attacked with the spear, Footman wouldn't be able to resist and would die.

'As expected.'

Fisher won an overwhelming victory with blood all over him and roared in the heated atmosphere.

As a result, Morgan II lost 10,000 UP.

"With 10,000 UP... How many starving people could we feed and save..."

As he always paid attention to expenses, losing 10,000 UP was painfully significant.

A young king who thought about his people and a reckless spender.

There was no need to question who he should help.

"Your Highness."

"Yes, Tower Master."

"Do you trust me?"

Morgan II looked up at him with deep green eyes.

He couldn't help but nod at the sight of those golden eyes staring at him seriously.

"I trust you."

He didn't think about what he was doing or what he was gaining.

He trusted Reed, who had saved him.

"Please say this to the crystal ball."

Reed cautiously whispered in his ear.

* * *

Colosseum stadium VIP room on the opposite side.

"It's so much fun. Fun."

William lay on the sofa, putting a green grape in his mouth.


After savoring the sweetness and texture, he spat it into a trash can next to him.

That was his way of enjoying food.

Since he couldn't taste everything at once, he enjoyed the taste and spat it out.

And if someone gave him something tasteless, he would cut the throat of the person who made it.

That was the way of the reckless Third Prince, William.

"10,000 UP. What can you do with 10,000 UP, Gorgan?"

"You can provide a salary for 10 knights and give special allowances to 1,000 soldiers under their command."

"That's boring. Go home and talk about that. There's nothing useful for me, is there?"

William looked at Gorgan with an annoyed expression.

William didn't care about the concept of money.

He could get whatever he wanted at any time, and if someone couldn't get it for him, he would cut their throat.

It didn't matter how valuable the item was to William.

10,000 UP was one such thing for him.

All he needed was to have Morgan II under his control.

-It's our turn now.

William, excited by Morgan II's voice, replied.

"Oh, right! Now, hurry up and bet! Let's see how good King Hupper's judgment is!"

A moment later, Morgan II answered.

-I will bet 5,000 UP on the cruel warrior, Gavier, in the second game.

5,000 UP?

It was not even half the amount William had bet.

"Do you think you can offset the loss of 10,000 with just 5,000 UP?"

-I will bet 5,000 UP.

"Are you telling me not to be stingy? Fine, I'll accept."


A moment later, the glowing crystal went out, and William laughed excitedly.

"I wanted to see how brave the son of a wise king is, but he's just this much of a man! It's hilarious, isn't it?"


"It's a pleasure to step on him. It's the most fun to step on someone who's cowering, hahaha!"

William enjoyed Morgan's actions more than the games.

A moment later, the second game began and the battle unfolded.

A duel between warriors with similar strengths, unlike the first game.

Neither side backed down, and they wore down each other's spirit and stamina.

Five minutes later, the result of the game came out.

"We won! We won!"

Morgan II's designated gladiator died, bleeding.

William activated the crystal ball and began to mock Morgan.

"Hahaha! How unfortunate! You bet your money and lost! Do you feel like cutting his throat right now? Oh, he's already dead, so it wouldn't even be satisfying."

-...Congratulations, Your Highness.

Morgan II congratulated him with an angry voice.

It was good for Gorgan that the prince he served was in a good mood.

However, for some reason, Gorgan felt a sense of foreboding.

'Why can't he guess right even once?'

No talent in gambling?

It was possible.

His opponent was only 9 years old.

It was their first time at the Colosseum, and the same went for Tower Master Reed.

It was natural for their ability to read the flow of the games and observe the gladiators to be low.


There was something.

Gorgan felt an ominous aura.

It felt like he was going into a wide-open mouth.

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